Author's note

Hello and welcome to my first original work, Polyushko Polye. Most of you will probably just skip this section, and read the first chapter. This is fine by me. But to those who read this section first, I thank you for making it easier for you. Polyushko Polye is not necessarily Japanese. Some of the words, phrases, ideas, references, and names are Russian in nature. Please do not be vexed by this, as these are meant to give exact images. I will try to place a small notes section at the end of each chapter, so one can understand the meanings or references. I also do my best to beta read my work however I am not the greatest of proofreaders. If there are any mistakes you find, I will do my best to take care of them. I also ask that when you comment, please make the comments about the story and not just about I recently updated and ext. I appreciate criticism, and will acknowledge it. So, without father waiting, I give you Polyushk Polye