Year: 2050
Date: July 26
Time: 11:56 pm

Location: Earth

The first of the massive ships left Earth's orbit for the stars, becoming in seconds just another speck of light in space. Julia Aghors sighed and turned away from the screen. She had tried so hard to get her family into one of those ships, but in the end she just hadn't been enough. The Field family had gone though, Alice and Gray with their children, seven year old Matiew and twelve year old Claire. They had argued for Julia and her family on her behalf, and they had all but shouted that she was more than qualified, but in the end, she was "Needed for the continuation of life on Earth."
Her qualifications had been used against her.
She would remain behind and work on keeping the remaining people alive, the One Hundred Million humans that remained on the near barren planet that had been all but destroyed by human ignorance and greed. She would work on providing clean and renewable energy, while others worked on providing edible food and fresh water, and yet others tried to provide protection from the radioactive fallout that now covered all of America, Russia, China and Europe and threatened to spread over the rest of the world.

She had a rough plan for a nuclear reactor, and other plans for Sun-Harvesters, but she was hesitant. Humanity had shown it could not be trusted with nuclear power, and how easily it could be converted into weapons, and it would be next to impossible to get the Solar Harvesters into position, the Generation-Cryo Ships had all but depleted the scant resources Earth had left.

As far as she could see, any life remaining on Earth was doomed. All hope for the human race lay in those ships, with their conscious crew of five hundred, and their twenty thousand frozen passengers.

A dog woofed softly behind her, and as she turned she saw her children, sixteen year old James and three year old Claudia, holding Celia, the Fields' old dog. No animals were permitted upon the Generation ships, so Celia had been left in her care. The dog was twelve years old, and the Fields had been heartbroken to leave her, but Julia had promised she would look after Celia, and see to it she did not fall to the chaos in most of the world.
She had been remarkably lucky, for Australia hadn't been touched by the nuclear war, it had no weapons to speak of, just a small standing army that had been out of the country when the first nuke was launched.

As the three Generation-Cryo Ships left Earths' orbit, each carrying from twenty thousand humans, Julia saw her life change.

"They cannot escape gods' wrath," Julia heard a voice beside her in the crowd, a woman in her middle years staring up at the large screen. "God will judge them, no matter how fast or far they run."
"Please, spare me your ramblings woman. I just lost my whole life…" replied Julia.
"Our stores will last us years. The Lords faithful will persevere. We will rise, and save you from yourselves. Hundreds of years of preparation... Two thousand years of life!"

Year: 3140

Date: August 3

Time: 6:23 am

Location: Timor Cluster-Seth System

Final Secret Human Hideout

Alternate Universe

"Have we heard anything?" He asked, gazing at the twin suns through the window of the station on which they hid.
"Not yet love, but we will." She stepped up beside him and put her arm around his waist. "We have to."

Theirs was a very daring plan, simple, but nigh impossible. They had found an unstable binary star system, and set up harvesters around each, catching all possible energy, and transmitting it to the station, where it was beamed to a single point in an attempt to punch a hole in the fabric of reality.

The Universe burned, whole civilizations clash, annihilate each-other and themselves, whole galaxies are obliterated in this war, and they were trying to do something about it.
"I no longer believe that. If this was going to work, we would have heard by now, there are no more universes, or if there are, we cannot reach them, if the combined power of two stars cannot punch through, nothing short of several supernovas focused at a singular point smaller than an electron can."
He looked away to the monitors, walking over to examine the focus point for what had to be the ten-thousandth time. "We have all the power these stars are radiating, focused at the one point, and we are throwing Radio Waves, X rays, Gamma Rays, you name it it's going though that point, and we have nothing heard nothing in return."
"Maybe we're going about it the wrong way… We are shouting through there, screaming at the top of our voice and receiving nothing, maybe because we aren't letting them reply… what if…" She trailed off, comprehension filling her face. "Pogniours!" She spoke into her wrist communicator, "I want you to cease all transmission through the point! Then send a timed burst of three three-second radio waves, saying 'hello' and then wait." She turned to him. "This is it!"
She started walking back to the command bridge, this was it!

"Ma'am? We have a response! It's saying 'help us'" Pogniours was exited, more excited than she had ever heard him! "It's saying 'help us and we can help you.' They want us to alter the angle of the power collisions so that they can come through, can we do that?"
"Do it."
"Done, and here they come!"

In the hollow moon-sized centre of the massive planet-sized space station, the power collected from the binary stars was angled into a pattern, and from that pattern a fleet emerged.

"Ma'am, I'm opening the gates, we have no idea how many ships are on the other side of that gate, and I don't want to run out of room."
The alien ships poured through, tens, hundreds of ships came through the gate, although the passage was not seamless, some ships were destroyed as they came through, and the ones that made it through were damaged.

She stepped into the elevator, standing to one side as He joined Her.

"Ma'am, I'm picking up incoming ships on sensors, they have finally found us. The aliens are transmitting a new pattern for the power, they say it will change the gate, send us to a whole new universe, from which we can rebuild, prepare to return and save our own, orders?"
This time it was not Her that responded, but Him.

This message echoed over the speakers of the base, and from the whole staffs' wrist communicators. Within an hour the first ship was following the Aliens through the new gate as new ships jumped into the system, as the ships fired upon the station, the self-destruct activated, destroying the station, leaving nothing to be salvaged.
They were gone.

Year: Unknown

Date: Unknown

Time: Unknown

Location: Unknown Universe

As the gate disappeared behind them, She climbed upright, gripping the control desk for support.

"This is it then. Our new home, until we can save our old one."

"Ma'am?" Pogniours spoke, "I'm picking up a habitable planet nearby, do we dispatch shuttles? Start to colonize?" She nodded.
"Receiving another transmission from the Aliens, I'm putting it on screen."
She looked up, and gasped. What stared at her from that screen was not even alive.
A burst of static blasted from the speakers and she felt a hand on her shoulder.
"Hello?" He said, "What are you called? What is the name of your race?"
"Hello?" His own voice echoed back. "What are you called? What is the name of your race?"
"Can you understand me?"
"Can you understand me?"
"My name is-"
"Stop." He broke off, this time, the voice sounded more fitting. "Language assimilated, human language learned, cease talking." The voice was robotic, grating. "We are Sedon." The machines blue eye-slits glowed; it was all black, except for those eye-slits. A black, sleek 'face' dominated the screen. "You saved us; in return, we saved you. If you assist us, we will assist you. An exchange in proposed: a universe for a universe. This is our requirement. Our mind is damaged. A new mind is required. You are recognised as non-ordinary humans. A human must be chosen from amongst you for assimilation."
"What!?" She cried, outraged and confused, at the same time as her companion spoke.
"I accept." He said. She gasped, turned to him.

"Are you mad? We have no idea what this will do to you!"
"If I join with them, then I can use them to save our universe. All we need to do is help them achieve what they need to take this one. We can do this Ash, trust me."

No one noticed the light-speed ship quietly speeding through the system.

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