The glowing light
In the darkest nights
The flame of knowledge
That carries us all.
The burning passion
We all feel inside
The gentle source of warmth
That keeps us from cold

The gentle flowing of
Sweet tides
The rippling waves
That carry the sky
The clear glass surface.
Cleanser of the Soul.
The fluid that melts
Away the grime of life

The cool breath
Of freedom
The current
By which all things travel.
A passage to the Deepest
Corners of the World
The voice that calls
The adventurer

The very rock
That supports you
The foundation
On which you build your life
It carries all
It provides you a place to rest
The deep burnt soil
Your home

The very pain
That turns your heart to ash
The unstoppable burn
That consumes all in its path.
The bleeding rage
The uncontrollable desire.
A split of lightning
A loose spark

The waves curl
They crash
The thunder looms
The Freezing Rain
The strong Current
Carries you too far
You can't breathe
It chokes you

The gale spins
It churns the soil
It rips your house apart
They bite you
It cuts the land like a knife
The cyclone crushes all
It screams
It grabs for you

The ground moans
It shakes
It quakes and cracks
The mountains tumble
The valleys crumble
What is left for you?
Your home
Has turned to Rock