D~r~e~a~m~e~r Girls

You know how they look

{Misty expression, forgotten pencil in their hair}

You know how they are

{Idle doodling, mind farfarfar away}

You've got to call them s.e.v.e.r.a.l times to get their attention

{They had half a mind in another world}


They're their own kind,

Those D~r~e~a~m~e~r Girls

But listen close, Boy

They're like stars

{They shine oh so brightly}

Once you've got one, don't let her go

They love like no one else

They never give up

{Except maybe on the real world}

(But that's what their fantasy worlds are for)


But boy, you've got to be careful

Those Dreamer Girls are more like stars than you think

{It's oh so easy for them to fall}








Is what they do best

But if you don't c-a-t-c-h them,

They'll simply be f/a/l/l/e/n stars

{No one wants an-already-fallen- anything}


So listen close boy,

If one falls for you,

You'd better be there to catch her

You'd better be there to call her name (several) times


You'd better be there to keep her from giving up