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Chapter 1: The Island

A jet black helicopter with black tinted window and a green dragon patch was flying over the ocean, heading west. In the helicopter, Alpha unit was in their seats, waiting patiently for Ivan and Chekov; their pilots, to get them to their destination.

"Another day on a mission hmm captain?" Vivi asked smiling at Alex.

He sighs nodding his head and says, "Well all we have to do is retrieve a package and deliver it to H.Q. that's seems easy enough." Alex closed his eyes. "I'm going to take a nap wake me if something goes wrong." Alex said, slowly drifting off to sleep. Vivi nods her head and looks out the black tinted window.

When slumber took over Alex, his eyes suddenly shot opened. Through them, he saw fire everywhere. "What's going on here?" He yelled falling off a bed seeing inferno everywhere. He was in a bedroom that was cover in flames. The door was the only way out. "Damn it, I have to get to*Cough*the hell out of here*Cough*." He said covering his nose and mouth from the choking smoke. Running to the door, he kicks it open and found himself in a hallway. The place was coming apart by the fire.

"Where am I?" Alex wondered as he started running down the hall. He was trying to find a way out the burning complex. The floor ahead of him had collapsed causing a massive hole to be left in the middle of the hall. Alex cursed under his breath and looked behind him seeing the hallway blocked by collapse debree. "I can't go back the hall is block by debree." He said, beginning to cough again due to the smoke. "This is crazy but, it's the only way." He said looking at the other side of the hall. He could see the stairs up ahead leading down.

Alex begins to run towards the hole and leaps over it. But, his jump didn't get him that far as he quickly grabs onto the ledge of the destroyed floor. "Shit." He cursed under his breath, struggling to get up from the ledge. Looking down, all that he saw was darkness. Alex didn't want to think how deep down that hole had led to, so he started using every bit of his strength to pull himself up.

Alex suddenly heard wood breaking and glass shattering. Looking up, he saw the ceiling made of glass and wood breaking apart. Then it soon started falling down towards him. He had no time to react as a wood plank smack him hard in the head causing him to wake up in a state of panic.

"Captain wake up now!" Vivi yelled, causing Alex to look at her, seeing a panic expression on her face. Red emergency lights were on in the helicopter as it started giving off a beeping noise. It was shaking as if it was going down.

"What the fuck is going on damn it!" Alex yelled, getting up from his seat, holding on to a pole. He headed off to the cockpit too see what the problem was.

"Something's wrong, our controls just went haywire, we are going down!" Chekov yelled, holding tight onto the steering controller.

"How the fuck did that happen!" Alex yelled holding tight onto a pole, just as Brandon, Vivi, and Parker were doing. The helicopter violent shaking had made it difficult for them to stay balance while holding the pole.

"I don't know Captain; we had just entered into a fog that was halfway close to Japan and suddenly, this shit just happened! We can't hold her for too long, she's going down!" Chekov yelled, doing his best to keep the helicopter in the air.

"Captain, I see an island ahead, I think that if we could safe land on it we might hopefully survive!" Ivan yelled, pointing up ahead at an island up ahead.

"Then do it and hurry!" Alex yelled. The door in the cargo pits suddenly opens causing Alex to look behind him. He felt some odd, mysterious force, grabbing on to his right arm. Suddenly, the mysterious force throws him to the side of the helicopter. He was then flung out of the helicopter. Quickly, before he was fully out, he grabbed onto the ledge holding for dear sake.

"Captain, hang on!" Brandon yelled, unhooking his belt and quickly ran to Alex's. He quickly grabbed his hand while he held on to the pole next to him. Alex suddenly looked to his right seeing an island ahead.

"Ivan, Chekov, you better land fast now!" Parker yelled.

Alex opens his mouth to say something, but he was silence by fear when he saw a dark shadow humanoid figure standing behind Brandon. "Chekov, will you hurry, damn it!" Brandon yelled not noticing the shadow figure behind him. No one did except Alex. It pointed its finger at Alex and with a malevolent sexless voice; the figure spoke his name. When Alex's name, he felt his hand slid out of Brandon's grip, causing him to fly out of the helicopter.

"Bloody hell!" Brandon yelled.

Alex was falling towards the forest area of the island. He was yelling as he fell hundreds of feet towards the forest ground. His body crashed through branches covered in bushes of leaves. They manage to sustain some sever damage, but they were not able to stop his fall.

Alex soon comes into contact with the ground, instantly being knocked out from the impact after he landed on his back.

The helicopter flew over his view of the sky, crashing through trees. The sounds of destroyed tree's came into a sudden end when Alex hearing faded. He was covered in cuts on his skin and part of his uniform was scratched up and stained with dirt and blood.

Alex slowly regains consciousness and gets up from the ground getting a painful headache. "Damn it!" He yelled, collapsing to the ground. He held onto his left hand after seeing it bent badly back to his wrist. He gritted his teeth in pain, after he grabbed it. Taking a few deep breaths, Alex gave a hard twist and forced his hand back into its original place, causing him to yell in pain, but it wasn't over yet. He saw that his fingers were broken to. He grabbed each one together and with a hard forceful twist similar to what he had done to his hand. Alex got his fingers back into place, yelling in pain again.

Alex cursed multiple times trying to subdue the pain the flow through his body. It wasn't just his hand hurting it was his whole body. The fall brought a large amount of pain to him. He was lucky the tree's save him at least from dying on the fall. Crawling to a tree Alex lies back on the tree breathing heavily.

"Damn it." He grunted, beginning to look around his surroundings. He found himself in a misty forest. Spotting smoke that was raised into the air, Alex gasped after he had realized that his team was in the helicopter. "My team…" He said shocked, struggling to get up. He looked at his skin and suddenly became confused when he saw no cuts or bruises.

"Something weird is going on I just had cuts not too long ago." He said, becoming freak out. Before Alex could think of anything else to say, he heard gunshots coming from crash site. "That gunshot came from the down chopper are they being attack by someone?" He wondered.

Not wanting to waste more time Alex pulled out his pistol and turn the safety off. He begins running ahead towards the crash site. It was hard for him to see what was up ahead; due to the mist, but with the smoke that was rising up in to the air, he could easily tell that he was on the right path.

When Alex heard the gunshots cease to continue, he hoped it stopped because his team had eliminated the threat. He saw the down chopper covered fire and ruin. The front part of the helicopter had gone through a wall of a factory.

"A factory but, what's it doing here?" Alex wondered, looking around for anyone that was next to the down chopper. "Did they go into the factory?" He asked himself, looking at the factory. The factory looked abandon, as if no one bothered fixing the broken windows and deteriorated walls. He saw a walkie talkie on the ground and picked it up, clipped it on to the back of his belt. So, not wasting any more time, Alex heads straight towards the factory. He found a narrow open passage into the entrance, next to the helicopter. He had enough room to squeeze himself through it, carefully avoiding the sharp metal that had its tip pointed at stomach.

Alex manages to get into the main lobby. He took a look around his surroundings. The paint on the walls was decayed and the chairs were flipped over and the reception counter had paper scattered all over it. There was a computer already on.

Walking towards the computer, Alex sees only a file document app on the screen. Grabbing the mouse, he moves the cursor to it and clicks on to the file and a window open up. It was a message from a scientist name Louis Chambers.

-We achieved in completing the final sample. The shipment from the lab in the basement floor will be carried the samples for transport. Make sure they are treated with utmost care. They are very delicate and dangerous. You don't want to piss off Doctor Joel, so do your jobs and don't slack off.-

The message had finished being read. Alex exits out the computer and says, "Sample…wait Doctor Joel!" He gasped. "Isn't he the doctor in Vulpes research team?" Alex wondered. "What is a factory doing out here on a deserted island?" He wondered to himself again, rubbing his chin.

Questions were forming in Alex's head but, he eventually shook them off worried about his team. He had to find them. Looking around Alex spotted a door that had sigh that had a sign saying, "Hallway".

Walking towards the door, Alex opens the door and sees a small figure run down another side of the hallway that lead left. "Who the hell was that?" Alex wondered to himself. He presses a button on his belt and a flashlight shined through his black pocket in his gun belt. Since the hall was dark, the flashlight was able light the path he was looking ahead of. Walking cautiously down the messy abandoned hallway, Alex aims his gun with his left hand around with his finger on the trigger. He was ready to shoot anything that would attempt to harm him.

Only his footsteps were heard along with his heart beating fast. His breathe started to be inhaled and exhaled a little slower due to the fact he started to feel afraid. When he got to the end of the hallway he looked to his left where he last saw the unknown figure run by. He saw someone opening a door and then closes it fast before he had a chance to make out who it was.

Alex kept silent and walks down the hallway towards the door. When he got to the door, Alex grabbed the door knob with his right hand slowly and readied his gun. He starts to open the door slowly, by twisting the knob. He then pushed the door open, quickly aiming his gun. "Freeze!" He yelled, but no one was there.

It was an office. Slowly entering into the office Alex saw a window that reveal an assembly line of machines on the other side. Alex saw a desk with a lamp on shining on a letter. He notices a door behind the desk that led into a locker room then after that door was a door to the assembly line. Going towards the desk Alex grabs the letter and begins to reading it.

"From Lloyd,

It turns out the place has a lab located beneath the factory. You can only get there by the elevator. This island has clearly gone to hell somehow. Mist comes out of nowhere, people dying. There was a town settlement not too far from here as I recall and it's already screw up. I'll leave this letter for anyone who is willing to know what's going on in this island. It's of course important you have some kind of weapon with you. Since the mist had come out of nowhere. Odd weird noises coming from the forest had started to be heard. Terrible shit started happening and people went nuts I'll tell you again with strong emphasis, Nuts! Now I don't have time to write this anymore, I just saw a little girl run by in the assembly line not too long ago. I think she went into the elevator that led down into the labs. Well good luck and I hope you survive this weird ass nightmare that the devil probably started. Oh yeah, word of advice, be careful; whatever is out there that sounds inhuman, Run! Don't stop, just run!"

Alex finished reading the letter and put it down. He walked towards the door that led into the locker room and entered into it. "What the hell?" He gasped, seeing blood splattered everywhere in the room. The light in the ceiling had been also covered in blood, changing the contrast lighting in room to red.

"What happen here what could have done this?" Alex asked himself, disgusted by all the blood that placed a stench of old death in the room. Not wanting to stay in the room for too long, Alex quickly left the locker room and entered into the assembly line area.

He was on top of a railing platform. Looking down, he saw all the machines abandoned and worn out. They seem to not have been touched for so long nor token care off due to the rust that was infested upon its iron steel. Alex sees an elevator down the platform with two doors from its left and right. Walking towards the elevator, he pressed the down button, but the elevator didn't respond to its button command. He pressed twice, but nothing happened again.

"It's not responding, I wonder why?" Alex wondered to himself. Looking at the door to his left he saw a sign that says, "Power room." He then looked at the door to his right, seeing a sign that said, "Café."

Alex decided to walk into the power room, believing the elevator needed power so it could work again. He was now in a hallway. It had pieces of 2X4 wood, barricading the doors on both sides of the hallway. He didn't know why they were barricade but, he guess if they were barricaded then there wasn't any point in trying to see what's in the room. Alex took a left down the hallway and saw a Power Room door up ahead.

"Found it." He said, giving a smirk as he stopped at the door. Before he could grab the knob on the door he heard a white noise chattered coming from his walkie talkie.

"Captain could you hear me? Do you respond?" Alex heard Brandon's voice contacting him.

Alex takes out his walkie talkie from the back of his gun belt and says, "Brandon I'm here where the hell are you and the others?"

Brandon gives off a sigh of relief through the walkie talkie and asks, "We all got split up after you fell, how you managed to survive that fall?"

"Trees, lots of branches soften my fall." He said with more emphasis the last part of his sentence.

"Well, I'm glad you're still alive. I'm looking for the others, but it's getting harder than I thought." Brandon said.

"What do you mean how did you guys got split up to begin with?" Alex asked becoming worried.

"We were attacked by*Chatter*" Brandon voice was cut off in the walkie talkie, confusing Alex.

"Brandon, what did you say, your signal is getting weak?" Alex asked, but all that he got in return was static chattered again. Before he had a chance to say anything, the hallway lights turned on startling him. They started shutting on and off in a flickered pattern. Something wasn't right, as Alex's walkie talkie was going nuts scaring him. "What's going on with this place?" He wondered to himself.

Alex heard the machines in the assembly line room turning on giving off a loud noise of grinding metal scraping the ground. Not wanting to stay in the hall any longer, he quickly entered into the power room panicking.

When he entered into the power room, the light was on and there were tools with scrap metal by their sides placed on metal shelves. Looking to his left, Alex saw a flip switch on the wall with a battery in it. Walking to the flip switch, he flips the switch, but the battery burst out sparks startling him and caused him to move back. The battery was useless and the flip switch system now needed a new battery. He soon noticed a sign by the switch that had a note pinned to it. Grabbing the note, he started to read it.

"Jeffrey, if by some chance the battery dies, head to the cafeteria's freezer room to get a new one. The cold temperatures should preserve their energy, making them last very long."

"I have to get to the kitchen." Alex said dropping the note.

Soon, when Alex left the power room, he stopped becoming petrified. He saw fire that was burning from the ceiling upside down and the figure from before he fell out the helicopter that pointed at him saying his name was in his path down the hall. His hand was trembling as the figure points at him again and says, "Shattered one." With that said; the figured; like a distorted video camera, vanished and the flames were instantly gone. The hallway was back to normal.

Alex was breathing rapidly scare out of his mind. "What…what was that?" He asked himself, regaining function of his body. He now had to keep his mind focus. Not knowing when that figure would appear again, he kept himself cautious, ready to at least fight the unknown ethereal like being when it appeared again.

Soon Alex leaves the power room. When he left, the machines that he heard turned on and weren't working anymore. "Weren't these machines on earlier, making those loud noises, what the hell is going on?" Alex wondered.

Alex started walking to the café entrance and entered through the door. The café wasn't that large, but it was open and clear. The tables were all moved towards the window blocking any light from the outside. Since his flashlight was solar sensitive, it turned on only when it was dark. He saw the kitchen door by tables. Walking to it, he tries to pull it open, but the pole handles were locked, preventing him from entering into it. Looking to his left he saw a stairway that led to another floor where the tables weren't flipped over. Going up the stairs, he saw a flashlight on a table shinning on a key.

Walking to the table, Alex grabs the key and puts it in his belt pocket. Suddenly, he heard a loud thump coming from the door that led into the kitchen. Going down the stairs, he started to aim his gun and slowly walked towards the door. Again the loud thump was heard, causing him to stop dead in his tracks. Something on the other side was wishing to get out and it seemed like it was being granted. His finger was on the trigger and his eyes expressed determination to eliminate anything that proved to be a threat when the door breaks open.

With one more slam into the door, Alex gasps seeing Chekov fall to the ground. He lets out a sigh in relief aiming his gun down. Chekov gets up and gasps seeing Alex.

"Captain, you're alive!" Chekov said becoming shocked.

"Yeah…Chekov where are the others?" Alex asked.

Chekov gave off a grin and began to laugh confusing Alex. He started walking past him and soon stopped then turned towards him. "They're probably dead, I don't know." He said smirking.

Alex looks at Chekov shock and says, "How can you even say that or even guessed that to begin with?" Chekov only laughs again getting Alex angry.

"This island can answer that for you captain." Chekov said leaving the cafeteria not looking back at Alex.

"Wait Chekov, where are you going?" Alex called out, but he had already closed the door not responding back to Alex.

"Damn it, what's his problem?" Alex wondered, gritting his teeth angrily. His walkie talkie started chattering. This caught his attention as he quickly took it out and answered it. "Hello, anyone, do you read me?" He asked, raising his tone desperately.

"*Chatter* Fire will burn. Sand combined with the fire will make glass. Glass is use to cut.*Static*" Some boy said, through the distorted white noise channel on the walkie talkie before the transmission was cut off.

"Who the hell was that?" Alex wondered, looking at his walkie talkie confused. Putting the walkie talkie away, he enters into the kitchen. Looking around the kitchen, he notices the freezer room up ahead next to a stove. Walking towards the freezer room, he avoided any foot contact with the pots and pans that were left on the ground.

Alex soon got to the door and tried to open it, but it was lock. "Damn it." He muttered under his breath. He suddenly remembered he took a key from the table before the door was broken down. Taking the key out of his pocket, he inserted it into the freezer door. Twisting it, he heard a click that came from the door. "I don't need this key anymore." He said tossing it away. Opening the freezer door, he was suddenly blinded by a flash of light. Through his eyes his vision was changed into a retro like distorted film. All that he could see was a large man dressed in a butcher outfit, chopping a chunk of flesh with a massive machete. It looked heavy and was covered in blood all over its rusted plate. The butcher soon stopped and slowly looked at him.

Everything soon went back to normal as Alex looks around seeing no butcher. All that he saw made him give a disgust look were headless corpses hanging upside down on hooks. "What could have done this?" Alex asked himself feeling sick just by looking at the sight.

Alex wanted to leave the room as fast as possible just so he can ignore the revolting smell of death that lingered around the room. Seeing a battery similar to the one in the power room was at was by the corner next to a table. Going to the table, he picked up the battery that was the same size as the previous one he saw and put it away in his belt pocket. Looking on the table, he finds a note on the table. Picking it up, he started to read it.

"Sins of deliciously by The Cook,

The sin, Gluttony, thrives for more to consume. It can be food, life, and death no matter what as long as it can fill its endless hunger.

Its twin, Greed, wants everything. This sin takes what it wants away from Gluttony and all it sees.

The sin, Lust, will thrive on attention from others. Trapping their victims in temptation like a female spider that traps their mates too death.

The sin, Wrath, unleashes its anger and pain towards those it hates.

The sin, Envy, brings lies and jealousy upon its self and others wishing to obtain what it could not obtain before.

The next sin is Pride. This sin thinks too much of itself and brings only hate towards those who isn't similar to its cocky self.

The last sin is Sloth. Sloth, will not give a care to anything not even to itself for it will do nothing. But, secretly this sin hides a tendency to attack if bother and will only stop till its provoker is dead. It can also cause other mortal lives to suffer.

The seven deadly sins, almost as if they are thrown into a bowl of stew. Mix them all together and you will discover the true secret sin. A sin that surpasses all sins and damns everything there is alive.

This sin…is life, a delicious meal that I, the Chief, would like to share for you all."

Alex finished reading and looked at the bodies. There were seven bodies hung upside down. "That butcher I saw…he looked familiar." He muttered to himself. Not wanting to stay in this place any longer, he ran out the kitchen and head towards the café exit. When Alex was back in the assembly line area, he went towards the power room hallway.

Entering into the hallway, Alex gasped. Alex was seeing blood smeared on the walls that led towards the other side of the hall. He became cautious and readied his gun. He suddenly, feels a headache collapses onto his knees and clutched on to his head. "Damn it!" He yelled as his headache started hurting painfully. It eventually soon went away allowing him to relax in relief from the painful ringing noise. Looking ahead he gasps again as his eyes widen.

"What the hell's going on, where did this stuff come from?" Alex wondered after he saw the hallway covered in red color vines pulsing like veins. The doors were all covered, instead of wood with barbed wire. He was now confused out of his mind, something had to happened here to cause all of this. He didn't know what it was, but it was scaring him.

Alex started walking down the hallway that gave off a rotten graveolent stench. He started to hear a little boy crying on the other side of the hall. Slowly getting to the other side, he took a few seconds to think out a plan to see what's on the other side. He didn't want to rush since he just witnessed how this whole place somehow unknowingly went to hell. And after encountering that phantom like figure, he knew that it would foolish and dangerous to rush ahead without caution.

Finally, coming up with a plan, Alex checks his mag and sees it full. He loaded the mag back into his handgun and readied his gun and quickly aimed it at the other side of the hallway yelling, "FREEZE!" But there weren't any person there to begin with. The sound of a boy crying had come from the power room down the hall. He started walking towards the power room door. When he got to the door, he slowly grabbed onto the knob and twisted it.

Slowly opening the door, Alex sees an empty bedroom cover in graffiti. Drawings of fire were all over the walls. This wasn't the power room, no, this was something else. "What the…" Alex stopped at mid-sentence, after he saw a boy in brown tattered pants also wearing a hoodie, crying in the corner.

Alex holsters his gun and slowly walks over the boy not trying to frighten him. "Hey kid, what are you doing here?" He asked calmly so he wouldn't frighten him. The boy stopped crying and slowly looked up to him. The hood was blocking his face, but Alex could see some black hair hanging out the hood.

"It hurts." The boy said painfully, holding on to his left wrist.

Alex looks at the boy's right wrist seeing shattered pieces of glass covered in blood. He then looked at the boy's wrist seeing blood that had come out of his slit skin. "What were you doing?" He asked, looking at the boy shocked.

"The glass…cuts me…when it does, my blood…spills out…I compare it…with fire. But they both hurt the same way." The boy said, starting to cry again. Before Alex could say anything the door behind him shuts close. The room suddenly went pitch black. The boy's crying ceased into dead silence.

"What the hell just happened!?" Alex wondered frightened. The darkness was suddenly cast away by fire that had brightened up the room, surrounding Alex into a circle. The flames matched the graffiti on the walls and the boy he had seen was nowhere in sight. He had to get out as fast as possible, so he turned towards the door, but gasped after seeing the door covered in red vines similar to the ones in the hallway.

"What's going on, where is this fire coming from?" Alex yelled again. He backs away from the fire that was slowly heading towards him in a form of a snake. "This has to be a nightmare!" He yelled, falling on to the ground and backed up to the corner. The pryo snake stood tall, like a cobra would do when it is staring down its prey. His eyes, wanders up to the fire snake's eyes and spots the ceiling starting to collapse. "SHIT!" He yelled as it collapsed upon him and the snake.

He suddenly wakes up in the power room breathing rapidly with sweat on his face. He could feel his heart beating rapidly. Getting up from the ground, he looked around and noticed there wasn't anything unusual. Everything was normal, nothing was on fire and there was still no boy.

"Was that, just a dream?" Alex asked himself, rubbing his forehead with his right hand.

Alex starts checking himself to see if he still had his items with him. When he was done checking himself and still had all of his stuff, he walked towards the flip switch system that needed a new battery. He switches the old battery with the new battery and tosses the old one away. After doing that, he flipped the three switches and the system activated. He started to hear machines in the assembly line making loud noises. He sighs in relief and says, "I got the power on."

"The elevator might be able to take me down to the labs. I better not waste any more time with this; I need to find my team." Alex said starting to leave the power room. He soon goes through the hallway and gets to the assembly line area. When he got to the elevator, he pressed the button. The elevator started coming up. But it seems like it was going to take long for a while. He looks over the rail line of the platform seeing the machines in the assembly line making capsules. Then they were packing them in packages. "I wonder what they were shipping." Alex said, leaning on the rail.

The elevator soon came up, started to give off a ringing bell noise. The gate of the elevator opens giving Alex permission to enter. When he walked towards the elevator the gate suddenly closes on preventing him from entering into the elevator. "What open, damn it!" He demands pressing the button. The gate of the elevator didn't open instead it stood shut. The machines stop and a horn went off in the factory.

"What's going on?" Alex asked, looking around.

"Warning, B.O.W. has been spotted in the facility around the assembly line. All systems shall remain stall until the B.O.W. has been apprehended until further notice, thank you." A woman on the speaker said before shutting off.

"B.O.W., Biological weapon, what's it doing here in the first place?" Alex wondered, becoming cautious of his surroundings. He had his gun ready, shining the flashlight around the area. His finger was on the trigger, ready to pull it back and shoot the B.O.W. wherever it was hiding.

Alex hears an abnormal growl that had no relations with sounding like any other animal that existed. This growl caused him to freeze in his place as fear took over. The growl coming from, this B.O.W. sounded close. He shook his head, getting out of his petrification and looked around for the B.O.W. in the facility. The growl then came from his left.

Alex looks to his left and gasps. A person who didn't even look human anymore was crawling on the ceiling. The person looked like a male scientist. His body was decay with his own bones poking out like daggers from his back, knees, and elbows. "What the fuck is that thing?" Alex asked, backing away frighten. The B.O.W. head was missing its jaw; its eyes were gold and glowing that showed signs to him that it could see in the dark.

The B.O.W. glances at Alex and gives off a metal screech causing Alex to hold his ears by the painful loud screech. When it caught Alex off guard the B.O.W. pounce onto the same rail line platform Alex was on and stood on its two legs and ran towards Alex.

Alex snaps back into reality and aims his gun at the B.O.W. shooting it. The bullets hit the B.O.W. in the chest and neck causing it to fall flat to ground. But the B.O.W. quickly leaped up giving off another screech that stunned Alex. It then leaped towards him, but he quickly rolls out the way from its attack. He quickly pointed his gun at the B.O.W.'s head and pulled the trigger. The bullet pierces through the skull of the B.O.W. knocking it back into the darkness below the walkway.

Alex was still horrified by the B.O.W. "What the hell was that thing?" He said. Looking at the elevator it was still in lockdown. "That thing is still alive how I put a bullet in its head?" He said, reloading his gun. The B.O.W. Alex thought that he took out had suddenly leaped over a rail and knocked him forward, causing him to crash into rail. The dagger like bone from the B.O.W.'s arm extended.

Alex aims his pistol at the B.O.W. about to pull the trigger, but the B.O.W. swings its bone blade arm knocking his gun away towards the side of the elevator. He quickly rolled out the way from the attacking B.O.W. Its bone arm cut through the metal roughly. Alex managed to get up and takes out his katana. Alex gets into a sword stance, glaring at the B.O.W. readying to attack it when it starts to run at him.

The B.O.W. gave off another ear aching screech and charges towards Alex. "Bullets don't kill you fast especially to the head!" Alex yelled as the B.O.W. leaps towards him. "Well let's see you live without a damn head!" He yelled, swinging his sword. The sword took the head off of the B.O.W. but, the bone arm pierced into his left shoulder, causing him to yell in pain and kicked the body off of him. Getting up from the dead B.O.W., he gritted his teeth in pain as his shoulder had suffered a severe stab attacked.

The lockdown had ended and the machines in the assembly line started to work again. The elevator gate opened giving off alarm noise that allowed permission to enter. Alex looks at the B.O.W. and with a shock expression and tone he says, "What turned this man into this thing?" He heard a similar piercing screech that broke the windows. It came from outside.

Not wanting to wait in the same place for so long, Alex ran towards the elevator and picked up his gun. Entering into the elevator, he pressed the down button and waited as the gates close. The elevator started to descend down into the depths of darkness.

Alex checks his wound on his shoulder and clutches tight onto it, giving pressure so no more blood could come out. He looked at the numbers of floors the elevator was passing by. "What the hell?" He wondered, feeling another headache.

Through his eyes, his vision started to change back into the same vision he had got before when he was last in the freezer room. He suddenly passed out seeing only darkness all around him. He heard the elevator stopped and opened up.

Finally regaining consciousness, Alex gets up from the ground. He gasped, becoming shocked. His vision was still distorted, but he was in a helicopter cockpit. He got out of the helicopter and found himself in the hallway. "This is the orphanage, but how did I get here?" He wondered walking, down the wooden floor hallway.

Alex could hear children laughing all around him, but they were unable to be seen. Alex stopped in the middle of the hallway and turns towards to a door. He then walked to the door and grabbed the knob, beginning to twist it slowly. When he opened the door, he gasped yelling, "It's you!"

It was the boy from the graffiti room but, instead of him being in the corner. He was standing straight. He was also looking at him with no expression shown through his hood. Alex felt his heart beating rapidly. He then says to the boy in a cautious tone, "Who are you?"