Leaves floating on the breeze

Carrying the scent of the September crisp

That brings the beauty to the land

But there is no beauty here

Even amidst the forest and bluffs

With their stunning greens

And rolling hills


With their deadly truths

And their acid thoughts

With their tongues spraying the fire

That say the things I want to say

Without the self-hired help they provide

You can't even form a sentence to me

You're face betrays the shock

And it forms the disgust

That I only wish I knew about before


Sitting on the wall

Waiting to keep you from more

Of the embarrassment that they gave us

But you didn't even want to talk to me

Was it because of the boy beside me

Or was it because of them?

Either way you don't seem to give a freak about me

I can tell what's on your mind

The disgust

The mistrust

The flat-out sense of betrayal

Trust me I have felt the sensation

I wish you could read my words

I wish you'd simply let me apologize

I was crazy

And blind

And stupid

And I want to let you know

Why do you walk away

From the truth

Even though it sounds cliche'

You do

How dare they say those things

That were dear to my heart

The things that made me think

Of you as closer than you were

And it all comes down to this

I'll walk from you

You'll walk from me

We'll leave a trail of havoc in our wake

And I think that that's

After much contemplation

That that is just

Fine By