Well... I uploaded! The only reason is that I never really go on it so I will probably forget about this website and just stay on wattpad so I wanted to leave it at a good stopping point.

I pulled up to school in my old, battered Chevy truck which luckily, my mother had given me back before school started. You see, people at this school think I am poor. Hell, most of them only know me because I am suppost to be the poorest of the poor in all of East Carlston, which is saying something. Now, you may say that I'm crazy, but I know what I am doing. If they knew who I actually was, the girl with money here, there and everywhere, then they would all be around me like a swarm of wasps and flies. By becoming this girl that no one wants to be around,I know who my real friends are, and that makes up a grand total of nil. My only companions at this school, are the library and the librarian that virtually lives there.
As I parked in one of the only available car spaces there, my eyes landed on Ashley Taylor. No, she is not the head cheerleader who is dating the quater back; she is the misery to my already miserable life, as well as the president of every single club in school; including the anti-bullying club. Haha! I had to laugh at that; she has picked on me since the first day of kindergarden and to this day, I still have no idea why. Of course, she can get any guy that she wants; with the cliche popular girls bleach blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and slim figure, but everyone knows that most of her hair isn't her own and that deep, deep down, she is a brunette.
Opening the car door and stepping out after grabbing my satchal, all the attention was immediately on me, whilst a small crowd gathered; all whispering comments that my ears could not pick up. All of the comments, except one.

"Well, well, well... If it isn't Little Miss Grease herself," Ashely chucked and she approached me. "What type you got in your hair today? Chip grease, car?"
The crowd behind her began to laugh whilst I stood there, trying to hold in my own laughter. You see, when the people at Greenvale laugh at things Ashley says, they laugh because they are too dumb to realise what she means, but with me, I laugh because she has no idea who I am. She has no idea that I have the hottest boyfriend in all of Carlston, whilst living the most extravagant lifestyle, when the best thing that she can have is some 20 year-old junkie straight out of juvie.
Ignoring her comment, I stepped out of the crowd and began my walk inside school, before picking up my schedual from the front desk and heading to my homeroom. Once I reached the classroom, I opened the door and as soon as I did, everyone in the class turned to face me. A few snickers left peoples mouths whilst others came out with comments like "Ew, she's back" and "Darn, I thought that she left last year." Sigh. Not giving them the time of day, I took my place at the front of the classroom; away from everyone else and waited for out form tutor to arrive. The bell rang five minutes later and in stepped Mr Davis, my form teacher since day one. He stood at maybe 5 ft 11, mid sixties and you could tell that the grey hair had been prominent for many years.

"Good morning class," his gruff voice rang out. "Now, I hope you are all excited about your final year as Greenvale High," at this, everyone nodded their heads in agreement. "But this is not a time to be going out getting drunk at the weekends or slacking off when you had a late night; I expect you to keep focused and study hard. Remember class, you have worked for this, and at the end of it, it's your life that rests on your shoulders."
Finishing his speech, Mr Davis sat at his desk which was situated at the front of the class room and began to take role.

"Maddison Alley."

"Here," she chirped. She'd always seemed like a nice girl, but I would never speak to her since she also thinks that I am a freak and a loser.

Oh well, only a year to go.
"James Anderson."
Airhead, my brain said. Anderson is the captain of the basketball team and has tried to get in Ashley's pants since our softmore year, which he has succeeded a few too many time to brag about.

"Charlotte Capone."

And so it went on; my brain calling people the same name over and over. Almost every single person in my class will be lucky if they graduate at the end of the year.
"Mkayla Newton," Mr Davis called out whilst looking up at me softly, before looking back down.
"Here," I whispered as another voice rang out.

"Unfortunately," I knew that voice anywhere; Ashley Taylor.
"Hey!" Mr Davis' voice shouted, "You girls are in your senior year, cut it out!"

"Sorry, Mr Davis" Ashely apologized, whilst sitting next to James; her palm resting on his thigh as she batted her eyelashes at him. He tensed up at her touch and I was finiding it hard not to chuckle at her despiration.
I snickered in the back of my brain at her telling off and stupidity, just as the bell rang; signaling us to go to first period. Checking my timetable, I noticed that I had AP English in room 116, then Geography in 013, before History in 103. Just great! I hate English with vengence and being good at it didn't help my case either. Don't get me wrong, it use to be a good subject, before the teachers noticed my talent for it and began entering me into all sorts of competitions which I ended up winning. That was one thing that people did know about me; I was the study geek that 'loved' English.

Sighing, I headed towards my locker, grabbed all of the books that I would need for this morning, and made my way to my first lesson. Upon entering, I noticed that a lot of the students in this class had not arrived, so I took this as my oportunity to sit at the back, in the corner away from everyone.

Soon enough, everyone had gathered in; all making sure that they was safely at a meter distance away from me. Sigh.
Mrs Galloway, our English teacher, entered the class room; giving a nod of her head to serveral students.

She took the register then began with the lesson on how Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship changes throughout the play. Five minutes in and I was already dropping off to sleep as my eyes started to droop closed. I had studied Macbeth in the first year, and already knew that they both ended up dead because of a couple of stupid mistakes.
Just as I was about to fall off, a girl, whose name I believe is Sarah Henderson bounded into the classroom squeeling.

"Oh my Goodness, you have to see the new Modern World History teacher!" She screamed, before running out of the classroom; followed by several seniors from my class.

"Hey, get back here!" Mrs Galloway shouted, but it was no use; they were already half way down the corridor just as our teacher had gotten up.
"Do you want to go too?" She asked me, sounding physically exhausted.
I nodded my head, before leaving the classroom and heading towards room 103, where everyone was gathered outside of the classroom. Peaking through the window, I noticed a tall figure with his muscles rippling through his shirt and his hair, a dark, chocolate colour. He turned around, and my heart stopped beating. There he was, Benjamin Saunders, my new Modern World History teacher, and my boyfriend.

I didn't know what to do! I didn't know whether to run for the hills or hide under a rock; whether to sit on the cold hard floor and cry my eyes out or make a break for it! My thoughts were going faster than the speed of which Felix Baumgartner fell from space. My mind was telling me to face him, wait until after 3rd period and try to work this out, whereas my heart was crumbling into little pieces.
He looked up from the piece of paper that he was reading off in his classroom, to us all stood outside, the look of upset clear in those eyes. It was only there for a moment, before he cast his gaze back down to the work; ignoring all of the students that looked in from the outside.
"Come on class, back to lessons," Mrs Galloway bellowed as she strode down the hallways. "There's nothing to see here!"
Everybody sighed, before heading back to the English classroom after grabbing one last glance at Ben, who I'm guessing that I should now call Mr Saunders.