Author's Notes:

This is a draft of a developing story. There will be continuous edits made, some of which are very large, and sometimes the entire story will be overhauled and reworked.

Previously this was a Twitter-sized cell phone novel, and each chapter consisted of 140 characters; afterwards, I revamped it into a 50-words-chapter story, and when that was still too short I changed them into 100-words chapters.

It appears however that for this story the cell phone format simply won't work, because it is too restrictive. The cell phone novel is a beautiful medium for a more simple story with a straightforward plot, but I have a more complex plot in mind with multiple layers, and it requires more space to develop. That's why I'll republish this story in full-chapter format.

Chapter 1: Prologue

"He enters The Gate of the Middle Kingdom,
learns the taste of unknown flavors;
yet, back he'll come,
to beg for the next course.

For he must seek where each taste came from,
Must conquer each of the one-hundred aromas he savors,
in order to become,
to open new doors."

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