Jared POV

I tried not to laugh at her expression, she was so easy to trick plus it serves her right for her being so rash. I watched her process my words slowly and I was waiting for a string of foul un-lady like words.

I brought my hand up close to my mouth to hide my smile. She then ripped off her jacket and climbed on top of the railing.

"Are you-," She dived in and I was almost ready for it -I lunged. I managed to snag her legs. Her hair was skimming the water.

"I'm going to save it!" I rolled my eyes.

"I was kidding you idiot, how could you not tell it was a saltwater turtle!" I could hear suck in a sharp breath, ready for her fog horn mouth.

"I'm going to murder you!" She tried to squirmed back up while hanging upside down and I tried my best to pull her up without getting clawed.

Well, she slid out of her jeans and landed in the water. It wasn't my fault she was an idiot. She popped back to the surface, spitting up water and glaring with those vibrant eyes.

"Meet me at the shore with my Jacket and Pants you cross dressing pervert." I flushed, I wasn't too embarrassed by seeing her. Many girls just as pretty as her threw themselves practically naked at me and I declined.

-I was embarrassed for her to show her boxers that had smiley faces on them. I met her at the shore and I turned my head and handed her clothing articles.

"You dumb pervert, this is all your fault." When she was all dressed she smelt bad and she was jittering significantly, but every time I told her to use my jacket she would tell me she wouldn't let me wear her girl clothes -So she wasn't going to wear mine. She was stubborn and even though today seemed like a really awful day, in reality it was a fun somehow.

She brought excitement everywhere she went and she made me laugh and smile, overall whether I chose to show it or not. It also was fun picking on her, or watching her be foolish. She made up for the both us since I preferred to not to be an idiot. We stopped by a coffee shop and I let her warm up, I knew she was cold, but she would never tell me.

"So Liz what do you do in your spare time." She smiled halfway and looked up at me, I wasn't really good with people, but it seems like as the day went on Liz seemed more dazed.

"I burn everything I cook, I live for the Japanese dramas, and Manga Books, and I like sleeping." I smiled down at my espresso, everything that she said right now had contradicted everything I thought of her before. She was definitely not what I had expected, it's really easy to forget the saying 'don't judge a book by the cover'. Her book cover would be some woman porn smut book, but you'd open it up and find a children's story.

"My mom wouldn't give me much chance to do what I loved, but now I have freedom… anyways what about you Pretty Boy?" Her hazel eyes pierced through me, it wasn't hard to imagine why people were intimidated by her, she was intense. I adjusted my glasses and placed my napkin on the table neatly.

"I study, listen to.. music, and…" -I think about her. I quickly realize that is literally all I have done for the past two years of my life.

"Ohhh interesting, so are you attempting to make friends and become social." I cocked my head at her and I knew arrogance was crossing my face. Hanging out with Liz was an accident, almost a mistake, but it was one of my better ones. She was right though, I would need social skills in college, plus a friend to hang with doesn't seem as terrible now. I guess having stupid next to me might help remind me what not to be. Regardless though Liz seems like a good person to have on your team.

"Yeah, I'm not going to lie." She was very sensitive to be able to pick that up, I'll give her that much.

. "Oh well, you and me both." I was kind of surprised, she was attractive, I would expect her to have some friends, but then again they might just want to use her because she's a pretty face or just use her in general. That sounds oddly familiar. I wasn't sure if she would consider me a friend, but I knew how friends were suppose to be like. I had one in elementary school until he moved away, eventually Angelina came into my life. She somehow made me a better person,

-But regardless for now I would just Liz's absurdness. I picked up the tab and we walked back outside and found one more Convient store, it was six and almost completely dark. She walked beside me and when we entered a little bell rang. I noticed a lot of writing on the wall was American, not only Japanese, that was a good sign.

"Excuse me Sir." He looked up and smiled at me and Liz's head perked up.

"So, you guys tourist?" I laughed, I wondered if that's how our image looked.

"No but actually my friend is looking for an American Product." He nodded his head,

"Oh I can help, what is it?" Liz butted in, enthusiastically.

"Lucky Charms." Her eyes even sparkled as she said it and I smirked.

"Ohhhh, I'm sorry Miss but we stopped receiving those shipments a few weeks ago." Me and the old man were both taken back by the whirl wind of her expressions, happy, anger, depression. It looked like the 7 stages of grief in record time. I didn't know what to do when I saw tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"Um Miss, I might have some of those mini boxes in our break room area." Her eyes rose to his,

"Really?" He hustled towards the back of the room and opened a door. He came back out with a small red box, covered in slight dust. Liz's whole entire mood lifted. Her eyes brightened, she stood taller, and her whole face glowed. It was hard to imagine that Lucky Charms was making her do this, not something like a marriage proposal.

"Here we go little Missy." He placed it on the counter in front of her and she stared at it. It looked like she was observing it and double checking it was real.

"Now it might be a little stale, but-" She cut him off.

"No! Thanks you so much! How much does it cost." Even the man blushed seeing that expression on her face.

"Free, you and your boyfriend enjoy the rest of your day." She bounded up and down and threw the old man in a hug, she didn't even notice he commented on us being a couple, she was consumed in joy for her cereal. We walked out the door together and down the sidewalk, lights starting to out shine the darkness.

"Well I had fun with you, I enjoyed today." She looked at me in surprise.

"Really? I thought you were going to kill me the whole time." I ruffled her hair and rolled my eyes. She munched on her cereal slowly as if enjoying French cuisine, her eyes closed.

We stopped at a crossing and I came to the conclusion I had no idea who this girl was, but what I did see wasn't what I expected. Whether that was for the better is debatable I enjoyed hanging out with her. She distracted me from anything I didn't need to think about. The crossing light flashed and she began to cross, then I heard a speeding car cutting across the corner. I pulled her by her waist back and in the confusion her lucky charms flew from her hands and into the street. And like

It seemed like in slow motion as her red box that she cherished was ran over with two thuds leaving only crumbs behind.

Liz simply stood there, I didn't know if she would cry, scream, or hurt someone so I waited and as much as I hate to admit it, I was about to cry and beat the lucky charms out of someone too. She turned around with a small smile of composure.

"Well, I'll take what I can get." I shot a questioning look at her, it was too hard to guess what her words and actions would be.

"If I were you I'd give up." She laughed and she actually looked like the serene beauty guys describe at school.

"Well, that's not an option -ever." We walked across the street together and I called a car to pick me up, we were only forty-five minutes from the school.

"Well I'll see you later, I got a ride, do you-," She cut me off,

"No I can get a taxi." I nodded and soon a shiny gaudy black car pulled up and I drove away. I felt mellow. I was interested in this person and she was far too interesting to share.


I didn't feel like getting a cab, nor could I afford it, so I walked toward the school. I liked going out with Jared, even if he was reserved compared to me, and even more mature. He teased me and laughed, and what I live for in life is to make people smile and for some reason he seems to need it more then most. There is always something sad lingering behind him, some unspoken words. We all have them but, he looks tormented. I can tell but just looking at him, I could also tell he's a good guy. Then again I've been wrong.

Today, I hadn't though much of Lance around Jared. It felt relieving that I found someone who could do that because it never seems to happen with other people. I also keep thinking I want to help him somehow, but I'm not exactly sure how. It's kind of disgraceful though that's the only way I'm able to forget Lance, through someone else, even if its just someone I'm talking to.

I made it home extremely tired and I fell asleep in the shower for a second and then I got into bed. My head throbbed, my jaw was sore, and I was still cold, but despite everything that happened today, somehow I was relived.