Hi everyone! I'm back! Hopefully some of you guys tried the cake out! I'm back with a pastry recipe! I've tried and tried to find a good savory pastry recipe but after hours trying I gave up. Finding that pastry is basically just flour butter and a splash of milk I tried out my theory and this baby was born! I tend to throw random stuff together but I've just evened out my random cooking to moreā€¦ Sane way of cooking/baking! Enjoy!

~ 1 cup plain flour. (Can be used with wholegrain)

~ 70 grams butter, softened.

~ A splash of milk.

Add flour to a bowl and add butter into the flour and using fingers, rub the butter into the flour.

Add milk.

Mix until the pastry doesn't stick to the sides of the bowl, feel free to add more flour of milk.

Dust counter of board with flour and kneed softly for about a minute.

With a rolling pin, roll to desired thickness.


~ I tend to dust the rolling pin with a wee bit of flour before rolling the pastry.

~ If you want just a wee snack for you or the kids, here are some ideas:

Fill small pockets of pastry with different things, my favorites are:

Cheese, apricot sauce, bacon and onion.

Banana slices and honey.

Or anything you want!

Just a couple of things, please cook any meat you put in the pastry before putting in the oven.

Last thing, anyone wanting a recipe for something? Just P.M me or leave it in the review, thanks!