Chapter 12


I woke up in the mourning light still in my bunny outfit. I shook my head lightly and rolled out of bed my feet rubbing against the plush carpet. I went to the bathroom slipping off my dress and got into the shower, the cold water felt good as it rejuvenated my senses and woke me to the new day. Images of Jared replayed in my mind yesterday and I flushed in shame. I never thought I would see him so vulnerable and I never thought that his girlfriend was dead. I thought it was just some messy break up, but I had no idea. I groaned, I felt terrible also because I didn't really tell him about Marcus. I didn't tell him the situation with my mom, or that my dad has been dead. I just didn't want to talk about it. I stuffed my feelings as far down as I could and sometimes they would bubble up randomly, but that was how I dealt with it. I jumped out of the shower and left my thoughts inside next to the rubber duck.

I towel dried myself then I slipped on bum clothes and ran out the door. This time today I was the late one. Jared and Ayame were already dressed in their outfits next to the bathroom stalls. I smiled at Ayame who had her hair back in braids and had prop glasses on with a cute maid outfit. I turned to Jared who had a nice tux with a silver under shirt and he had on a sleek top hat on top. I shook my head and smiled at them both.

"You guys look great!" I laughed and grabbed my outfit and ran to change into it. I wore long gloves that went all the way down my arms and my dress was an under-bust corset with a built in silk blouse followed by the dress part that passed my knees with a bow in the back. I slipped on my head band and flats then ran swiftly back to them. The classroom must have been too busy to sit down and change.

"Come on let's go meet our class again then we can do last minute touches." Our class was tired, but still pulling through, everyone was eating breakfast and talking softly.

"Morning!" Ayame beat me and Jared to the punch. Everyone smiled and laughed, I shook my head because I felt totally embarrassed and wanted to hide in a hole.

"Let's start heading back to the classroom to do last minute touch ups." Everyone began heading back while I gazed discreetly at Jared from behind. I caught up to him and stood beside him and we came to a stop at our classroom, but nobody went in.

"What's wrong?" I pushed through the people in front of us and I went in the classroom. I smacked my forehead really hard.

"Son of a bitch." The room had been vandalized, with all sorts of cusswords written on the wall and decorations destroyed. Everybody began talking and yelling in outrage as many questions filled the air.

"What are we going to do?"

"Who did this?"

"Are we going to have to sit out today?"

"Do we have enough time to fix it?" I shook my head everything just blending and smearing together, I didn't know what to do. Then I heard a loud shout and turned beside me to see all eyes on Jared.

"Okay everyone here's what were going to do, go in the classroom see what's been damaged then come back here in five minutes." I looked up at Jared and he looked down at me, our fury apparent.

"I can't believe someone would do this!" Ayame pouted while Akiro came next to us from the classroom.

"The idiots tried to damage the tables and chairs but they were made out of metal so there okay, but all the food was taken. The writing on the wall is in permanent marker there is no way of getting it off only painting over it." I banged my head against the wall, I couldn't think of exactly a way around it. If we painted it would make people sick with the smell, what could we do? A girl with heavy eyeliner stepped out, her name was Rainie I think. People started calming down and everyone stayed silent for a change.

"All the Paris decorations have been destroyed, there nothing left except the tabled and chairs." We had only fifty minutes to fix it or call it a day I had to make a quick decision. Everyone was staring really hard at me until the girl Rainie spoke.

"Why don't we just dim the lights and make it a new theme." I turned to Rainie and opened my mouth.

"That's not a bad idea." She had bright intelligent eyes despite her blood red lip stick and skull barrette. Then a good thought popped into my head.

"I know what we could do!" People turned and listened all eyes and ears.

"We can do a vampire theme! We just need a curtain to darken the room and some cheap art or something to finish covering the slang." Murmurs came from the crowd but one chef spoke.

"How about food? We don't have anything for cookies or anything?" I thought and couldn't think of anything, so much for that idea. Jared then butted in.

"Vampires don't eat anything they just drink blood, make smoothies, shakes, and Jell-O that's red." The girls nodded.

"Yeah we could do that its easy and quick." I sighed a gasp of relief and turned to Rainie.

"Do you know anybody in this school that has a heavy curtain and vampire wear?" She laughed at me.

"There's only one Goth girl at this school and trust me she does." She pointed to herself.

"Thank you so much!" I turned to Jared while Akiro began to bark out orders to everyone.

"Few people go with Rainie and go get the curtain and hang it up, half the culinary people clean up the kitchen and the others go to the convenient store and pick up anything you need. Other people get the trash bins and bring them here.

"Anyone else who thinks they can scavenge for decorations do it, now go we have only forty-five minutes." Everyone darted off in different directions while me, Ayame and Jared followed Rainie to her dorm in a brisk run. He opened her door and the room was solid black, when she turned on the lights the room glowed purple.

"Nice light bulb." I laughed it was pretty sweet.

"Thanks." She began digging through her drawer, pulling out fishnets, cape, jewelry, and fake fangs. I grinned having a feeling I was going to have fun with it. Jared worked on getting the red velvet heavy curtain off the rod while Rainie put on our fangs and powdered us with pale foundation. The normal light outside began shedding through as she put blood red lipstick on Ayame and I. Then we slid on some fish net high thighs and I put a rose choker on and a cape. Rainie ripped off the girly maid headband and added a skull bobby pin to my hair. I giggled as she put little bat wings on Ayami and devil horns. She still managed to look adorable despite the devilish attire. She gave Jared his teeth to glue on and she winked at him.

"Looking for an eternal bride?" I smiled as she smoothly hit on Jared despite her words being cheesy, it didn't faze her, I found it admirable.

"No, not at the moment exactly." He smiled down at her and she shrugged her shoulder.

"You know where to find me." We all hauled the curtain back to the classroom where it looked spic and span. They managed to find various vases and stick red roses in them. One girl pieced back a mirror together and placed it back on the wall giving a vampirism effect.

"Everything is looking great keep up the work!" We had less then thirty minutes left. Jared got a ladder and climbed up and hung the curtain up then unscrewed some of the light bulbs in the classroom and dimmed it. You could see but everything felt much more sexier and mature. The slander on the wall seemed to blend into the scenery. Half of it though was not legible because it was covered with pictures and various objects. Someone fixed the lamp light post by putting a candle in it. I went into the kitchen area and saw there make shift menus. They did it on plain white paper but dunked it in tea and blow dried it giving it an ancient effect. I smiled seeing all the items on the menu. Red tea, strawberry shakes, Shirley temples, and even quick easy to make chocolate strawberries and some leftover cranberry muffin that were still good from the day before.

"Wow you guys are amazing. Super awesome good job!" I gave everyone a high five then left to go and finish cleaning and decorating like a chicken with its head cut off. The festival was going to start in five minutes and we nearly had everything done.

"Thank you everyone! You guys are wonderful! Now if your done go help the people in the kitchen with food, our hard work is not going to matter if we have no food for our customers!" Everyone hustled and bustled around then it was time for it to start. Everyone got in there place and began working.

Somehow the setback made people want to work twice as hard as before and everyone was more determined to make it through the day then ever. I was flying from table to table, smiling, talking, and helping, making absolutely no mistakes. Before I knew it was break time for twenty minutes. Everyone sat down and began stuffing their faces with food to gain energy. I stood up to make an announcement.

"Everyone is doing a beautiful job! Since your working so hard were giving a thirty minute break!" Everyone cheered and continued eating. I sighed and nearly collapsed on the ground and turned into a pile of ash. Ayame sipped on red tea, I ate my third cranberry muffin, and Jared drank coffee. We waited out in the hallway with lacy parasols to attract attention and since we were vampires it worked with our theme. People stared and gawked at us and I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Wow this turned out really great didn't it?" Ayame said while sighing a gust of relief.

"Better then I thought." I said while twirling my umbrella.

"-but I just want to catch the asshole who did it." We all knew though it was nearly impossible to tell. People hated me, Mikan had problems with Ayame, it could have been our class competition.

"It's impossible to know for sure, too bad our school doesn't have cameras. I suppose they don't think they need them in a nice school like here, but in reality we do." I grumbled as we went back inside to continue our non stop shift until' ten.

We were swarming around, I didn't realize the vampire craze had effected Japan too. Even some of the people here had actually went as far as to dress as vampires too.

By ten o'clock I was dead. Jared was dead. Ayame was dead. Everyone was dead. Where we stood we eventually sat down then laid down and rolled around into a comfortable position.

"Why don't we all take a celebratory nap?" I cuddled with the velvet curtains and huddled in the fetal position as most people, Akiro yawned then said loudly.

"Tomorrow we close early at eight." There were yawns of approval at that which in this case was good.

"Also there's a party near my house everyone's invited and you can bring anyone who's cute, if you need directions ask someone else." James flipped over in his stomach and fell asleep.

"If we find out who did this I will personally suck the blood from them." Ayame said rubbing her eyes. Some people snickered because it was funny coming from her when she looked like a really cute kid. Everyone left to there in an hour some people did actually take longer naps.

"If any girls are too tired there more then your more then welcome to crash in my dorm." About five girls I didn't even know except Ayame came into my room and slept on the floor after I fed them some pop tarts.

"Night Liz." Ayame muttered and so did everyone else. I smiled to myself thinking I wanted my next sleepover to be more fun, but this will have to do. I had forgot to wake up Jared and left him in the classroom, but I figured we could use a guard dog for our classroom and then I went to sleep. Despite my bones aching, my mind wanting to explode, and the need to destroy the person who caused this mess I was happy, then I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up first and I stepped over the girls and I went into the shower, warming up the water I undressed and cleaned up. I put some random clothes and before I walked out the door then said aloud.

"Wake up everyone, we can make it through the day." I stepped out and went down the flights of stairs then walked down the path towards the main campus. I turned my attention to the budding flowers on the trees. I smiled and took in a deep breathe and walked in the door. I glanced at the classroom to see the room transformed into a traditional Asian tea setting.

"Well everybody is up and running today it seems." I grinned happily. I looked at the kotatsu, paper lanterns, bonsai plants, and beautiful detailed Japanese pottery from the pottery members in our class. Skimming my feet along the wooden floor I picked up my costume for the day. A kimono in a very light shade of pink, patterned in flowers and symbols I didn't understand. I went into the changing room and Ayame, Maya, and Teah followed me in.

"Hey everyone! How are you guys doing?" I smiled knowing that everyone was exhausted.

"I just want to get through the day! I'm so sleepy!" Ayame whined and rubbed her eyes, but she stuck her tongue out playfully despite everything.

"I just want to hurt the person who caused us this extra work, I'm going to figure it out one way or another." Maya said rashly twisting her red hair, her narrow English descendent nose crinkling. I slipped on the kimono and Ayame tied the sash around my waste extremely tightly.

"I'm with you sister, I want to beat them to the ground." I said all the while looking at my claws.

"I don't know, but I think maybe Mikan has something to do with it." I bit my lips casually at Ayame's remark.

"I guess it could be her, but there's no telling who it could possibly be, someone might have wanted to get rid of competition or someone might have done it out of spite." I knew that everyone had somebody they didn't get along with. I turned and began fastening the sash around Ayame, her kimono a deep red with gold accents. Teah began messing with my thick blonde hair, silently listening to our squabbling.

"Well let's just make it through the day I'm sure it'll end well." Teah finally said, probably attempting to calm us and her nerves. I put Ayame's hair into a simply pony tail in the back which brought attention to her cute round face. We dipped into a makeup kit that was for traditional make up. Maya powdered my face very lightly velvety smooth, while Ayame took initiative to do her own make up coating her lips in a deep crimson. I just put a light pink lip gloss on and blush. I noticed Ayame pulled out her pony tail and began putting black extensions in that were super long. After an hour of prep work we were done and extremely satisfied. Ayami's hair was no longer then mine, her hair reaching past her lower back. She tied it off in a clean silk ribbon and we stared at each other.

"You look very lovely! Like a Geisha." I said smiling, Ayame stretched out her eye brows and lips.

"Um, Liz. What do you think a Geisha is?" Maya and Teah turned to each other a grinned and suppressed a laugh. I thought extremely hard, I just knew how they dressed.

"I actually really don't know, I never really paid any attention to that. Are they dancers or something to the sort?" I muttered flush crawling up my neck.

"They kind of are, they entertain and please men." Ayame said shaking her head.

"Dear God! We better be something else I only know how to piss men off!" I almost placed my face into my hands out of shame, but Maya smacked my hand reminding me the time it took to put the make up on in the first place. We got up and left the changing room together, I was walking in wooden sandals and I could barely manage it. Ayami was flawless and beautiful, today she looked amazing and natural. Teah noticed me gawking at her and she whispered to me.

"Her family is very traditional, none of this is new to her, at all." I could she that considering how very polite Ayame was, even though this school was full of wealthy families most kids lacked the manners they needed. I stood up straight and drilled the poise fa├žade into me. I picked up my feet and placed them down lightly restraining from making the clacking noise the wooden sandals made against the wood. I figured Jared would be waiting for us. He of course looked beautiful. Period. He wore a hunter green kimono top and navy pants underneath with light then vertical stripes . His shirt was opened freely exposing his chest and his abs. I went up to him, teasing him playfully.

"Are those abs or ribs?" Jared was slightly lean so I could tease him about it. He flicked me in the middle of my forehead.

"You look innocent today. I thought that was impossible, you devil." He stuck he tongue at me and walked away, a wooden sword tuck at the side of him. I pursed my lips and yelled after him.

"You girl you can walk in the shoes better then me!" He turned and stood facing me.

"I'm just not clumsy like you." He sent a smug devilish grin my way and then kept walking. I gapped my mouth open.

"Did you see that? He's evil." I nudging Maya and Teah. They both looked at me funny and shot a questioning look.

"What? Who?" I opened up the door to the cafeteria.

"Nothing." I rolled my eyes, that sneaky bastard.