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It all happened so fast. I heard Kate scream and knew I fucked up. I grabbed the lowest branch and pulled myself up when I saw what happened. Kate was pinned by a little zombie, and it looked pissed.

I raised my pistol and fired 3 bullets. Thankfully, I missed the first two and the third shot straight into the decaying head of Little Suzie. Kate pushed the dead body off and slid towards me.

She wrapped her arms around me, crying her eyes out. Damn. She was almost killed already. Literally 3 minutes into the apocalypse and I left her in a treehouse with a zombie. If something happened to her because of me...

No. If ANYTHING happened to Kate, It would kill me. These damn zombies can try, but nothing is worse than losing Kate. I wrapped my jacket around her before jumping out again. When Kate fell, I held out my arms and caught her.

Cause, knowing her, she was still scared from my decision to jump off the roof.

I set her on the ground before looking at the street. Was it only a few seconds ago when corpses were walking around? Yeah, the bodies were still there. For some reason, I thought it was all a dream. But, that's not realistic.

I handed Kate the fully-loaded pistol. I thought she would argue. She used to say that guns never solved anything useful. And I was waiting for her to say that so I could say, "We're alive, aren't we?" But she took it, no arguing what-so-ever. Well, that's no fun.


I looked at her.

"Do you think Dustin's alright?" I froze.

Damn. That was a good question. Dustin was worse than Kate in situations like this. I remember he couldn't even watch a zombie movie without flipping out. So, how would he cope with a real-life zombie movie? I knew he wouldn't be like us: Have guns ready and a good plan and back-up plan. I even considered the likely: That he was already a zombie.

I didn't say any of that outload though. I knew how much Kate loved Dustin and how she never stopped thinking about him when they were apart. I envy Dustin. Sure, he can't do half the stuff I can and isn't really popular with the girls, but at least he can make Kate happy. And I fucked up. She deserves better than me...

Before I could beat myself up anymore, I started walking down the street. I heard Kate right behind me, her unevened breathing making me uneasy. That was too easy. I mean, yeah, Kate almost died and 20 zombies tried to eat me like dessert. But I knew things were worse in town. Why wouldn't it be?

We kept walking, the street becoming more and more like a black hole. The farther we walked into it, the less we heard or saw around us. I heard a voice, but I couldn't understand the words. I knew Kate was trying to say something, but I didn't hear her. I looked at her and saw the look of terror on her face. Whatever she was thinking about was bad.

"What's wrong Kate?" I reached out to her. I noticed her eyes never left whatever was in front of her, so I followed her gaze.

I felt my heart fall at the horrible sight.

We made it to my house. It looked so different, though we were there only 2 hours ago. The windows were cracked and glass was scattered along the concrete. The pool was drained, a black gunk at the bottom and blood on the walls. The door was clawed to Hell and back, the hinges rusted and broken. Walking all around the house were about 10 zombies.

I didn't hesitate for even a second. I raised the uzi up and started dropping the zombies. I saw Kate shoot some with the pistol and I knew we had this. When the last one fell, I bolted to the destroyed door. I screamed for my mom. I I looked in all of Isabelle's hiding places, I searched my mom's sewing room, and I checked every closet and guest room. When I reached the stairs, I heard Isabelle scream.

I raced up the stairs. At the top, I was able to see two people. I looked closely and saw they were zombies. The tall one was barely clinging to it's falling arm, it's outfit in rags and smothered in blood. The one with the ponytail lost one of it's legs, which was in it's hand beating the shut door. I raised my gunout of instint, but I couldn't shoot. Why? Because the zombies turned and I saw who it was.

It was mom and Daphne. I wanted to look away, but I wasn't capable to do so. I heard footsteps behind followed by a small gasp. I felt a tear dart down my face. There were only two options that we could do: Shoot my mom and sister to save Isabelle, or leave her to become a zombie too. I couldn't think of any other solution. Plus, We would be putting them out of their misery.

Kate walked in front of me, her pistol pointed at my mom. She didn't say anything. She didn't have to. I knew we had to do this. And I knew that if I planned to survive this nightmare, I would have to be able to shoot a loved one that was bitten. I raised my own pistol and pointed it at Daphne.

I tried to think of all the bad things Daphne did to me over the years. I remembered the time she sent me on a wild goose chase just so she could decide who got the last movie ticket. I remembered how she pushed me in the dried out well and left me there for 4 days. And I remembered how she pushed me off the balcony and almost killed me. But, no matter what I thought of, I still didn't want to shoot her. Finally, I said "I love you" to her and my mom, and me and Kate fired our bullets.

They fell to the ground.

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