Brook was in completely dark room. There was no sound or light to betray where she was. The only thing she knew for certain was that she was sitting in an ordinary wooden kitchen chair, with her hands tight to her back, and completely naked. She didn't mind though, she knew she had consented with it.

Suddenly she felt a soft hand on the inside of her thigh. She was already slightly arroused and this made her insides tingle with joy. At the same time a voice started chanting.

"Hush now my lover, close your eyes, I am not deaf to your pain-filled cries."

She listened to the words and closed her eyes. The hand on her thigh was now slowly moving up and down, rubbing gently and leaving behind a trail of heat.

"I'll be there to soothe your agony, Mostly because your pain is me."

She was no longer paying attention to the text because now the womans second hand, somehow she was certain it was a woman, was cupping her breast and squeezing her nipple.

"Honey you know, I'm black in your heart, And I've been bad for you from the start."

The hand on her thigh came increasingly close to her clit, never touching but continiously teasing. A heat started rising in her chest.

"Sweetheart I know, you love with all you have, But baby please run for your own behalf."

Oh yes, she certainly loved this, She never wanted it to stop. The woman had now started rubbing Brooks clit. She Slit her fingers up and down gently.

"I want your mind, your soul and your will, And I'll take it all while you lovingly hold still"

She could have it all, Brook thought, she would give everything up if that meant that the woman wouldn't stop doing what she did.

I'll make you sing till your throat starts to cope, And all there is left is darkhearted hope."

And brook sang, she could've sang all night. She screamed with pleasure because now the woman entered her with three fingers. She thought she had known pleasure when she had touched herself before, but never like this. Everything faded in comparrison with this.

"Dance with me honey, I'll haze your mind, And when I hurt you I promise to be kind."

Her mind was already hazed. She now only unconsciously registered the words still floating around her.
She groaned in dissattisfaction as the woman left her empty and moved around her. She untied the rope that bound her hands together and gently pulled Brook acroos the room. The woman put her down on the edge of a bed.
Brook leaned back on the bed, she was willing to do anything the woman asked of her. She was like clay in her hands.

"So dance with me honey, till your muscles scream and bleed, Move sensually till you fall of your feet."

The woman started licking her. Twisting her tongue around and playing with Brooks clit. The heat grew stronger and stronger and her muscles tightened. She was very close to her climax. Before she could come the woman entered her again. This time with four fingers and moving at a fast pace. The heat inside her kept rising and rising until it could rise no further and Brooks orgasm overpowered her. Releasing her from the build up preasure and making her scream for more.
When she was finished the woman pulled her up and made her stand. Brook was shaking but atleast she could think clearly again. What had the poem meant? Just as she tought this, the final lines roamen through the air;

"I know I don't deserve the devotion you give, The trust in your eyes, when I promise you'll live"

She felt warm breath on her face and knew the woman was close by. As a candle lit less than four inches away from her face and she gasped in horror.
The face of the woman was hollow. Her skin lay tightly around her bones and her eyes were sunken deep into her skull. Beautiful blue eyes that had once sparkled with hope and joy. They were now lifeless. It was like a mask of terror was glued to a doll. A doll made of skin and bones.
Brook fell back on the bed in horror, she recognized that face, it was her own!

Brook woke up screaming in her own bed. She was covered in sweat and her blankets were all tangled around her. It was just a dream she thought as she sat up straight. Only a dream, nothing more. But what a nightmare had it been.