New Story News:

This was spinning around in my head since I finished watching The Walking Dead Walkthrough on youtube. A zombie story is just what I need to clear my head. Hope you enjoy.

I stood beside Alex, who rang the doorbell and waited paitently. It was the first day of Summer Vacation, and we immeditaly headed to Melissa's house. Though I make fun of Alex by calling him a "Momma's boy", Free food was free food to me.

When Melissa didn't answer the door, we sat outside, despite the cold rain drizzling down our necks. I snuggled inside Alex's extra-large jacket, the warm fur feeling good on my wet neck. Alex just sat there beside me shivering. I regretted taking his jacket, though I didn't say a word about it.

We sat there for 2 hours when Melissa, Daphne, and Isabella walked up the driveway. Isabella dropped her groceriesand ran towards us, Alex quickly scooping her up and swinging her around. Melissa grabbed the discarded bread and wrapped her son with her pink shawl.

"Alex dear, why didn't you tell me you were coming home so early? I wouldv'e gone to the store later." She hugged Alex and me tightly before adding, "How long have you guys been out in the rain?" When we said 2 hours, she rushed us inside.

We sat in the kitchen, our wet clothes dripping water everywhere. Surpisingly, the kitchen looked the same: Yellow paint and golden suns reflected Melissa's sunny attitude. The copper wire chairs and table looked anchient, but it was her husband's idea, so she decided to keep them after his death.

Robert Jones, Alex's dad, was killed during a raid 11 years ago. Daphne, 10 at the time, had to hold Alex, 8, everynight cause he was terrifyed those men would kill everyone. I remembered everyone in the Grade School was bringing flowers and placing them in Alex's cubby hole and his favorite hiding spot during recess. Those helped him, but he was still upset. But who could blame him? Losing your dad when you're 8 could scar any tough person for life.

Melissa wiped the water stains and placed two plates on the table. Though she had to go to the store, the food she had ready for us was large. When I ate a green grape, I wondered if the reason she needed to get more food was she wasted all her's trying to cook for us. Even though we could cook like you couldn't believe, No sane person can turn down Melissa Jones's freash hot biscuits.

When Alex was washing the dishes, I noticed Daphne and Melissa were coughing and sniffling. "You guys ok? I mean, did you guys catch the cold or something?" Melissa waved it off and continued to place the cold meats into the refridgerator.

"Yeah. Isabelle was sick a few days ago, so I may have caught it and gave it to Daphne. Nothing to worry about though." She handed me some dry clothes and told me to go ahead and switch out. Of course, I did so in front of Alex. I didn't care if he saw me half-naked. Techinally, he's seen me completely naked, so it's not like he's gonna see anything different.

With the dry clothes on, I packed some extra food and headed to the door. "Ok. It was nice to see you guys again. We'll be back in the morning." Alex grabbed a large umbrella and stepped out into the rain. He opened the umbrella and held it over me as we walked to my house. I didn't like the way he was treating me today: Letting me wear his jacket while we waited for Melissa, Holding the large umbrella over just me, and holding me in his arms when I was tired. He knew I hated when men treated me like that: Like I couldn't take care of myself.

As we walked down my road, I noticed no lights were on. Ms. Walter's garden light was off, which was strange because she pratically lived in her garden. Mr. Carm's flood lights were un hooked and sparking fiercely. Every house looked...abandoned. I huddled next to Alex, glad when he put his arm around my neck. It felt good there, despite it being wet and cold.

When we got to my house, the door was wide open. Alex stopped me and held me back but I waved him off. "When my parents fight, they leave the door open so they don't lock me out."

Over the years, my parents would constantly fight, throwing computers, flipping desks, and sometimes pulling out a gun or knife on the other. Everytime they leave, the last one to leave doesn't close the door because the last time they did, I was stuck sleeping in the yard for the night. So, the door being wide open and completely dark was normal for me.

I stepped inside and headed straight for the kitchen. I heard Alex fooling around with something, sounded like a picture frame, and dropped it. I rushed into the room and noticed Alex had taken his shirt off. I couldn't help but blush. I knew why too. Because the scar running down his chest looked smexy with his over-built frame.

Story behind his scar is a sad/funny story. There was a guy who was mentally unstable in our class. Everyday, people would tease him, flick him with rubber bands and push him down-Normal teenage stuff. Alex was the only one who talked to him. He would sit with him at lunch-this was when I was on the cheerleading squad, so I never sat with Alex then- and he would always talk with him during and after class. Then one day, the dude fucking snapped, brought a sickle to school, and slashed Alex straight up his chest. He said he couldn't stand the nice act Alex was trying to trick him with. He commited suicide in prison about 2 months later...What was I talking about?

Oh right, Alex. He wrung his wet t-shirt out and bent over to pick up the shatered picture frame. It was captioned, "Kate and Alex, first day of High School." I saw Alex smile and place the picture- just the picture, not the frame- onto the end table. He turned and headed towards the stairs. "Good night Kate." He disappeared up the steps, my legs turning to jelly when he was gone.

I still couldn't believe I dumped the cutest boy in the entire school over a small disagreement over what was more fun: Skateboarding or playing football.- Don't judge me.- I didn't think he would actually think I really meant it. But he did and know everytime we're alone, which is usually always, I can't stop thinking about how we used to sleep together at night. Or how he would skip school and take care of me of me when I was sick or scared. Or ditching class to make-out in the janitor's closet...I could remember every detail: His warms hands traveling down my body, caressing my hips, slowly lifting my dress up...

Wow, TIME OUT! I should NOT be thinking about that now. No Kate. Bad girl! That shouldn't be in my head, but I couldn't help it. He was too sexy...NO! Snap. The. Fuck. Out. Of. It!

When I finally got my head back, I ran up to my room. I opened my dresser and switched into my sleepwear. Wearing only a black polka dot bra-and-pantie set, I went downstairs again to get that picture Alex dropped. As I was leaving my room, Alex ran sraight into me, knocking me to the ground.


When he looked down at me, he blushed and looked away. I looked down and saw my breasts were hanging out of my bra. Embarassed like a motherfucker, I pulled my bra up and sat up. Alex kept looking away, refusing to even peek. Great. Way to keep up the cool charade Kate. What surprised me was when Alex pushed me back onto the floor, his mouth crashing down onto mine.

I didn't even deny it. I opened my mouth wide and let his tounge explore my mouth once again. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy that. I ran my hands down his grainy scar, his moan making me hot. I felt him pick me up and carry me to my bed. He laid me onto the bed slowly, his hands lingering on my chest.

When his hands were gone, so was my bra. When the silky cloth left my body, Alex's warm hands took it's place. I moaned even louder as he licked my chest. I felt him smirk against my skin, his lips moving down towards my wet panties. I knew once he took those off, there would be no stopping till we were tired.

He pushed the cloth aside and I felt his fingers enter my body. I moaned in pleasure louder and louder as he gained speed and added more fingers. Finally, his tounge took the place of his soaked fingers. I knew what he was gonna to do, so I spread my legs father apart, preparing myself for it.

He picked me up and sat me on his lap. I felt his hard erection push into me and I screamed out his name. I bounced up and down on his lap, making me wet when he moaned my name. We fell back onto the bed kissing each other. (It was the best night ever. :3)

I laid in my bed, tossing and turning constantly. I could hear Mommie and Sissie coughing and groaning. They told me not to worry. That they didn't want to get me sick again. But it didn't sound like a normal cold. I was just sneezing and coughing. But Mommie was stumbling around and Sissie was limping around.

When I heard them scream, I hid in closet. The scream wasn't human. It sounded like the scream from that movie Bubbie showed a few months ago. It was some zambie movie, and that's why I hid. I knew something had happened, but I was too scared to leave the room to be sure.

I held the little cell phone in my hand. I quickly dialed Bubbie's number. After 5 rings, it went to voicemail. By now, I heard clawing at my door. I ran into my closet and quietly closed the door. I curled up into a small ball and cried. Where is Bubbie? Why won't he answer? And what happened to my Mommie and Sissie? *SNAP* There went my door. I knew by then it was game over for me.