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Fishing village

The main market

After Edward's little battle with the gang, Edward was able to secure a safe position in the garage. With fear by his side, the owners of the garage swore to protect the tank. Failure to do so would cost them their lives. Edward sighed as he walked through the market, his rifle by his side.

"I hate putting people on a leash. Unfortunately, they force me. If they only use their heads" Edward thought as he sighed again

"Because in this world, it's dog eat dog. And unfortunately, I am a big dog. They will gang up on me" Edward answered to his thoughts as he walked. The patrons of the market moved out of the way for Edward. To the patrons, this geijin had a dark presence. It didn't help that Edward carried his assault rifle, and had 4 extra clips on his chest rig. Edward also had his trench knife on the rig, just in case the knife was required. Edward had also switched out his GP30 for his bayonet. Edward's throwing shovel was on his lower back. To the citizens of the village, Edward did not look friendly.

"You're not here to make friends Edward, you're here to make money" He thought as he stopped in front of a small bar. Although Edward did not know how to read Japanese, he could tell from the smell that the building was a bar.

"No matter where you go, a bar smells like a bar. Either way, I can find work here" Edward thought as he entered the building. Looking around, Edward expected a guard to disarm him. Instead, Edward saw a bar counter with very few patrons. The bar tender said something in Japanese that Edward did not understand. Edward assumed that that bar tender was referring to the unsheathed Bayonet, and Edward assumed correct. Once the bayonet was sheathed, the bar tender seemed to become more lax. Taking a seat at the counter, Edward looked at the selection of alcohol. It was all saki, except the beer tap. Even then, all of the tap was Japanese beer Edward did not recognize.

"Saki" Edward said, placing some Rubles on the counter. The tender looked at the money, and accepted the money. This was something Edward noticed about the village. Rather than barter for supplies or use some homemade currency, the Japanese instead used old money such as Yen and Rubles

"Another reason I need to find a job soon" Edward thought as the tender filled a small glass with saki. Edward drank the alcohol, expecting a burning sensation in his throat. The saki did burn, but not the same way vodka did. Edward closed his eyes for a moment as he took a breath.

"Already I miss Vodka" He thought as he took another sip. As he did, Edward looked at the other patrons.

"five men, most likely workers or fishermen looking to escape this world." Edward thought as he spotted a young woman wearing a rather light jacket and a long kirt that reached to her ankles. Edward also noticed she was wearing small reading glasses that, in anime, made a girl supposedly sexy.

"One girl, a potential client. " Edward thought as he went back to his drink. As a businessman, he knew staring at potential clients was bad for business.

As Edward drank, the bell above the door chimed. A man, dressed in clothing meant for a Samurai, walked up to the counter. The man then ordered a drink, to which the tender promptly gave. The Samurai was quite, not speaking many words. As Edward drank his saki, he got a quick look at the Samurai.

"Just a man who thinks he is a samurai" Edward thought. Edward recognized the kimono the man wore from an anime he once watched. Edward noted that the sword the man carried was a little rusty, and had the words," made in Japan" on the hilt. The main sign Edward saw that indicated the man was no samurai was that the man had no scars, or even any marks that indicated the Samurai exercised or even fought. To Edward, this man was a clown. The phony Samurai, now done with his saki, looked at Edward and chuckled softly.

"You are defiantly a Geijin. All that unnecessary gear you carry will bring you down. Now I, all I need is a blade. No wasted effort" The man said in Japanese. Not understanding a word, Edward ignored the man. The Samurai, however, was getting pissed.

"Hey Geijin, I am talking to you! Look at me when a superior man is talking to you!" The samurai said, this time nudging Edward. Again, Edward ignored the man.

"Idiot" Edward thought as he drank his saki. The Samurai, now pissed, reached for his sword. He pulled blade just enough so that the sheath was no longer holding the blade.

"You have tested my limits enough, time to die" The Samurai said as he pulled the entire katana out and prepared for a strike. Edward saw the flash of the blade from the corner of his eye. As the blade came down, Edward fell back on the stool and cause the Samurai to miss. The Samurai, unable to recover from his momentum, watched as Edward threw the stool at him and cause the Samurai to stumble back. The Samurai did not notice Edward use his feet to sweep him off the ground. With the samurai now on the ground, Edward stood up and stepped on the samurai's hand holding the sword. With the Samurai now disarmed, Edward placed his other foot on the man's sternum. Pressing down, the Samurai felt the sool of Edward's boot nearly break his chest. To prevent the samurai from even thinking of reacting, Edward pointed his rifle at the samurai's face, the bayonet unsheathed and pointed at the neck.

"I have survived hordes of mutants, completed Spestnaz training, traveled through Siberia almost alone…..you think a half-ass samurai is going to worry me?" Edward said in English. Holding the rifle with his left hand, Edward grabbed his unfinished saki. He poured the alcohol on the man's face, specifically the eyes. The alcohol burned the Samurai's eyes, and caused the Samurai to move around in pain. To add insult to injury, Edward bayoneted the man's sword arm and rendered it nearly useless.

"This is a warning. Next time, I rip your still beating heart with my hands" Edward said as he got off the samurai. Picking up the sword, Edward broke the cheap weapon into two with his leg. Edward left the bar, his actions getting the attention of his next client.

Kamiko watched the brawl with interest. She had intended to hire the samurai, as he looked the most capable to hire. However after seeing the brawl, she moved her interest to the foreigner.

"Former Spestnaz and expert survivor. Hmm, he might be a bit pricy" Kamiko thought as she adjusted her glasses.

"But father did say to get the best man capable for the job. Even if I think my sister deserves being kidnapped" Kamiko thought as she herself got up. Dusting the dirt off her skirt, Kamiko followed the Mercenary. The mercenary made no signs that he seemed to notice her, which was okay. Kamiko needed to talk to him in private.

"I hope he is generous, Father does not like to spend too much" Kamiko thought as she followed the man into an alleyway. When she turned into the alley way, she saw that the alley was empty.

"Damn, he knew I was following him" Kamiko said to herself as she signed. She walked into the alley, and sat on a crate.

"There goes my chance of saving my ungrateful sister" Kamiko commented as she sighed.

"A hostage situation, what's the ransom?" A voice asked. Kamiko, startled, looked around. She saw nobody.

"Up here" The voice said. Kamiko looked up, and saw the Mercenary staring at her.

"How did…." Before Kamiko could ask, the Mercenary answered

"It's not hard to know if someone is following you. Not to mention most people don't look up." The Mercury chuckled,

"But enough about me, how about you love?" The Mercenary said, leaning on the fire escape. Kamiko cleared her throughts, adjusted her glasses, and moved her long brown hair to her back.

"My name is Wantanabe Kamiko, first daughter of Wantanabe Hotoka and Wantanabi Miki. What is you name mercenary?" Kamiko asked, staring at the man. The Mercenary thought for a moment.

"Edward….Edward Narvidas" Edward answered somewhat bluntly.

"Well….Edward-san" Kamiko said before being interrupted.

"It's Edward…no san, just Edward. I know its honorific; however I prefer my name to be used without any added words or phrases. If possible" Edward stated. Kamiko sighed.

"Picky, but what choice do I have" She thought before saying.

"As I am sure you have heard Mr. Narvidas, my younger sister has been kidnapped. Unfortunately, the kidnapper does not accept ransoms, and intends to keep my sister indefinitely" Kamiko said before Edward interrupted.

"What's the pay" Edward stated. Kamiko adjusted her glasses as she looked at Edward.

"To be negotiated by my father" Kamiko stated. Kamiko watched as the mercenary pondered for a moment. She also noted how rude the man was, wondering if she had picked the right choice.

"And where is your father?" Edward asked, staring at Kamiko.

"He and I live in a village north of here. I can take you there. I must warn you, it is a journey" Kamiko answered. Edward chuckled as he jumped down from the fire escape.

"I have a fucking tank that traveled across Siberia and part of the ocean. I think a little hike to your home would be, oh what's the word, easy" Edward said as he had a little chuckle. Kamiko could feel the anger in her, but calmed down.

"So you agree to the work?" Kamiko asked. Edward nodded

"Of course, we travel tomorrow yes?' Edward asked. Kamiko nodded.

"Excellent. We move at sunrise. I don't want to be late for your father." Edward said, starting to walk.

"Oh, and by the way, I expect an advance payment. Maybe around 500000 yen, you know, for travel and prep" Edward said

"500000?!...that's….that's too much" Kamiko stated. Edward shrugged

"Ammo is not cheap, take it or leave it" Edward countered. Kamiko sighed

"Fine, I will tell my father of this when we get there" Kamiko angrily said. Edward nodded

"Good. Where shall we meet for the pickup?' Edward asked Kamiko. Kamiko sighed

"At the docks, that's the closest to the route to my hometown" Kamiko said.

"Good, I know where that is. See you in the morning….unless you need escort to your lodging. Escort is free" Edward offered. Kamiko just shook her head.

"I am fine. I do not need escort form a greedy man" Kamiko said as she walked passed Edward.

"In Russia, must people would ask for more in advance. I would say I was being generous" Edward said as Kamiko walked away.

"A generous man would have worked for free" Kamiko countered. Edward laughed

"But if I am poor, how will I buy the ammo to free your sister" Edward answered. Kamiko grunted as she left for her motel. Edward just stood there before he left for the garage.

Kamiko laid back in the motel room, well technically love hotel. She starred at the ceiling, not wanting to look at the dirty magazines. Kamiko dared not turn on the TV, as she did not want to know what creepy pornos were being shown on the room's TV.

"500000 Yen upfront, almost half of what we have left. Father would have demanded less." Kamiko sighed as she closed her eyes. As she slept, the room's light began to flicker. A dark figure started to appear in the room. It stared at Kamiko.

"She is not the one, but she is related to the one" The being said to itself. Kamiko opened her eyes, and looked around

"Why is it dark, I don't remember turning the lights out" She said, looking around and not noticing the dark being. Kamiko walked to the light switch, but then felt like she was pushed back onto the bed.

"What the?" She said, looking around. She felt the room become cold, almost like it could snow in the room.

"YOU, HOW DARE YOU HARM HER?!" A voice demanded.

"Who…who is her?" Kamiko said, shivering. The voice did not answer.

"Hello?" Kamiko said, scared as to what had happened. The lights came back on and the room's temperature became normal. Kamiko looked around.

"What was that?" She said, trying to get back to sleep.

Edward woke up, shaking.

"Was that Kamiko? Why did I push her down?" Edward asked as he felt his head throbbing with pain.

"Damn Saki" Edward said as he went back sleep in his tank.

The next morning, the two travelers prepared for the trip in their own ways. Kamiko packed her few items into a duffel bag, making sure everything fit perfectly. Edward, however, checked each and every weapon her had before turning the engine of his tank on. An hour later, the mercenary and client reach the designated pick up.

"Your late" Kamiko said, adjusting her glasses. Edward popped open a hatch.

"Early enough to begin the trip, now get that duffel bag onto my home and get aboard" Edward said as he patted the hull of his tank. Kamiko nodded and threw the duffel bag onto the back of the tank. Kamiko then began to climb onto the tank. Edward crawled to the driver's position, and did some last minute checks for the trip.

"Oh, can you close the hatch; I don't want the warm air to leave the vehicle. It can become a meat locker in here at times" Edward said as he moved the clutch into drive. Kamiko closed the hatch, and was in awe at the small armory in the tank.

"You're expecting the worst?" Kamiko asked as she stared at the ammo and weapons. Edward chuckled.

"Expecting? Oh no no no no, I live the worst." Edward answered.

"Is an RPG even needed in a tank?" Kamiko asked, noting the RPG and rockets.

"In this tank, its needed." Edward said as the tank moved forward.

"The PT76 uses a weak gun. As modern tanks go, this tank is just a peashooter. An RPG helps even the playing field. Plus it helps nullify the fact that my gun stabilizer is messed up. "Edward said as the tank left the town's city limits.

"Why is the stabilizer broken, or has never been fixed?" Kamiko asked. Edward sighed

"It would rather not talk about why it's broken. As for not being fixed, I can never find parts." Edward answered. Kamiko sat back, and looked around.

"So, how do we get to your village? Do I just follow this road?' Edward asked. Kamiko nodded

"Yes. Just follow this road. There are no forks, so it's a straight shot. The problem is bandits" Kamiko said as she heard Edward laughed

"Mrs. Wantanabe, we're in a freaking tank. What's the worse they can do?" Edward asked. Kamiko thought for a moment, trying to formulate an answer.

"Well….they can….uh" Kamiko said, trying to think of an answer.

"I thought so" Edward said as he drove the tank. The two were silent for miles.

"So, what did you do before the big one?" Edward asked. Kamiko looked at Edward

"I did some programming. I created a few dating sim games. It's horrible work, but it did help give me some cash. "Kamiko said

"What was wrong with the dating sims?" Edward asked. Kamiko took in a breath.

"It's like writing porn. It's not honorable work. What I always wanted to create was some antivirus program. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to create the program. The damn war ruined everything" Kamiko said as she looked around

"And what about you, always wanted to be a soldier?" Kamiko asked.

"Doctor, well medical student is more accurate. Would have been an army doctor, but the big one happened. Thankfully I was in Europe when the nukes fell. Russia offered work, and I accepted." Edward answered.

"Which begs the question, why is an American who joined the Russian army is now in Japan?" Kamiko contemplated aloud.

"I have family that I hope took Japan's offer of asylum" Edward stated.

"Hmm, interesting story" Kamiko said as she laid back in the gunner's seat. The two became silent again as the tank traveled down the road. For miles, the two were silent as the tank began to arrive into Kamiko's town.

"What happened here?" Edward asked as he looked through the driving sights. Kamiko looked through the periscope.

"Bandits?" Edward asked

"Worse" Kamiko said as she say men armned with spears and machetes patroled the streets

"What happened to the police, it almost seems like they just left" Edward commented.

"That's exactly what happened. The government believed that if Tokyo could be well protected, then the rest of Japan would follow. Unfortunately, this required almost all the military and police from the outer territories. As a result, we have had to create our own laws and security." Kamiko answered

"Buts it's not enough I presume, especially since a mercenary needs to be called in" Edward said.

"More or less." Kamiko answered as the tank crawled on the once proud main street.

"Take a right and up the hill. My family lives in the house up there" Kamiko said

"Must be a rich to own private property" Edward commented as he turned on the street.

"Mother is a politician and Father was a programmer. So yes, one could say we are well endowed" Kamiko answered as the tank reached the top of the hill.

"That's good for me. More money in my pocket" Edward commented as he placed the tank on park.

"Please do not bring up the initial payment to my father. I wish to tell him in private" Kamiko sighed as she opened the main hatch. Kamiko dropped down from the tank, and walked to the gate of her home. Pressing the button on the security system, Kamiko was able to confirm that she had return with a mercenary. Edward watched from his home. He wanted to look powerful with his tank. The gate opened, and a middle aged man walked out. He was wearing a jean jacket and jean jean pants, not something Edward would expect in a rich man. Kamiko bowed to her father.

"Father, I found a mercenary" Kamiko said in Japanese in a servant like voice. The man looked at the tank.

"I can see that. Tell me daughter, how much is he asking?" The father asked. Kamiko took in a deep breathe.

"I regret to tell you father that he asks for an initial payment of 500000 Yen. We have yet to discuss his actual fee" Kamiko answered, expecting a slap. The Father looked at his daughter, then at the tank. Edward climbed to the turret and looked at the man. To show his power, Edward wore his flak vest and titanium helmet. His AK was at his side, in plain view.

"A fair deal" The father said, walking past his daughter to Edward. Kamiko breathed easily. Edward watched as the man stopped, and looked at Edward.

"Come, we have much to discuss mercenary " The Father said, coaxing Edward to come. Edward raised his hand.

"May I be permitted to house my tank in your courtyard? I do not feel safe with my home unsupervised" Edward asked. The Father nodded.

Once the PT76 was in the courtyard, Edward was taken to what he presumed was a living room.

"Please leave your shoes outside" Kamiko told Edward.

"Napoleon once said that shoes are the greatest piece of equipment of a soldier. I would rather not" Edward countered.

"Let him keep the shoes, he is our guest" The father told Kamiko in Japanese.

"Yes Father" Kamiko bowed. The father placed his jacket in a closet, and then placed on a robe. He returned, and sat down on a pad on the floor.

"Please sit, we have much to discuss" The father said, offering a pad. Edward nodded, and sat down.

"Daughter, go get some tea ready" The father ordered. Kamiko bowed and left the room. There was a moment of silence.

"What's the job?" Edward asked as he looked at the man.

"Straight to the point, shows character. But also shows impatience." The father commented.

"If you lived where I worked, you would know impatience sometimes keeps your ass alive." Edward said, before asking.

"What's the job?" The Father nodded.

"A couple of months ago, my younger and foolish daughter was kidnapped by a witch" The father said. Edward looked the father.

"A witch, you're joking right?" Edward seriously asked. The father nodded

"She appeared right after the police left. She protects the village somewhat, but also harasses us. Every night, she goes out and looks for servants. Women are kidnapped by her and turned into servants. Men are drained of energy and die in the cold. The only way to not succumb to these horrors is to be living in a house that has four walls and a hearth." The father answered. Edward thought for a moment.

"So the job is basically getting your daughter back from this witch. I need the location of this witch and a picture of the daughter….along with the initial 500000 yen I asked for" Edward said. The father breathed in at the last request.

"What's your price mercenary?" The man asked. Edward leaned forward.

"I usually ask for double of what the initial payment is." Edward answered. The father became angry.

"1000000 Yen?! Too much" The father answered back. Edward leaned back a bit.

"I do offer some discounts, sometimes" Edward said as Kamiko returned with the tea and placed it on the table between the two.

"Like what?" The father asked as he took a sip of the tea.

"The first discount is a daughter discount, 100000 off. The second is offering drink, another 100000 off. Lastly, I feel being generous to you and will cut about 300000 yen off. A total of 500000 Yen off. You simple must pay me the initial 500000 and the work fee of 500000. A grand total of 1000000 Yen. "Edward said. The father thought for a moment.

"That's just about all the money we have left" He said, looking at Kamiko.

"I am a good mercenary, one of the best. And this is your daughter we are talking about." Edward interjected.

"Yes, but you're asking for an arm and a leg" The Father stated. Edward leaned forward.

"Most mercs would have asked for an arm, leg, a head, and your daughter" Edward pointed out. Kamiko gasped at that thought.

"But all I ask is money. Take it or leave it" Edward said. The father thought for a moment, before accepting the deal.

"I accept. Shall we shake to it?" The man asked as he held his hand out. Edward shook the hand.

"Excellent" Edward said qs he then added

"I expect the cash, directions, and pictures in 30 minutes" Edward said.

"I understand." The father nodded as he turned his attention to Kamiko.

"Daughter, fetch the man his money and a picture of your sister." The father commanded.

"Shall I bring a map as well Father?" Kamiko asked as she bowed.

"No, you will go with him. Lead him to the witch's home, and make sure he brings you sister home." The Father answered. Kamiko nodded and left the room.

"If you mind me asking, why do you and your daughter refer to your younger daughter as being horrible?" Edward asked as he sipped a bit of tea. The father sternly looked at Edward; a fire could be seen in the eyes.

"She was disobedient to her family. Cutting her long hair, dying the tips red, not using her time wisely to better herself, my daughter did nothing right." The father answered sternly.

"A rebellious child, and yet you love her enough to hire me." Edward commented.

"She is my child, and I will not let anyone take what is mine" The father answered. Edward nodded, hiding his thoughts.

"I can see why she would have been a rebel" Edward thought as Kamiko returned. She threw a bag at Edward's feet.

"500000 Yen as requested for the initial payment. The rest will be given after you finish the job." Kamiko said as she threw the picture on the table.

"And the picture as well" She said. Edward examined the picture. The girl in the picture was somewhat short. In fact, she looked like what the Japanese saw as a perfect women with her small stature and straight jet black hair. What was interesting about the women, at least to Edward, was that her hair looked like it was home cut to be made short. He also noted the red tips that her father commented on.

"Tomboy most likely" Edward thought as he turned the picture. On the back, he could see some kanji. Underneath the kanji was the name "Mari" written in English. Edward pocketed the photo. Lifting the bag, Edward looked at the two.

"Well, I better get going. The sooner I am done, the sooner you get your daughter back" He said as he began to leave the room. Kamiko bowed one last time to her father as she followed Edward.

"May your ancestors guide you mercenary" The father commented as Edward opened the sliding door.

"And may your ancestors protect you Mr. Wantanabi" Edward commented back as he walked to his tank.

Hours later, the tank began to leave the outskirts of the town. Kamiko told Edward that the witch lived in an old temple west of the town. Neither spoke much during the trip, as neither had much to speak of. Unlike Russia, the roads where clear of cars and trucks. The few vehicles the two encountered where on the side of the road and looted for supplies. There was also a lack of dead bodies, something Edward liked.

"Even at the end of the world, Japan is proper" Edward said to himself. An hour passed before they reached the temple.

"Were here" Kamiko said, seeing the fortress like monetary. Edward looked through his periscope, and stared at the former temple.

"Homemade outer walls followed by a layer of the original inner walls. Defiantly designed to repel a siege." Edward thought as he drove to the outer walls.

"There's no gate, just a gap. Might be a trap" Edward said to Kamiko.

"Don't worry; the outer walls are built like that. It's the inner walls that are locked." Kamiko said, before adding.

"This temple was originally meant to be a fortress during the feudal period. 2 years before the nuclear war, the castle was converted into a monastery. The monks all left when the bombs fell, and has since been used by the witch as a castle" Kamiko stated as the tank rolled up to the gate. Edward placed the tank into park.

"Stay here. If anything goes wrong, I want you to use this" Edward said as he handed Kamiko the RPG. Kamiko was reluctant to touch the weapon, as she followed the old laws of weapons.

"Use it. What the government doesn't know won't hurt them" Edward said as he handed the weapon to Kamiko.

"How do I use this thing?" Kamiko asked as she shouldered the weapon improperly.

"Just use the scope to aim at a target. Pull the trigger with your Left hand, and stabilize the weapon with your right, like this" Edward said as he took the RPG from Kamiko and held the weapon.

"To load, just set it down with the back part on the ground. Take a rocket, and place it in the small hole, and then twist the rocket to lock it. It's easy to use, but dangerous" Edward said as he climbed out the hatch. Kamiko gulped as she shouldered the weapon again, feeling the weight of the unloaded launcher.

"How do terrorists run with this thing" She thought as Edward walked to the gate. He looked around at the wall, which appeared to be part of the castles main structure.

"If I enter through that gate, I will be in the actual castle itself." He noted as he walked the close to the wall.

"Ramming into the wall will damage the tank. Firing at the wall will be a waste of tank ammo." Edward thought as he looked up.

"All the windows are too small to climb into. The only entrance feasible to enter through would be the gate. I will be boxed in." Edward thought as he looked at the gate.

"But my tank is small enough to enter. Hopefully this witch doesn't have any heavy firepower" Edward thought as he saw Kamiko hold the unloaded RPG at the building.

"Too heavy for you?' Edward asked as he walked to Kamiko.

"It's for safety. I don't trust myself with a loaded weapon" Kamiko confessed. Edward chuckled as he walked to the gate.

"Don't worry, happens to all recruits when they fire their first RPG" Edward said as he stared at the door. He walked to the door and knocked.

"Is that wise?" Kamiko asked as she hunkered down into the tank.

"Sometimes one can resolve a problem peacefully" Edward said as he knocked and waited. Nothing happened.

"Well, time to show my force" Edward said as he climbed up his tank.

"What are you planning?' Kamiko asked as she watched Edward pick up the two Skorpians.

"Oh simple, getting the attention of this bitch" Edward said as he loaded the magazines into the scorpians and crawled out of the tank. Kamiko closed the hatches, not wanting to be in the cross fire. Edward cocked the duel skorpians, and fired into the air. The automatic fire of 40 rounds sounded like firecrackers to Kamiko as she hid in the tank. As the smgs went click, Edward was about to reload another set of magazines when the gate began to open.

"Sir, may I ask you to leave. My mistress is tired and does not wish to be awoken" A girl said as she stayed behind the door.

"Later. Right now, your mistress has something that is of my clients. I demand that I may come in and retrieve that which my client lost." Edward said as he holstered the skorpians. There was a pause for a moment, before the voice said,

"My mistress has said yes, but you will have to wait for tomorrow. She is very tired, and wants to rest" The voice said before Edward answered

"Excellent, I shall wait for our little meeting. Oh, and give your mistress my regards" Edward said as the gates closed. Kamiko opened the hatch, and stared at Edward

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! The witch could have killed you" Kamiko angrily said. Edward looked at Kamiko

"But she did not, so everything is good. And I suggest you calm down. I believe the witch is tired. I do not wish to fight a bitchy witch" Edward said as he climbed up into his tank.

"For now, I need to train you." Edward said as he closed the hatch. Kamiko was confused by this.

"Train me with what?" Kamiko asked as Edward opened the breech of the main gun.

"To use the big guns" Edward answered as he then said.

"If the witch denies us your sister peacefully, then we shall use force. And since I cannot drive and shoot at the same time, you will need to know how to use my little gun right here" Edward said as he opened the shell chamber.

"Is it difficult?" Kamiko asked as she saw Edward count his shells.

"Not really, you just need to know what you are doing. " Edward said as he showed the shells.

"We have two types of shell, HEAT or High Explosive Antitank and AP-T or antipersonnel rounds. To load the cannon, you pick up the round and load it into the breach. You then close the breach. To aim, you use that binocular apparatus. As we will be in close range, range finding will not be necessary. Just use the arrow to aim" Edward said, demonstrating.

"To fire, cover your ears and pull this trigger. After the cannon fires, open the breach, and let the shell fall. And then repeat. Any questions?' Edward asked. Kamiko said nothing

"Good, and crouch down and prepare to capture the shell" Edward said as Kamiko nodded and readied herself to catch the shell. Edward began to train Kamiko on the basics of firing the main gun.

From the upper part of the castle, a woman watched the tank. Her pale white skin nearly glistened in the light. A maid brushed the women's long beautiful snow white hair as the women stared at a mirror. The women blinked as she looked at her red eyes.

"I remember how beautifull my long brown hair, my tanned skin, and even my green eyes were. But now, because of that war, I have traded in my beauty" The women said as she pointed at a candle and lit the candle with her finger.

"My powers have made me powerful. I can live like a queen in my own castle, serviced by my own servants." The witch said as another maid entered.

"Pardon me ma'am, but the girls have asked how we shall prepare for you guest." The girl said as she bowed. The witch snapped her fingers, and the maid who was brushing the witch's hair stopped. The witched faced the girl.

"Nothing special. Just act like nobody special enters. Maybe cook some simple foods, like instant noodles" The witch said as she got up.

"And what about your apprentice ma'am, her sister is with him" The maid asked as the witch thought

"Prepare a new maid outfit. I suspect I will have a new servant. As for my apprentice, have her continue her work and studies." The witch said as she looked at a mirror.

"And for tonight ma'am, any new orders the girls should be aware of?' The girl asked

"No, just the usual. Prepare a new maid outfit just in case I get a new servant, have the girls repress their urges, the usual" The witch said as she looked in the mirror.

"So just prepare for the usual full moon. Yes ma'am" The maid bowed. As the witch examined herself, she noticed something missing on her servant.

"Jun, come stand in front of this mirror" The witch ordered. Jun was now sweating, but obeyed her mistresses' order. The witch walked around Jun before pulling on Jun's fox like ears. Jun began to feel intense pain as the witch pulled up on the ear.

"Jun, may you please tell me where your tail bell is?" The witch said as she pulled on the ear. Jun, powerless to stop the witch because of a spell, answered

"I..I…I lost it Ma'am" The fox girl answered as the witch's right arm began to electrify.

"You know why I make all my servants look like cat girls and dog girls and fox girls?" The witch asked as she slapped Jun with her electrified fist. Jun cried out.

"Because having these tails, ears, and characteristics make us obedient" Jun answered. The witch smiled

"And why do I make you obedient?" The witch asked as she slapped again.

"Because we were foolish and broke your rule" Jun cried out.

"Good and why do you wear the bell and outfit" The witch demanded as she slapped again.

"Because its shows we are servants of you, and that we cannot escape" Jun answered as tears formed. The witch smiled as she threw the fox girl on the ground.

"May that be a lesson to you Jun" The witch said as she then looked at the wolf girl who was moments ago brushing the witche's hair.

"And may this be a lesson to you and the other servants. If any of you dare be out of line, even just a little, the punishment will be severe" The witch said as she walked out. The wolf girl nodded with fear as the two girls responded,

"Yes mistress Rei" The two maids said as Rei left the room.

"Mel Brooks was right. It's good to be the King" Rei thought as she walked down the halls of her fortress.