I move silently through the Night
A thousand stars ride the sky.
I cautiously take one step after another
The blur of trees surround me.
I know that this is a dream
For I feel and understand Nothing.

I am barefoot
In a dress of silky white
So I glow like a ghost
In the Midnight Sun
I move like a spirit
Barely aware of my own Being

The darkness breaks and
A cloud of glowing lights appears
I hear them whispering
But they are too soft to hear
I lower my head and try to listen.
I am not Afraid

The gleaming lights surround me
I extend my hand
And touch one.
The warm sensation in my hand remains.
It travels through me
And into my heart
Pieces of my Soul

A breeze moves silently through the trees.
It lifts me off the ground.
I glide through the air
I am searching
For what? I do not know.

But I need to fly
My soul has scattered
To the corners of Time
What calls to me
Brings me Home
So my journey begins