Jade Dragon: Pyrophobia

By Timefather67

Rated M (Warning: This story will have Gore, Explicit Language, and Psychological Themes added to it. This story is not meant for the weak minded or the weak stomach. Read At Your Risk!)


Forty five years ago, an island was found far off in the regions of the Dragon Seas, near Japan. The Dragon Seas was considered "The Bermuda Triangle of the East". A group of scientists and soldiers traveled to the island; there they found that the island had a great resource of oil, gold, and every kind of rich mineral resource that would make a poor man become a billionaire. But they were not worried about that, no, they were simply there for one thing and one thing only. To study this strange island that had been causing interference with their communications.

The group discovered that this island was once inhabited by natives that performed strange rituals. It seemed similar to the Aztecs but something was different. Something was dark in these now gone natives. They left behind odd records of their reports. Something had to have happened to them, to make them vanish. Leaving by boat was out of the question due to the ocean's rough tides. The scientists and soldiers slowly stumbled upon something that explained the natives' mysterious disappearance. This discovery was kept in a classified document, protected by the government.

This kind of government was an organization called "Jade Dragons" and it consists of three branches. The first branch was called the "Head Leaders" or "The Knights of the Round Table" that consisted of the twelve leaders of the organization. The second branch was known as the Science Division that researched, experimented, and kept records of their latest reports along with the future reports. The last branch was the Personal Army that protected, performed missions, and made sure none of the information was spoken of. The Personal Army was also called the "Unit" that split up into teams ranging from "Alpha" to "Zulu".

After thirty years, Jade Dragon received a message from the Japanese navy that they needed a package from them, so that they could finally start making new ships. Jade Dragon decided to have their Alpha unit deliver the package. Alpha unit is one of the best units in Jade Dragon's army. Only six members are part of it. The group leader was a man named Alex D. Davis. By sunrise on December 21, the group will deliver the package via helicopter to the navy in Japan. They will need to cross the Dragon Seas though in order for them to get there without raising suspicion.

Chapter 1 The Beginning Of Alex D. Davis

A man with blonde shaggy hair that reached down to his shoulders was limping down a hallway. The walls and ceiling were on fire, burning the wood beams that supported the building the man was in. The man wore a black leather jacket with a green dragon patch on his right sleeve. He also wore black biker pants, and black boots. A katana was strapped on his back and on his pants was a gun belt with a holstered silver plated pistol. The man had blue eyes and a cut on the side of his white skin that was tainted with some specks of blood. This man was in his twenties.

The man looked tired and weak. The fire continued to burn around him, blocking the path behind him. The man stopped in the middle of the hallway, looking up towards the ceiling. He could see a glowing red triangle with a circle surrounding it. The triangle had an eye along with lines that connected in a zig zag pattern around it. The eye's pupil was another triangle similar to this one, but more of a mirror form.

"What the hell, where am I?" He asked himself. The man could feel the hot temperature coming from the flames from a few feet away from him. "I…I have to get out of here." The man said, limping further ahead down the hallway.

He was passing by chained doors on both sides of the hallway. Where ever this man was at, he didn't want to stay in this place too long. The man looks behind him and sees the fire devour the path that he came from. The flames weren't coming towards him, but it seemed like they were following him every time he walked ahead.

Suddenly, the man stops at the center of the hallway, after he heard the ground make an odd noise. Looking down at the wooden surface he was on, the man started to walk slowly, but he soon stopped after the odd noise started to be heard again. Then a crack was heard, causing the man to gasp as the ground suddenly collapsed beneath him. The man yells, falling down into the dark pit of the abyss.

"NO!" The man yelled, falling out of his bed. He was now in small room that had only one bed and a locker. The walls were gray and the ceiling was to. The man was on the cold surface of the ground, this time without his jacket and boots. He only wore his pants and white socks. He had a few burn marks on his back, along with a few scars on his wrist. The man was covered in sweat, looking at the ground with wide eyes. "It was a nightmare, only a nightmare Alex." He said to himself, trying to regain his breath from the odd dream of fire.

Getting up from the ground, Alex lays back on the rail of his bed, looking up at the shining light coming from the ceiling. "That dream again, why am I having these odd dreams?" He wondered, rubbing his forehead with his left hand. A knock was heard, coming from the steel door to his left, next to his locker. "Who is it?" He asked.

"It's me, Vivian, Captain Davis." A woman from the other side answered.

"Come in." Alex said, getting up from the ground as the door opened.

A woman in her twenties walked into the room, smiling at Alex. She was an Asian with black combed hair that transitioned into a pony tail that extended down to her back neck. She had brown eyes and a number printed '2' on her left cheek. Vivian wore similar attire Alex had in his dream. Even though she was in her twenties though, she looked more like a nine teen year old due to her young feature and slender figure form.

"So, what do want?" Alex asked, walking towards his locker.

"I came to wake you up. We got a mission, remember?" She asked, folding her arms.

"Yeah, I remember." Alex said, opening his locker. He pulled out a white T-shirt and put it on his built body. Alex was in shape and always had kept himself that way. After putting on his shirt, Alex takes his jacket out and puts it on. Looking at Vivian as he straps on his gun belt, he asks, "So, you're going to wait for me V?" She nodded her head, smiling at him.

Alex sighs, stretching his arms. "Alright, let's go." He said. Vivian nods her head and leaves his room. Alex looks in his locker, finding a note. Grabbing the letter, Alex opens it and reads it.

'Dear Alex D. Davis,

We would like to notify you that your brother Josh D. Davis was promoted to a corporal rank. Though, you may have missed his graduation in the assembly due to your current mission. Your brother had received the gift that you had sent him.

From, J.D. Corporation'

Alex puts the letter into his pocket and walks out of his room. He started following Vivian down a hallway. The hallway's walls, floor, and ceiling were made entirely of cement. Soon, they stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway. Vivian turned towards Alex and sighed.

"You ready to brief the team on the mission right?" Vivian asked.

"Yeah, all we're doing is simply delivering a package." He said calmly. "Don't worry Vivi, I know what I need to do, okay?" He asked smiling at her.

"Whatever you say Captain, look, I'm just making sure you're ready today. Last time you were kind of wonky." Vivian said concerned.

"That was because I didn't get enough sleep." He said, sighing in frustration.

"Was it those nightmares again?" She asked, resting her left hand on his left shoulder. Alex nods his head, sighing. He was having nightmares quite often.

"Look, they're just nightmares, okay? They're normal to have, so, can we get on with this now?" He asked calmly and annoyed. Alex just wanted to complete the mission and staying in the hallway for too long wasn't going to accomplish it.

Vivian sighs and says, "Fine, any time you have a nightmare and it's bothering you. Don't be afraid to ask me, okay?" She asked. Alex rolled his eyes, acknowledging her with a groan. "I take that as an okay, now, let's go." She said, smiling happily as she opened the door and entered into the briefing room. Alex soon followed her into the room, closing the door behind him.

The briefing room was large, with an oval table and theatre screen on the stone wall. Four people were sitting down, resting their arms on the table. All of their attire was similar to Vivian's and Alex's except two men had a tactical motif to their attire. One wore a gas mask while the other wore a blue hat. The man in the gas mask was typing on a data pad attached to his right wrist. A Spas-15 was attached to his back.

"Brandon, are you checking over the payment we're receiving?" Alex asked.

"Yeah, headquarters is going to send us our paycheck after we complete this mission." Brandon said. He had a strong Cockney accent.

The man sitting across Brandon was holding a Bolt-Action Springfield 1903 Rifle. He was the one wearing the hat that was blue. He was Caucasian like Alex and two other guys in the room. His jacket was unzipped halfway down revealing his dog-tags and white T-shirt. This man lifts up his hat, revealing his green eyes.

"Hey, Captain Davis, do you think we'll get paid extra after this mission?" The man asked.

"It would be a miracle if they did Parker. You know how H.Q. is like, money means a lot to them, we're only the expendables, tossed into action to make sure their money is safe." Alex said, folding his arms. "But hey, we're still getting paid fairly. We can do a lot with a million in our bank accounts."

"That's true Captain; we can get a lot of good stuff for our equipment." A bald Russian said, tossing a knife into the air and then catching it as it fell down. The bald man in his fifties looked older then Parker and had Heterochromia with his right eye being blue and his left being green.

"Chekov, how's the helicopter, is it working?" Alex asked, looking at him.

"Everything is alright with Rudza, she is fit for flying. I and Ivan fixed her after we got her out of that Militia nest from Brazil." Chekov said, proudly.

"That's nice to hear, that makes things easier for us to get over the seas." Alex said, walking in front of the theatre screen. "Ivan, are you up for the mission today?" He asked, looking at a guy who looked younger then Alex. He had wavy shaggy black hair. He was Caucasian like Alex and had a heart tattoo on his right cheek. The boy also had green eyes and looked nervous. Alex could tell that he wasn't meant for battle.

"Y-yeah, I am." Ivan said nervously.

"Are you sure?" Alex asked.

"Yes Captain Davis." Ivan said, raising his tone.

"Good, that's nice to hear." Alex said, smiling. "Alright everybody, as you should all know, we're being sent to Japan to give the naval commander this package. I don't know what's in it and I don't care. I just want to finish the mission, okay?" He asked everyone. Everyone nodded their heads. "Good, now is everyone here ready?" He asked. They all nodded their heads again. "Alright then, let's go." He said, walking towards the door. Vivian walks next to him.

"That was a quick briefing." Vivian said.

"Yeah, I know, I didn't want to take long. Plus, we're going to Japan, I would like to see my brother." Alex said smiling.

"Well that's nice to hear." Vivian said. "You two haven't talked to in a long time." She said.

"Yeah…I know." He said, frowning. "I wonder if he'll forgive me for missing his assembly." He said.

"I'm sure he will; you had a mission that H.Q. wanted you to do." She said.

"Yeah, I hope this mission won't be the same." Alex said. Vivian holds out dog tags to Alex.

"Here, these are yours Captain." She said, smirking at him.

Alex smirks back and says, "Thanks." He took the dog tags and put them around his neck. "Now, let's go." He said.