Hello. This would Definitely not Be a very good way to make a first impression, with these awful poems. I apologize for the Scarring that may occur. I wrote these when I was in Fifth grade, so they are Terrible.


There once was a man with a cold,

Because he ate some mold,

His name was Dave,

He lived in a cave,

And he was very, very old.


A parrot I know went walking,

He walked and Kept squawking,

A man stopped and stared,

the parrot just glared,

And said 'Sir, please stop Gawking.'


People were Paving,

So he started saving,

But which to choose,

How 'bout that moose?

Then the cave came caving.


Today Bill found a dime,

Then the Dime started to Mime,

Bill felt Skunky,

A bit like a monkey,

Finding out the Dime liked to Rhyme.

Horrible Poems. They are my shame. I apologize.

I am Rawr a Dino-Griff