Edward awake from his slumber, groggy and sick from his sleepless night. Opening a hatch of his armored home, Edward knocked at the grey sky as the sun began rise. Even with the fireball's light, the sky still was grey.

"Another day alive, another day in the apocalypse" Edward commented as he began to stretch. His afghanka was open, showing the telnyashka underneath. As Edward finished his stretching, he began to wonder if the roads and routes within Japan where even usable, much less safe. He knew from experience in Siberia of the threat of bandits, raiders, and mutants. He began to breathe easy, as he remembered the guns laws of post war Japan.

"No need to worry about RPGs, 50cal rifles, or heavy caliber weapons. Molotovs will be problematic, but at least my tank runs on Hydrogen or diesel" Edward said as he zipped up the liner of his afghanka. Edward turned his head to face the tank.

"Surprised this old thing has even survived this long, even when…" Edward trailed off; he did not want to remember the fate of his former gunner, loader, and squad mate Mercutio. Moving his hand across the turret of the PT-76, he felt patch job he had placed on the turret after it was hit by a homebuilt 50-cal.

"We weren't brother by blood, but we were brothers in arms." Edward thought as he began to walk towards the armory. Opening the door, Edward saw the armorer tinkering with a Machinegun that seemed homebuilt.

"Interesting contraption" Edward commented. The armorer gave Edward a look.

"Some homebuilt weapon a Stalker brought in. Basically two semiautomatic rifles attached on top of the other. The firing mechanism is a rotary cam, like a Gatling gun." The armorer said, attaching a magazine to one of the rifles before flipping the weapon and attacking the second magazine.

"Crude" The armorer commented.

"But efficient" Edward added as the armorer cycled the actions to see if they worked properly. The armorer then spun the cam, the clicking of the two rifles dry firing as he did.

"But enough of this clockwork of a weapon, you came for something else correct?" The armorer said.

"The .45 and the two Scorpions" Edward said.

"About those three" The armorer said as he took the three pistol like weapons out.

"The 1911 has been modified with softer trigger spring, resulting in a softer trigger pull. The slide is custom, meant for faster shooting. I also want to note that the barrel is chrome lined. Overall, a custom weapon meant for specialized shooting." The armoire said

"Will it accept replacement parts from standard 1911s?" Edward asked

"Of course, the custom parts where made by machine and not by hand. " The armorer said

"So the weapon is a standard 1911 with aftermarket parts, not a handmade and crafted weapon?" Edward asked

"Correct." The armorer said as Edward held the 1911 in his hand. He then holstered the pistol.

"As for the Scorpions, there has been very little in the way of modification done to them. " The armorer said as he showed the scorpions.

"The wire stocks have been removed and a Fire selector with burst fire was added. As a side note, the Scorpions use the Tokarev cartridge" The armorer said as he watched Edward hold both SMGs in his hands. Edward held the SMGs akimbo style.

"Rather inefficient to hold two" The armorer said.

"The inaccuracy of holding two will complement the short range of the scorpions. The perfect PDW in my book" Edward said as he then looked at the two weapons.

"You have a holster for these?" Edward asked. The armorer nodded, placing two holsters on the table. As Edward reached for them, the armorer stopped Edward.

"50 rubles….each, plus 30 for my observations" The armorer said

"Deal" Edward said as he placed the money on the table. The armorer looked at the rubles, inspecting one.

"Real Rubles, rare in these parts" The armorer said as he counted the money. Edward, already knowing he placed more money than he should have, left the building. Edward had very little use for the Russian ruble in Japan. Still though, Edward kept some rubles in case someone accepted the ruble. As Edward walked to his tank, the armorer realized Edward overpaid.

"His loss" the armorer said as he pocked the cash and returning to service other Military and homebuilt firearms.

Edward started up the engines on his tank.

"Oil pressure good, fuel full, electrics fully charged, air filters working. All seems well for this little armored, amphibious Winnebago" Edward thought as his tank moved forward to the gate. The guards on duty opened the steel gate and allowed Edward to leave the compound, and into the decaying city that surrounded the base. Despite the rumble of the tank, no one took notice or care for the vehicle. The citizens of Vladivostok had more important things to care about, such as survival.

Edward drove his tank to the docks with little problem. With the seas filled with pirates, shipping and transport stopped. Now, most of the lumbering ships in the harbor became little more than apartments and storage. It was a city in a city. With his driving hatch open, Edward examined the ships.

"Crap, I forgot to ask which ship Nikolai owned" Edward thought as he drove past several ships. As he drove though, he noticed one ship had sailors moving around, and lifting cargo up by cranes.

"Must be my ship" Edward hoped as he drove up to the metal hulk. As Edward did, Nikolai waved his arms.

"Privyet my fried" The captain yelled. Edward turned his engine off.

"Privyet captain, have you prepared for the journey?" Edward asked.

"I am always prepared, I am more afraid for you" Nikolai joked. Edward shrugged as he opened the main hatch

"Don't worry. Like you, I am always prepared" Edward retorted back as he climbed out of his PT-76.

"A PT-76 light tank, should be easy to transport with is lightweight hull" Nikolai said as he ordered the crane and sailors he scrounged up to lift the tank onto the boat.

"Now then, if you would follow me" The captain said.

"Gladly" Edward said as he placed his AK on his back and followed Nikolai.

"We have very few rooms or living space. I suggest you use your tank as your quarters until we reach Japan" The captain stated as he and Edward walked up a gangplank to the ship. Edward watched as his tank lifted up and placed onto the main deck of the ship. A tarp was placed over the vehicle to protect it from being totally soaked by water. Edward noted the crab pots.

"You fish crab?" Edward asked. Nikolai shrugged

"Used to, now I fish for anything this ship can hold. You are lucky that one of my crew men was a tanker in the Naval Infantry and used to work with PT-76s." The captain said as he opened a latch door. Edward followed.

"Our ETA to Japan is about 2 to 5 days, depending weather and pirates." Nikolai stated

"Speaking of pirates, does this have an armory to repel attack and boarding? If so, are the crew trained?" Edward asked. Nikolai nodded.

"We have water cannon and some riot shotguns modified for less lethal use. Most of the crew are former policemen or soldiers, so they should know how to use the weapons. I, on the other hand, have this" Nikolai then pulled out a revolver with a red star on the barrel.

"A Mosin Nagant I see" Edward commented.

"Before being a captain, I worked on the railroad. Helped me keep bandits at bay" Nikolai said as he holstered the revolver.

"Captain" A sailor said as walked up to the two.

"The cargo has been loaded. We are ready to go" The sailor said.

"Excellent. Raise the anchor and let's get out of this shithole we call home" Nikolai then turned to Edward.

"Will you be joining us in the Rec room?" Nikolai asked. Edward nodded

"Of course, one must know the identity of their traveling partners" Edward said.

"Excellent, we will see you in four hours. If you need any help, don't be shy to ask the crew. Now if you excuse me, I need to captain my ship" Nikolai said. Edward nodded as the captain walked down the short hallway and towards the bridge.

"Well, might as well read a book to past the time" Edward said as he walked down the hall, and down a flight of stairs. He walked down yet another short hallway, and into the sleeping quarters/rec room/ kitchen. Since the most of the crew was at their posts, no one was in the crew cabin. Edward placed his rifle on the table before sitting down. Taking out some condoms he had bought, Edward placed the rubber tubes onto the barrels of his AK74 and GP30 grenade launcher. He hoped the weapons in his tank would not get swamped from the travels.

"It's a floating tank Edward, your equipment should do fine" He said to himself as he opened the Japanese travel and language book.

"Hello is Konnichiwa…..and Moshi Moshi…. The fuck?" Edward said staring at the text.

"This is going to be harder than I thought. Hopefully I can remember some words when I watched anime in Japanese, I hope" Edward thought as he continued the slow process of learning another language.

Around three hours after starting learning Japanese form the book, Edward stopped for the day. His head was muddled with words that had the same meaning for different purposes. At the same time, some of the crew began to arrive in the cabin. Most seemed surprised to see the man that hired them was mercenary. Others seemed to care little about who Edward was. Neither Edward nor the crew seemed to start a conversation. Then, from down the hall, a short man wearing Jeans and a worn dark blue telynashka and a black military style beret entered. Despite his size, he had a brooding presence that caused the other sailors to move out of his way. The man then sat at the table, and looked at the AK74M

"I assume you are the one that hired us…yes?" The sailor asked.

"You would assume correct. And I presume you are Naval Infantry ...yes?" Edward asked

"You would assume correct. What gave my identity away?" The marine asked

"Your shirt, the stripes are dark blue. It's also worn from use" Edward said

"Yes, but such shirts are easy to come by" the marine said

"Your beret….it is black. The color of the black shirts….of the Naval Infantry" Edward stated. The man laughed.

"So, our benefactor thinks he is so smart because he can remember a stupid fact from Wikipedia" the man mocked. Everyone laughed with the man.

"Or I worked with naval infantry when I was in GRU" Edward said. Everyone stopped laughing.

"Really now, you have proof of this?" The man demanded. Edward stared at the marine. Edward then took his dog tags and placed them on the table. The marine examined the dog tags. The information on the tags indicated that Edward was a GRU operative.

"Still don't believe you" The marine stated as he tossed the tags back to Edward. Placing the tags back on him, Edward reached into his knapsack and took out a maroon beret. He placed that on the table. Everyone gasped at the sight of the maroon beret.

"You completed the competition?" The marine said with a shock.

"It was piece of cake compared to the Iron wall" Edward said in English. Everyone began to murmur to each other, except the marine.

"A Foreign Cossack with GRU tags, and a MVD competition Beret. You must be STRELOK" The marine said.

"Some call me that. Personally I do not like nicknames. Please, just call me Edward" Edward answered as he placed the beret back into his knap sack. There was a silence for a moment before the marine turned to face a sailor.

"Olaf, the cognac" The marine ordered.

"But Sasha, that's for special occasions only" Olaf said. Sasha stared at the man.

"Tell me, how many Foreign Cossacks sporting GRU SPETNAZ training and the MVD Maroon Beret do you know?" Sasha said.

"Uh…..I will get the cognac" Olaf answered as he rushed to get the spirits. Edward watched as Olaf opened the liquor cabinet.

"Distilled French wine? Probably should save it, what with France no longer in existence due to the war" Edward said as Olaf took two glasses and poured the cognac into said glasses.

"Nonsense, besides, this is the lower quality stuff. Probably aged only 3 years and made in a still here in Russia." Sasha said as he drank some cognac.

"Now the Captain, he has the high end stuff. He may not have as large of a cabinet, but damn it's some good alcohol" Sasha stated as he drank. Edward also drank the cognac. He had drunk vodka and other high proof alcohol before. He was not expecting to get inebriated, much less drunk from the cognac.

"You know, I knew a Sasha once." Edward commented as he took a sip of the cognac.

"Girlfriend?" Sasha asked. Edward shook his head.

"He was a tanker and close friend of mine. I offered for him to come with me, but he refused. He had a family to take care of" Edward said.

"A family man, not often you see that in these parts" Sasha said as he drank a little more.

"So tell me, where is our little escaped going?" Sasha asked as he placed his glass down. Everyone looked at Edward.

"Let me guess Kuril Islands?" Sasha asked the mercenary. Edward looked at everyone with surprise. This was the first time Edward had ever encountered some who knew his identity, but not of his plans to travel to Japan.

"Nikolai did not tell you?" Edward asked as he sat up.

"He told us we were hired to transport a mercenary and his equipment." A sailor said

"I presume he also didn't tell you my identity." Edward asked.

"All I told them was a Cossack hired them" A voice answered. Everyone turned their heads to face the entrance of the cabin. The captain was standing there, his revolver in hand. The sailors backed away, except for Sasha.

"Go ahead Strelok; tell these men where we are going. Realize though you will be like Columbus when we set sailed" The captain said. Sasha turned to face Edward. He looked down and saw the Guide book to Japan. Sasha then remembered a story he heard in a bar that talked about Edward, and how he had planned to travel to Japan.

"We're going to Japan….yes?" Sasha asked almost silently. Edward sighed.

"Yes" Edward answered.

"I am sorry; I do not think I heard you!" Sasha angrily said.

"I said yes. What more do you want?" Edward stated as he stood up, his rifle at his side in a nonthreatening stance. Sasha looked at both Nikolai and Edward. This was the calm before the storm.

"Why...why…WHY DID YOU ACCEPT THE MONEY!?" Sasha demanded as he held a knife at Nikolai. Nikolai was unfazed.

"WELL….ANSWER ME CYKA!" Sasha demanded. The captain did nothing.

"OH, SO YOU'RE GOING TO BE A SILENT FUCKER THEN." Sasha then turned to face Edward.

"MAYBE HE WILL TALK AFTER I CUT YOU" Sasha said as he lunged toward Edward. Thinking fast, Edward took the Cognac bottle and smashed it against Sasha's head. While Sasha was dazed, Edward kneed the marine in the groin before elbowing the man in the face. Edward then took Sasha's arm, and moved behind the marine. Taking his free hand, Edward striked the shoulder and dislocated the arm. The pain caused Sasha to drop the knife. As a coup de gras, Edward then kicked Sasha in the back of the knees, causing Sasha to collapse. Sailors were dumbfounded to see their champion, Sasha, taken out.

"Any questions?' Edward asked to the sailors. No one spoke a word.

"Good, I thought so. Let this be a lesson to anyone who thinks they can pull a Battleship Potemkin and overthrow control of this ship" Edward stated in a tense voice. Again, no one said anything. Edward then turned, and left the room.

"You did a bold move. Now they will never follow you "The captain said as Edward walked passed him. Edward paused for a moment.

"People often dismiss what is new. Sometimes what is new is better than what is old" Edward commented.

"There are those who disagree with that train of thought" The captain said, lifting his Nagant revolver

"This is true" Edward simply said as he walked down the hall, and up the stairs. He had five days to live in a cramped ship filled sailors who probably would kill him in his sleep, and one that would most likely kill him in his waking.

"God created man equal" Edward said as he lifted his new colt .45.

"Colt made man equal" Edward stated as he holstered the .45

"And Edward equalized all man" Edward chuckled as he walked onto the deck of the ship.

"The tarp will make my home hot and stuffy, but I can fix that" Edward said as he climbed under the tarp. Reaching the main hatch, Edward entered the tank. He closed the hatch, and got ready to sleep in his armored home. Before going to sleep, Edward closed all his hatches. He hoped he could survive till morning.

The next week was difficult for Edward. Although the crew and Sasha never attack or threatened to murder Edward, Edward never let his guard down. He rarely spoke to the crew, and the crew rarely spoke to Edward. As far as Edward was concerned, the crew was doing their own concerns and Edward had his own concerns. By the fifth and final day of the journey, the fear of the crew became real.

Edward was cleaning the barrel of his PT-76. Although the tarp protected a majority of the tank, salt water still found its way into some of the crevices of the tank. Edward hoped that each day he could clean the tank. Unfortunately, the ship had to move through a small storm for three days in the trip. During those three days, Edward had to sleep and live within the ship. Edward avoided the crew as much as possible during those three days. Now Edward wished he had not harmed Sasha.

"What is done is done. I must live with my decisions as I have always done and always will" Edward thought as he pulled the cleaning rod out of the barrel. As he did, Edward spotted a ship on the horizon. Placing the cleaning rod into the tank, Edward took a pair of optics he carried and spied towards the ship. He saw men with different firearms begin to board smaller craft.

"Pirates" Edward said as he ran towards the deck house of the ship.

"PIREATES!" Edward yelled as he climbed up the stairs and into the control house. The captain looked at Edward.

"Is this true?" Nikolai asked in a concern voice.

"Da. Portside, Distance is about 2 to 3 kilometers off. " Edward answered, breathing heavily

"Speed?" Nikolai asked

"Unknown" Edward said as he was breathing.

"I see" Nikolai said as he walked to the console of his ship. He pressed a button and an alarm went off.

"All men, to your battle stations! Keep those marauders from boarding the ship!" The captain commanded. From the bridge, the sound of movement could be heard as crew men mobilized to the armory.

"What's the range of that cannon on your boat tank?" Nikolai asked

"About 1500 meters at best. I only have 41 rounds of ammunition unfortunately" Edward said

"Then we have 41 tries to sink that main vessel. Go, we have little time" Nikolai said as he took control of the ship. Edward Saluted as he moved down the stairs and into a mob of sailors armed with less lethal Saiga 12 gauge shotguns and KS 23 shotguns. Edward did his best to waive in and out of the mob. As he walked climbed up to the main deck, sailors where already opening fire onto the pirates with the less lethal rounds and the water cannon. This did little to deter the pirates, as the marauders opened fire on the sailors.

"We need an even match" Edward thought as he loaded his AK and took position near the ships edge. Edward stood up and opened fire on a craft. He hit 7 0f the 10 men in the craft from his assault. A second craft came up, and Edward fired with his GP-30 at another craft. The grenade exploded into the wooden craft, killing all.

"Go….these puny insects are not your target" A sailor said as he loaded a clip into his Saiga.

"Got it, give me cover as I free my tank" Edward said as he rushed to the tarp covered tank. He began to unloosen the straps that held his armored home.

"Come on" Edward grunted as he struggled with a strap. He had enough of the strap.

"Screw It" He said, taking his .45 and taking a shot at the metal brace. The strap let go as the tarp flew off the tank. The pirates main ship drew closer to the ship Edward was onboard. Climbing to the main hatch, Edward entered the turret of his home. Taking a shell from the ammo rack, Edward crawled to the commanders sat and loaded the shell before crawling to the gunners seat. He peered through the sights, and began to calculated distance and movement of the enemy ship. There was a problem that Edward saw with his shot. While the Pirate vessel was close to Nicole's ship, Edward was certain the wave would throw off his aim. This was not helped by the fact that the PT-76 had no stabilization for the cannon.

"Only one shot is needed, I need to make this count" Edward said as he fired. He hit the pirate's vessel's deck tower. It was not a killing move, but was a mortal hit.

"Shit" Edward said as he moved quickly to reload the cannon of the tank. As Edward loaded, he felt the tank lurch to its side.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?" Edward yelled.

"WERE HIT AND TAKING WATER" Nikolai answered as he climbed into the tank.

"You know how to fire D-56T cannon?" Edward asked in a loud voice'

"If what Sasha told me is correct, I should know" The captain said

"That's good enough for me" Edward said as he crawled out of the tank.

"What are you doing?" Nikolai demanded.

"I need to raise the Trim Vane" Edward answered as he quickly ran to the front of the tank to lift the vane. Looking around, Edward could see sailors jumping off the ship into the freezing waters. From where he stood, Edward could see land.

"That's my destination" Edward said as he then noticed Sasha on the side. He looked weak, and defeated. Edward ran to the man.

"Get up" Edward commanded as he lifted Sasha's good shoulder and began to carry the former marine.

"Come on you fat bastard!" Edward said as he dragged the Russian to his tank. As Edward lifted Sasha into the tank, the water began to come up onto the deck of the ship.

"See if you can't wake him up" Edward told Nikolai as he crawled to the cramp space that was the drivers section of the tank. Turning the engine on, Edward drove the tank into the water. Once in, Edward turned the bilge pumps and water jets on. The tank began to swim in the water.

"Sasha is now coming to" Nicolai said.

"Forget about him for a moment, aim at the ship and fire: Edward commanded. He saw as a pirate with a RPG took aim. The man bursted into dust as the captain fired the cannon.

"AIM LOWER" Edward commanded.

"Got it" the captain said as he did his best to load another shell. Once loaded, Nicolai fired again, this time hitting the hull of the ship"

"FIRE AGAIN" Edward commanded. Nicolai did as told and fired again. Again, the pirate vessel was hit and began to sink even faster. Pirates began to jump off the ship, and swim towards the tank. Nikolai simply opened a hatch, and fired on the pirates one by one with his Nagant. Deterred, the Pirates began to swim away form the tank. The battle was over. While both ships sank, Edward had one this battle. One of many battles Edward would fight.

With the battle finished, sailors of the ship Edward hired began to swim towards the tank. The few that did not die of hypothermia where able to climb onto the tank and use it as a life raft. Around the tank, the frozen bodies of the unlucky crew men and pirates floated around. To Edward, the crew members, and the on lookers on the shores of Hokkaido and Aomori, the sea looked like the sinking of the Titanic. The Captain and Edward sat back as they began to get closer to shore.

"A lot of men died today" Nikolai said. Edward turned his head and looked at the captain.

"They fought till the end. Very few can say they went out fighting." Edward said

"Most of those who say that are dead Confucius" Nikolai mocked.

"What do you want me to say?" Edward asked

"I don't know, that their death was not in vain" Nikolie said. Edward was silent as he swam his tank towards the shores of Hokkaido.

"I am sorry" Edward said. Nicolai looked at Edward.

"About what?" Nicolai asked

"About your crew, I should have saved more" Edward answered as he swam his tank.

"What's done is done. All that matters is that you saved some of the group." Nicolai said as he watched the shore.

"We can't always save everyone. As the bible says, if there is a single soul to be saved, then a town will be forgiven. But realize my friend, in these current times, there are limits to how many souls we can lose" Nicolai answered. Edward contemplated Nicolai's answer as the tank began to run aground. Edward changed from using the tank's water jets to the tracks. The citizens of small fishing village rushed to the water line as the PT-76 crawled out of the water, and towards the roads the ran parallel to the beach. The Japanese citizens watched as the weak sailors weakly climbed off the tank. Edward stopped the tank, and opened the hatch of the turret. Both Nicolai and Edward looked around at their current situation. Edward raised his hands, placing his pistols and Scorpions onto the turret of his tank. Nicolai did the same. Edward then crawled out of the tank, his hands still up.

"We come in peace" Edward answered in English. Most of the citizens seemed confused with Edward's words. Edward sighed.

"Does anyone speak English?" Edward said in English before saying in Russian.

"Does anyone speak Russian?" Edward asked as he looked around. A man stepped forward.

"There is no need to ask if we speak English. We basically all speak English" The man said. Edward lowered his hands.

"We have some wounded men. Most have bullet wounds, Hypothermia, or both. Are there any doctors available" Edward stated. The man nodded. The citizens of the small fishing village began to help the sailors. Edward climbed back to the tank, and began to pull Sasha from the tank. Edward then carried Sasha as an ambulance arrived. Edward gave Sasha to the paramedics that where prepping the sailors to be taken to a clinic in town. Nicolai walked up to Edward.

"So, I presume this is where we go our separate ways" Nicolai said, placing his Nagant into his holster.

"What will you do? You have no ship and now are in a new land?" Edward asked. Nicolai looked around, noticing something strange with the civil servants helping his crew.

"Tell me Strelok, what do you notice with these fishermen?" Nicolai asked. Edward looked around, and noticed that despite his tank and the few shotguns that some of the crew had not lost to the sea, that there were no police or military around.

"There is no security around, and these fishermen seem unarmed" Edward answered.

"Correct. Now since most of the crew are veterans, and my crew still has some shotguns, I might offer my crew and me as a form of militia or police for these fishermen. Considering the hell we had in Russia, this might be an early form of retirement" Nikolai stated as he looked around. Edward stared at Nikolai.

"Are you the same man who was afraid of becoming a Stalker?" Edward joked. Nikolai chuckled.

"What can I say, desperate times means desperate measures. And it's not stalking, its security" Nikolai stated.

"If the tow accepts your offer" Edward countered.

"It's a hope and a dream. Kind of like that American dream you American's once had." Nikolai said. Edward nodded.

"To let go of everything in hope of a better life, just like what I am doing now with coming to Japan." Edward commented. Nikolai looked at the tank.

"With that tank, I would disagree about your idea of an American dream." Nikolai commented. Edward shrugged.

"I use what I can. I saw an opportunity and used it. Much the same could be said about you" Edward answered. Nikolai nodded and accepted Edward's answer. The two men bid farewell, and went their separate ways. Edward walked to his tank. He holstered his equipment. Not wanting salt water to ruin his vehicle he drove off the beach and onto the road. Before going any forward, Edward opened a hatch and turned his head to the few civilians around.

"Excuse me, but do you know of any warehouse or garages where I can temporarily store my tank?" Edward asked. The group looked at each other.

"Do you have money?" A woman asked

"Do you have storage?" Edward asked

"That depends if you have money" The women countered.

"You accept Rubles?" Edward asked. The women sighed.

"Might as well. Come, follow me" The women said as she boarded a bike she had. Edward followed the women, hoping for the best. As Edward followed the women, he noticed the area was becoming more industrialized. Old canning factories and workshops lined the streets. The area did not seem safe. Still, Edward followed the women as the two arrived at an old storage facility. The women stopped, and demounted her bike. Edward opened the driver hatch of his tank.

"Is this the place?" Edward asked. The women nodded before saying

"I need to talk to the owner. This may take some time" The women answered.

"I understand" Edward said as he watched the women enter the facility. Edward waited for about half an hour, when the women returned, opening the large door.

"The owner asks you keep all you weapons in the tank" The woman stated. Edward nodded as he drove his tank into the facility. Stopping his tank, he turned the engine off, and unholstered his weapons. He also placed all of his combat and throwing knifes in the tank. He kept his throwing shovel with him, just in case things become hostile. Opening the main hatch, Edward crawled out of his home. He noted how empty the building was.

"So, you are the foreigner everyone has been talking about" A man said as he walked forward.

"I guess you can say that" Edward answered, noting a small number of men behind the man.

"SO you have no family here?" The owner asked. Now Edward was becoming suspicious.

"Only in Tokyo, I hope" Edward answered; now sensing a trap.

"SO I will take that as no" The man said, starting to walk around Edward and his tank.

"Nice tank, enough to make a man invincible" The owner commented. Edward noticed the group of men begin to corner Edward.

"We are all mortal. Even that tank won't make a man invincible" Edward commented to the answer. The Owner chuckled.

"Especially one like you." The owner stated. The men around Edward began to pull out weapons ranging from knives, nun chucks, and police batons.

"Here is how this will go down Gaijin, you give us the tank and the weapons, and you might get to keep your life" The owner stated. Edward looked around, accessing the situation.

"So…what's your answer Gaijin" The owner demanded. Edward looked around.

"I suggest you lay your arms down, you do not know what you have gotten yourself into" Edward countered. The gangster stepped forward.

"Maybe your eyes need to be opened. Allow me to operate on your eyes to open them" The gangster screamed as he lounged at Edward. Edward instantly reacted. Moving out of the way, Edward then used the momentum the gangster had, and rammed the man's head into the tank. With a thud, the gangster was out cold. Edward then turned to stare at the rest of the gangsters.

"Come at me bros" Edward mocked as he pulled out his SPETNAZ throwing shovel. The anger in the other gangsters could be seen as each member lounged at Edward as a horde. Edward instantly went to action. The leading gangster attempted to swipe Edward with his knife. Edward grabbed the arm as it tried to swipe him. Using the momentum, Edward swung the arm and gangster at another man, causing both men to end on the ground. Two gangsters, one armed with a nun chucks and other with a baton, both striked Edward at the same time. Edward rolled back, causing the two men's weapons to become stuck. Edward then lurched forward, kicking both men to the ground. The final man lunged forward with his machete, running like a samurai posed to strike. The man jumped, bringing his machete down. Using the shaft of his shovel, Edward blocked the attack. The man tried to pull the machete out of Edward's shovel, but the soft metal of the shaft held the machete in place. Edward then kneed the man in the groin, before swiping the man's head. The man did not move for a send. Then the man's neck exploded in blood. The body lost support, and fell. The man, in his last moments, held has hands at his neck to try to stop the blood spilling out. This was a pointless action, as the cut basically cut the man's entire neck open. The man fell on the ground, motionless. Edward swiped his shovel, cleaning the blade of blood. Looking at his arm and shoulder, Edward noticed the crimson red blood that covered his right arm and shoulder.

"My good afghanka, now I have to clean the fucking blood off this thing. Hopefully I have enough Hydrogen Peroxide to clean this" Edward commented as he tried to shake some of the blood off his clothing. The owner was in awe as the women came in.

"So honey, did you take care of that….dumb….ass….hole" The women looked around, and saw the carnage. Edward raised his head up, pointing his shovel at the two.

"You two, you dare backstab me?! I know that women saw the battle at sea, so why did you think I was weak?!" Edward demanded. Both the man and women where silent.

"I should kill both of you, but that would be pointless and time wasting. Instead, I will give you a warning. If you do not protect my home, I will make sure to make your death painful, so painful you will plead for me to kill you quickly. Is this understood?" Edward stated. The owner and women where still silent.

"IS THIS UNDERSTOOD CYKAS?!" Edward yelled. The man and owner nodded. Edward looked away.

"We could have been friends; I even agreed to pay for the lodging. Instead you take advantage of me. Now look at this mess, blood has been spilled on the ground. I hope you can live with the knowledge that you condemned this man to death." Edward said as he lifted the machete and walked to the two. He jammed the machete into a cargo box. The two thieves lurched backward, afraid of the beast they had released.

"May St. Peter have mercy on your souls" Edward said as he turned away, and walked back to his tank. He began to clean and remove the salt and blood from his home and jacket. The owner and women backed away, running for an exit. As they did, a shadowy figure appeared in front of them. The figure grabbed the two by the neck, and lifted them. The creature looked at the two, and in a ghostly voice said,


"BUT MISUSE THIS MERCY AND YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE" The being stated before disappearing. The man and women were in shock as they regained their breath form the ordeal. Both looked at each other, realizing the hell they had brought on themselves.

MVD = Russian paramilitary police. Use SPETSNAZ as special forces police.

Beret colors = Russian Marines wear the black beret. The Marroon Beret is worn by MVD SPETSNAZ and police who pass a special test. Although not stated in the story, GRU opratives wear scarlet Berets (although they will wear the uniform and hat of the unit that oprative is attached to).

KV 23 = A shotgun that used rejected barrels of the antiaircraft self-propelled vehicle known as the KS 23.

SPETSNAZ throwing shovel = An entranching tool used by SPETSNAZ. Used in the similar effect as a throwing axe.

Telynashka color = Naval infrantry wear dark blue, to represent the sea.

Privyet = A form of saying hello in Russian

Cyka = Bitch in Russian

Nagant Revolver = A Tsarist era revolver used from 1895 to the present. Currently used by policemen in remote areas of Russia, and by Railroad officials. A revolver with a red star embossed on the barrel is one the highest honor a party member could recieve. Has cult status in Russia similar to what the Colt Peacemaker has in America.

D-56T = Main armament of the PT 76. The PT 76 is the only tank that is armned with the D-56T.

Kurill Islands = A chain of islands Russia an dJapan have disputes over.