Jared's Pov

My brain was searing mad, Liz did this without so much as asking and now I was stuck cosplaying and dressing up in god knows what, but despite that I walked up to the classroom smiled thinly and spoke with energy and clarity.

"Well I shall let the class decide democratically, I will give you five minutes. I'll be waiting please give me some ideas to look forward too." I cleared my throat, "Meanwhile, Liz may I talk to you in the hallway to discuss important school matters." I turned to Akiro,

"Please stay in here and keep the class in control. Liz and I got this covered." Before he could reply to me I smiled to Liz and pushed her ever so lightly into the hallway and closed the door. I turned to her opened my mouth then closed it, not quite able to form words that fully expressed my anger.

"YOU- How- why?" I couldn't even form a proper sentence. It's one thing to work on the class booth but being the head of it and- dressing up like a doll? I mean whoever the fuck thought it was fun to play dress up as a guy is crazy, that bastard if I ever see him I'm going rip his nuts away he doesn't deserve them.

"Shhh." Liz put her fingers on my lips.

"We are getting to know the class better and they won't be so quick to judge us when they began to actually know us." I glared down at her,

"I understand you, but what does that have to do with me?" She rolled her eyes and her blond mane framed her movements dramatically.

"Are you a turtle? Seriously?! You act all perfect, quiet, and spaced out girls think your some mysterious babe, I hope you know you have a club dedicated to you!" I laughed at her mental accusation.

"You think I'm lying then look at that!" she pointed to a bright pink poster on the hall wall.

"Jared's Angels meeting at 4, Discussion: Protection against Women. See you there!" I was completely baffled how I missed that sign.

"That's what I thought now get your ass back in there and bloom you little flower!" I would not give up that easily.

"It's just a name and there are hundreds of Jareds-" She cut me off.

"You idiot! We're in Japan the fuck do you think how many Jareds there are you dumb ass, this isn't facebook!" She was stomping on the floor so hard I'm sure the school thought there was a minor earthquake going on.

"Fine, I'll do it but you owe me big time." She nodded.

"Damn straight you will." together we walked in the room smiling like we were completely mild tempered. I went back up to the front of the classroom and stared at the rows of four desks.

"Well sorry to keep you waiting, what have you decided?" The class looked back and forth to each other.

"We decided a spring mourning, the costumes for you guys will be formal wear with animal ears, and then a night in Paris with maid and butler costumes, and last but not lease a traditional Japanese tea time with traditional kimonos. I nodded politely,

"It sounds wonderful, let's assign jobs then figure out what we need." I calculated the number of students, thirty-two and did my best to a point appropriate jobs.

"The five culinary art club and class students work in the kitchen and make a menu." Then nodded and separated off.

"James, Hiroshi, Teah, Maya. You okay with putting up the decoration?" They nodded,

"Yeah!" I looked at other classmates not sure what other jobs are needed and Liz jumped in.

"We needed people to provide donations, such as tables, chairs, tea sets, and dividers so we can hide the kitchen." She pointed to a student,

"Rui! You go talk to every students and write down what they are willing to pitch in, make the decorations work." He saluted her.

"Yes Ma'm." The list went on, from a 'bouncer' to avoid any problems or harassing, a host to sit people, a buster to take away any plates or clean up any spilled drinks, two spies to find out what other classes are doing, Liz's idea of course and a make up artist for the waiters to my dismay. Many more people assigned other jobs and we had exactly a week to get this all together, would it work? I didn't know, but if Liz's eyes stay that same passionate fiery way I'm pretty sure together we can accomplish everything and anything.

It was nice school was out for a week, but instead of tons of homework and tests to worry about we had real work. As in gathering, organizing, moving things, and more. Sleeping wasn't an option exactly, but coffee was. It had been for the past five days. We had gotten so many people to donate decorations. Which was easy considering our school was rich. We got two different sets of tables and chairs donated by James family who owns a décor company. A girl named Hannah has flower arrangements in her freezer at home that cost quite a bit. Mikan's mom is also fashion designer so she took our measurements and we now all have individualized outfits, which I wasn't thrilled about. She is also doing hair and make up, Great. The white walls of our classroom disappeared because of curtains, mirrors and pictures fitting with the theme of the day. Potted plants spurted out in every corner of the room adding color and freshness. Since tomorrow was a spring theme most of the decorations were in place. One person brought wall art that covered the whole entire front of the classroom that was a giant blown up picture of mount Fuji during spring. Everything though was in pretty flawless order, Liz just told me what to do and I complied. Meanwhile preparations were still going on, Akiro was telling all the chefs how to clean everything properly and sanitize well, which was a major kudos to him. Now though I was dazing out on the teacher's desk I still had yet to move out of the classroom. Fun.

"Hey everyone!" I looked up as Liz bounded in still filled with energy, she was a miracle all by herself. She was bubbly and smiling brightly.

"I bought some drinks and food! Thanks for your hard work so far!" She bounded beside me.

"Come on Sleeping Beauty." She smacked my back and everyone began handing out sodas, teas, and the works.

"So chefs what's on the menu?" She asked smiling to culinary club students, most of them girls.

"Well come look, we've been preparing ahead slightly!" Jiao said giggling. I followed Liz and we went to the back of the room. The kitchen was separated by heavy black curtains. They had a mini fridge and make shift cabinets lined with glasses and plates and various other supplies. Everything was very neat and I finally just noticed that there was a sink at the back of our room, I had forgotten this use to be an anatomy room. A chill ran up my spine telling me not to eat any food on the account dead pigs had once been drained in the sink years ago. She then handed Liz three different menus.

"There all the exact same items the menus are just decorated according to the theme of the day." Liz eyes widened so large.

"This all looks so good! Can I try some Jiao?" She stared mouth watering. The girl giggled.

"Not a problem, try these tea cookies." She pulled out a sample rack as if waiting for Liz to ask.

"Oh my God these things are delicious!" Liz smiled.

"Yeah our food is just simple stuff like cookies and muffins and our drinks are simple too, but we just make them look pretty with fruits and umbrellas." Liz looked so happy and amazed.

"How do I make these muffins over here?" I turned away letting her enjoy her time eating food, after all she deserved it. I stared around our classroom, it was large, nothing like American Public schools were.

"Hey Jared!" It was James from the basketball team grasping on the teachers desk. "Need help moving that?" I ran up to him and began pushing it out the door with him.

"Aren't you suppose to be working in the basketball booth, not with your advisory?" I said grunting slightly as we heaved the heavy oak desk.

"Yeah but we don't have to prepare anything really so I'm helping you guys out for the time being." He shook his hair from his eyes and set the desk down as we finally shoved it out the door and hauled it onto the dolly.

"I think this could fit in the elevator." James grumbled fumbling with the dolly. We pressed the button and got in stuffing the desk in, scrapping the side a little. We both just shrugged our shoulders, a silent way of saying, 'it wasn't us.'

"Wow that thing is heavy." I wiped a bead of sweat off my forehead.

"Yeah definitely, Its like that teacher has her whole life in here." James snickered as I dug through a drawer and picked out a gum pack.

"Here." I gave him a piece. The elevator light blinked and the door opened and we pushed the desk out and went and put it in the storage room.

"So are you and Liz a couple? I was wondering?" I laughed at the thought.

"No way. She's a handful and a dork. If I ever dated her I think I would die of a heart attack. We're really just friends." I laughed, thinking about the time we went hunting for Lucky Charms.

"Really? I just thought since you never seemed to hang out with anybody except her." James said shrugging his shoulders.

"We just ended up being friends some how. She's freaking hilarious to be around." I grinned, thinking about the time when she jumped into the pond to save the turtle.

"Why are you asking anyways?" I shot a questioning look to James. He looked away and paused for a moment. It wasn't hard to figure out, I was no idiot.

"She's still into some other guy right now, some guy in America. You can try but Good luck is all I have to say." James took off his over jacket as we climbed up the stairs.

"If she's that much trouble maybe not." He laughed heartily and I laughed along despite feeling awkward talking about Liz in that way.

"Hey after the School Festival on the last day want to come hang out around my place, were going to do a bond fire and fireworks, you can invite whoever." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Maybe, depends how tired I am." I said back to him.

"What are you an old man, try and come?" James laughed then walked away, his sneakers squeaking along. I went back into the classroom meanwhile Liz was making an announcement.

"Thank you everyone for working hard! You guys really did an amazing job and were going to kick ass tomorrow!" She smiled and giggled as people responded with cheers.

"Just to go over everything though so it's clear, the fair kicks off around ten." She nodded to everyone.

"Decorations need to be done by nine, so we have an hour to spare to make sure everything goes smoothly and also the shift schedule is on the back so make sure you know it by heart!" She overflowed with excitement and joy, then poured a glass of bubble tea.

"Here's to you everyone cheers!" She then turned to me.

"Say something you idiot." She stared down at me and I sighed and cleared my throat.

"Hey everyone thanks for giving me and Liz the chance to organize this for you I really enjoyed myself." I bowed as in Asia they did typically out of great respect and thanks. I looked up to see many people cheering, louder then before and smiling at me. It felt nice to be admired for the right reasons. Liz looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, her approval.

By the end of the day me and Liz were the last to leave the classroom. We locked the door and looked at each other tiredly, smiling halfway. We walked to the Boarding Dorms and we went to the couch in the commons and sat down, since the festival was this week the school's typical curfew went out the window. As we sunk down in the comfort of the fluffy chair it made me think of when I had to help Liz with her make up homework and we ended up goofing around. We looked at each other just for a moment then we busted up laughing apparently reading each other's mind.


I was cracking up when I was thinking about the time when we were acting like idiots when I was sick. Apparently we were thinking about the same thing because he laughed as soon as our eyes met.

"Long week don't you think?" I turned and smiled at him goofily. He ran his hand through his black hair.

"Yeah it was and you did most of the work too." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Please I just barked orders I didn't do anything, you did the real work, lifting crap and stuff." he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah I guess so." I got up off the couch and turned around to face him, my legs quivering from exhaustion.

"Thanks for everything," I smiled at him.

"It's been fun, but I'm going to need sleep to be a waiter tomorrow."

"Yeah me too, see you at eight to get our clothes and make up on." Jared said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

"Just be charismatic Jared, you have everything to be confident about. You can do it okay?" I stuck my tongue out and waved goodnight and went into my dorm, halfway asleep.

I woke up to my alarm clock and jumped out of bed not letting tiredness have a chance to sink into me. I threw on sweats and a shirt and washed my face and brushed my teeth. Already too fast I ran out the door and walked to the school entrance. The paved walkway from the dorm to the school was short so I took less then fifteen minutes to be at the school. Many people were up already and the hustle and bustle was on with final preparations. My hair swung back in forth in a frenzy too and I made it in the classroom. Mikan was in there with our outfits in bags and on hangers. I was the first here, which was no surprise since I was ten minutes away.

"Put this on Liz!" I grabbed the dress, it was a white dress that was extremely soft to the touch because of its high quality cotton.

"Hurry up put it on!" I took off my shirt and slid it over then pulled down my pants. I looked at a full length mirror and stood there studying my reflection in the mirror. The white dress clenched my bust, but at the hips it widened out because of the mesh felt underneath. Along my waist a light pink sash was tied into a neat little bow. The sleeves of the dress were thick spaghetti straps that were sheer material that served the purpose of supporting my breast and to keep my dress from sliding down.

"Perfect. Now sit down and stay still." Mikan said passionately while plunking me down into a chair. She combed through my hair and curled it and sprayed it until I was gasping for air. When she was done she placed a head band with bunny ears poking high above it. A bunny, I was a bunny. Really? I thought I was more of a rabid bear, but whatever. She then slid on some low sandals and buckled them onto my feet.

"Make up time Liz." She spun my chair around and attacked my face with foundation and pressed powder. I coughed and she pinched me to be still.

"Stay still or I'll mess up." She said assertively. I was like sweating bullets of how demanding and fiery she was. She put on everything she could possibly think of and by the time I was through my face felt like a million pounds.

"Amazing! Now here, put on this apron, here's a pen and pad, now smile and act charming, Elizabeth!"

My eyebrow twitched at my real name, which was much too formal and only one idiot in my life got away with calling my that, Lance.

"Don't make that face you will scare customers." Mikan said laughing as I sighed.

"Yes I'll do my best!" I said while getting up and standing tall and smiling as model like as I could. I turned to see Jared at the door grinning like a wild dog. I frowned at him and glared.

"Don't you say a damn word." He swaggered over to me and circled around me taking all my humiliation in.

"The cotton ball on the butt was a nice touch Mikan." I yelped and turned in circles in several attempts to catch a glance. Mikan shook her head side to side and covered her mouth.

"I knew I forgot something and no Liz there is no tail on your butt." I flushed in embarrassment, I was in a bunny outfit and the whole school was going to see me.

"You look cute stupid, take one for the team." He patted my hair as I looked up annoyed.

"Is that what your going to say when you have to wear your panda costume?" Jared's jaw hit the ground and he turned around slowly.

"No way your kidding…" I laughed aloud.

"Yeah I totally am." He shoved me lightly as Mikan presented him his real costume. He grabbed the bag and left to change as soon as possible.

"Do you think I should of made him the panda?" Mikan asked with serious looking eyes.

"Are you serious?" Her gaze confirmed my questions.

"Yes! Yes! That would have been hilarious. I would have laughed my butt of for the rest of the day. He could be our mascot." Mikan giggled.

"Too bad, I made Ayami the panda. Jared's the fox." I thought quietly to myself thinking he couldn't be much of a sly fox if he even wanted to. He was intelligent and playful at times, but he didn't have the mischievous feel to him. We both turned at he came in the room, he had on a white button up shirt, his sleeves rolled to his elbows and long black suit pants that showed how long his legs were. To top it all off he had a black bow tie loose around his neck bringing back attention to his handsomely sculpted face. I whistled at him.

"Looking Good Jared." Mikan scoffed and rushed him into the chair.

"He isn't yet." I laughed at her boldness and her roughness, she squirted out a ton of gel and slicked back his hair classically and added a headband of fox ears. He got up and walked around back and forth. I covered my mouth, trying with all my strength not to laugh.

"I like your tail Jared." He turned to me and rolled his eyes.

"Please that isn't going to work on me, I would have noticed a tail." he then threw a glance back at the mirror behind him and his smug expression disappeared and he turned pink around his neck.

"You so got what you deserved." I laughed as his bushy black tail swung around his butt. He smacked his forehead as I high-five Mikan.

"Well it could be much worse." She handed him his apron and smiled. Then turned around and looked in the room.

"Where's Ayame she's late." She muttered sounding irritated. Then just as we needed her Ayame came in rushing.

"Sorry I'm late!" She bowed. I looked at the short girl with her little braids.

"Your late I'm not doing your hair or make-up, good luck. I promised my help elsewhere." Mikan stormed out of the room before I could give her a word. I stood there with my mouth gapping open with anger and Jared grabbed my shoulder and held me there.

"How could she do that! You weren't that late, it happens that-," Ayame stopped me and flushed.

"It's my fault, my parents company forced her dad's company into a tight situation and they sold their company to ours, so we could double in size." She whispered it and looked ashamed. I patted her shoulder and smiled.

"Shit happens, allow me to do your hair and make-up." I bowed to her and handed her the outfit she was suppose to wear.

"Go put this on and come back so I can get started." I waved her off and she darted away. Jared smiled at me, but barely said the words audibly.

"Have you ever put on a lot of make-up?" I laughed at his accusation.

"Of course I haven't but I'm sure it'll be fine." He shook his head and rubbed his temples. I just kept smiling despite how much of an idiot I was.

"Why don't you go call everyone and make sure there on their way and go help anyone down below with posters." He nodded and frowned a bit.

"Yeah just send me out and let the staring commence." I nudged him encouragingly.

"Remember be energetic, charismatic, and cool like a fox." He nodded and then turned to me and smiled. He looked perfect, how his smile was simple, how only the side turned up right a little and his eyes twinkled mischievously.

"How's this." My eyebrow twitched in surprise.

"Your such an actor, you know exactly what your doing you little faker." He laughed robustly.

"Well now I know what animal I am so I can act that way. See you little bunny." He grinned, tail practically wagging as he went out the door. I nearly fell on the floor that it took him that long to realize he was a fox. Then Ayame came out the door from changing into her costume looking so cute. I just wanted to pick her up like a puppy. Her outfit was a white short sleeved under a black dress with ruffles along the bust and a poof like mine along her skirt. She also had black gloves with pink animal paw prints in the inside.

"Oh my God! Your so cute!" I pushed her into a chair and she blushed.

"Really, I don't know whether I look bad or not." I shook my head as I un did her braids.

"You look really good with your hair down, you should do it more often." Her black hair was in many layers and was soft and sleek.

"Wow I actually don't have to do anything with it at all." I just stuck it the panda ears and turned the chair toward me.

"Okay I'm going to do your eyes dark so don't freak out." She laughed at me.

"Liz I'm sure you know how to do make up extremely well." I smiled at her reassuringly.

"Of course I do." I though knew much better then that. I pulled out power to put on her face and brushed it on. I grabbed an eyeliner stick and I began drawing. The more I tried to fix it the worse it looked. I began to panic when Jared came in. He got one glimpse at her face and covered his mouth attempting to keep from laughing and walked out into the hallway in case he couldn't hold it back.

"Hey Ayami I'll be right back no peaking I want it to be a surprise I need to go talk to somebody really fast." I ran off into the hallway where Jared was waiting for me in. I went outside and he was on the ground clutching his stomach banging his fist against the tile. He looked up at me and then began crying. I bit into my cheeks and sunk down freaking out.

"What am I suppose to do I can't fix it, I have no idea what I'm doing people are going to be here in twenty minutes. She's going to get laughed at and it's my fault." I stammered and whined hitting my head against the window. He sighed and patted my head and looked down at me.

"I can help you but if you ever tell I'll kill you." I shot a confused look and mouthed the word what.

"I got stuck in cosmetology class at my old high school." I snickered and he shot me an annoyed look.

"I'm helping you so no jokes." I nodded and swallowed my laughter and put on my serious face.

"Ai, ai Captain." He came into the class as quietly as possible with me. "Ayame keep your eyes closed okay, I don't want to mess up your make-up!", even worse then what it already was. Instead of me though grabbing a cotton ball and smearing it more Jared picked up a vial that had unidentifiable characters labeled on it.

"This is just to neaten everything up." I muttered as he wiped the smudged eyeliner clean off. He mouthed the words,

"Make up remover." I rolled my eyes, I didn't understand it the language, never would. I watched as he carefully and gently rolled the eyeliner on her eye then applied eye shadow. With graceful flicks of his hand he put on mascara on her long eyelashes. He then blended her make up slightly better, making her eyes pop then added a simple lip gloss and blush. He stepped back carefully out the door as I grabbed a hold of her chair and spun her around quickly towards the mirror.

"I'm Done!" I said feeling bad I took credit for a master piece I didn't do. Light poured through the window and Ayame open her eyes.

"Wow Liz you did a gorgeous job, I look beautiful." I smiled at her nicely.

"You've always looked beautiful." I was surprised how well a guy did her make up, but I shook it off knowing his sexuality was not longer in question.

"Remember in being a waitress just smile, be nice, and friendly. If you make a mistake just bat your eyelashes, say sorry, and give a complimentary muffin." I pulled her out of the chair. Jared was in the hallway waiting for us. He just smiled and looked surprise on cue.

"Wow you look really pretty Ayame." She blushed and mustered a thank you really fast.

"So here we are a bunny, panda, and fox. Let's go show our class and get them fired up." I yelled excitedly, excitement kicking into my blood. The whole classroom was in the cafeteria eating breakfast quietly attempting to wake up when we walked. There were tons of other classes and they all turned stared. The world seem silent for like a minute then I turned and smiled my perfect model way.

"Mourning class!" I waved slightly, one arm around Ayame and Jared who I couldn't really reach up too. They all waved the cafeteria erupting in an uproar. I turned to both Jared and Ayame.

"Were like the mascots so be nice and happy and talk to everyone. Ready, set go!" I laughed and bounded up to some classmates, a mixture of boys and girls.

"You look so pretty!"

"I love your outfit."

"You look beautiful Liz." I smiled and greeted everyone as a crowd swallowed around me.

"Thanks everyone I'm so excited, but I'm so jealous of Ayame she looks gorgeous you guys should go see." They all turned and went to the crowd surrounding Ayame and I sighed a gust of relief and I laughed to see Jared had turn the crowd to her too.

"Thanks Jared." I went up to him grinning and shaking my head.

"Why are you shaking your head?" he laughed confused like.

"Because I shouldn't be getting lessons from a guy in doing make up, but that's fine, blurring gender roles is cool." He just shook his head back at me in embarrassment. I got close to him and stood shoulder to shoulder as we watched Ayame blossom and smiled under he peers giving her compliments and attention.

"Let's work hard everyone!" Ayame said happily and everyone gave a joyous response.