A note, this is a response to A protest for the dissident by Romeo Twist. See it at s/3054153/1/A-Protest-for-the-Dissident

You dare come up with such absurdity?

The address of "dissident" is quite broad,

but I shall argue as it it's addressed to myself.

You think we act because we think most politicians are bad?

This is not about good or bad governance. This is about rights.

Under your narrow-sightedness with which you see us,

we believe the King and the Parliament are corrupt.

While that may or may not be the case,

we do not want a better king or a better parliament, or a better government.

Let me make it clear as possible to you.

We want it all gone.

Fuck kings. Fuck Parliamentary members. Fuck this government hierarchy and all it takes to maintain it.

Alas, since I've been compelled to argue against such flattery, I shall introduce myself to the author of the statement of which this rebuttal addresses.

I am an anarchist, in the sense that anarchism is the attempt to eradicate domination.

Those who say anarchism can never work are simply those or those who mindlessly repeat those who have an interest in distorting the truth for their own personal gain.

Anarchism has, in fact always have worked, from the indian tribes that were once here for millennia to the zapatistas of today.

In fact, I'd turn that statement around and say authoritarianism has never worked. Empires have risen, by taking resources from their neighbors and slaying them when they've refused, and they have always fallen, either by running out of resources, being invaded by empires that are simply more dominating, or by the revolt of their own people.

Heed these words.

You are wrong.

And we are determined to prove it, just like those that have revolted against every now fallen empire has!