Narration: Robert Covey

"…and it is so sweet to look at Mel! Honey, can't you see a model in making?" Lisa gushed over some of Mel's photos. I don't know what there is to get excited over- her daughter's ranks and grades deserve to be appreciated. I always knew Lizzy's judgement was tad offbeat. I mean, looks before grades? And she says guys are more into the body!

"Of course, Melanie's dressing is so apt and suiting."Patrick, the prick, said, his eyes trained on the chest. Wait- did he say Melanie?!

"How dare you! You goddamn fool! You come in here without knowing our names well? Mom, if this is your taste, I can frankly say your choices suck big time. It is Melissa you ass. And my mom asked about the dress, not my chest. God, how gross can you be?!" my amazing daughter screamed at the unwanted specimen in the house. Yay! Oh wait-she said a bad word. Which he deserved, but still!

"Mel, I know you are angry at him, but no need to call him names dear. Atleast not words like a particular three letter word you spoke. No matter how true, never speak bad words."I said acting like I gave a damn about the prick.

"That Melanie thing- he meant it as a joke, didn't you dear?" Lisa said, shaken, as she nudged her husband, who had the courtesy to grin apologetically. Shame, really. I wish he had sweated it out longer. Oh well.

"Now, if we are done with the long small-talk, what is this great crisis that brought you here mom?"Jon asked for me. Strange, I never knew he could read minds.

"Um, I think we should all sit down, preferably away from the breakables." Lisa said, fishing for time.

"Unbreakable missile proof glass, remember? This table was built child-proof." I said, plopping down on a seat. From the corner of my eyes, I caught sight of the amused faces of the Seal sisters. Apparently, we were a funny family. Unfortunately for them, Lisa caught sight of them too.

"Maids! Since when did you get live-in maids Rob?" Lisa asked. The silence that followed was filled with an odd mixture of fear, dawning horror, and anticipation. I noticed the barely imperceptible tightening of Aindrila's fists, and caught the warning signs of Brit's eyes narrowing.

"Maids? Us?" Brit said, with a forced smile that resembled the grimace of a thirsty vampire.

"Do we look like we are fit to serve people? Ma'am, I strongly resent your thought! We happen to be friends of your kids, and we live here, not work."Aindrila said in clipped formal tones that dripped with barely disguised venom. Grabbing her sister's hand, she twirled and left, leaving the rest of us feeling odd- almost guilty.

A silence descended, which was broken by my ex-wife's sad whisper."I am really bad at this, huh? Mel is furious, I insult friends- God, I am not meant to make small talk!"

"Well, what we came to discuss is- um, you see, it is like this, I mean, who would have thought…" Patrick dawdled, looking as confident as the tiny little dyslexic kid is in front of big bullies. I almost pitied him, that damned asshole.

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"Spit it out, Brown. You might as well. What has finally brought you to my doorsteps?" I asked in a blank tone that masked my biting glee at his situation. Something in my mind told me Lisa wouldn't much be pleased, and god knows I don't want her murderous!

"Robert, please. Not the time. My husband and I have something important to share. Remember my cousin, Gabrielle?" Lisa asked, wringing her hands in tension.

"Mean, short, plump, bitchy and wears pointy heels? What about her? Wait- if she is coming and you want her to stay here, the answer is NO. That is one of the few things that I will never let happen. She destroyed my office just because she felt like! I was surrounded by pink and flowers till- till I had to move." I said, delicately skirting the topic of her betrayal.

"Till I kicked your ass out of there you mean? We quite thought you were homo, after seeing the room. You are still the joke of the office. Why did Lisa leave Covey? – because he wore her pink stuff more!" Patrick drawled, smirking like he had one up on me.

"That is it. Get the heck out of my house." I ground out.

"But- come on! We need help!" Lisa said, bewildered.

"Your husband seems to disagree. Don't act all shocked by dad's response. He can be civil, but he will NOT be your family doormat. Your guy wants help? He can damn well act like it! If he wants to mock our family, the roads are clear for you. At the count of 3, you two get the hell out of this place, or the police will help you out." Jon said, leaping to my defense.

"I am your mom!"

"You were, before you went and slept with this scum, and had the galls to destroy dad's company. One." Mel said, looking down at her mother.

"Oh please, he insulted me! Called me an infidel bitch, didn't he Patrick?"

"You were married to dad and sleeping with this prick! Of course you were- ARE an infidel bitch!" Jon rolled his eyes.

"Two." Mel counted loudly.

"Gabrielle's son is in trouble. Mixed up with this drug ring, and grew cold feet in the end. He is being threatened- and so is his family, and remember, he idolized you Bob. We all are in deep shit. Oh, and Gabrielle is sending the poor boy to Boston, hoping we can hide him!" Lisa screamed unattractively at me, eyes big and pleading.

"I am no family. We are done, or did you forget? Three. Time's up." I said coldly.

"Wait! Please Bob, this is serious." Came a voice. The Seal sisters came tumbling own the stairs.

"Excuse me? What?" I asked, my eyebrows meeting in confusion.

"Did you just say-criminals and liable to get in deep trouble? Then you mustn't leave him high and dry! Criminals are toughened goons, and family ties are crucial, no matter where the ties come from." Brit said, her eyes boring into mine, and reaching to my soul.

"You think? But- what of the risk?" Mel asked. She never really liked the fool, and she'd rather he be butchered than herself.

"I said my part. If you were to die, you will. You might as well stock up more in the good deeds."

Narration: Brittany Seal.

Just hearing about the boy reminded me of my own flee to Boston. Sure, this little fool had been one of them, while I had been an innocent victim, but the connection was there.

It was after we had seen the Browns off (good riddance to bad rubbish. Hmph.), when it struck me. A member of a criminal ring, coming to the same house where the daughters of a high-ranking much-hated officer lived under pretense- am I the only one to get warning bells?

"What have we done?!" my sister hissed beside me for my ears only. Nope, she seemed to think so too. Oh, well. If I am to die, I might as well live it up. Shall I start with my will, or my bucket list of last wishes?

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