Hi.. I don't normally upload work on here, just fanfiction or wattpad. This is just the prologue, hence the shortness of it and please be aware that I don't normally write stories , just poetry. :{D

A single tear gracefully slid down my snow white cheeks as once again, the blade dug deep into my wrist. I let out a slight whimper; whilst the warm blood oozed out of the gap that now lay there; trickling into the blood stained basin below.

"Mkayla," my mother slurred from the bottom of the stair case. "Mkayla, get your sorry ass down here before I come up and drag you down here myself. I need more…uh; oh I need more… um alchlol. No, no that's not right…, alcomol?"

"You mean alcohol mother, alcohol," I startled her as I descended down our grand staircase, hand clutching my now bandaged wrist.

"Are you saying that I'm wrong, child? How dare you correct your mother?" She bellowed, advancing towards my frail body.

"I uh… I didn't mean to mother," By now I was shaking violently; knowing what she was about to do.

Just as the thought came into my mind, I felt a sharp pain hit my right ribs, followed by a punch to the throat. I chocked back my tears as I ran from the house, slamming the door behind me; leaving my mother screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Mkayla, Mkayla!" She screeched "Don't you dare come back here. You're just a sorry excuse for a daughter, you know that? Why couldn't it have been you that had passed away instead of Daniel? You don't deserve to live!" I didn't hear much after that, as my speed picked up; running as fast as I possibly could. The tears were now hitting the sidewalk like drops of rain from the clear sky above whilst I let my emotions take full control.

A blurred array of colours flashed before me as I sped down the high-street, trying to get as far away as possible from that hell hole I called home. I just have to wait until daddy gets home, I thought. By that time mother will be sober and she will have forgotten that anything ever happened. Please Daddy, hurry.