Dear Amy,

My best friend, who is a guy, likes me! He asked me out...but I don't feel the same way about him...or at least I'm not sure I do. If we date and break up it would make our friendship all awkward wouldn't it? Any advice Amy?

From Let's Just Stay Friends

Dear Let's Just Stay Friends,

I say go for it! By going for it I mean try the date who knows you might just like him! And if not STRONGLY suggest to him that it wasn't meant to be, but the girl in your Bio Class is pretty hot. *wink wink*

I left with Conner. Ruby left earlier giving me really hateful looks as I hopped into the passenger side of his vehicle. She couldn't honestly blame me for Conner choosing me to spend the night at his house? But of course she did. It's okay blame the nice girl, she's just gonna roll with the punches it doesn't matter. And that's what I did. I rolled with the least until I got in the car.

"Ugh!" I groaned slamming my head on the headrest of the seat. "Are you oblivious as to how she treats me?" I asked cracking one eye open.

From my peripheal vision I saw the corner of Conner's mouth tilt up into a lopsided smile. "No," he said still smiling, "But I'm not gonna fight your battles. Guy code rule number three: Stay out of girl drama unless she's your girlfriend. We're not dating so I'm staying out of it."

To tell you the truth the only words I heard him say was. Girlfriend, and we're dating. Oh if only it was true. If only I could be so lucky as to have snagged the perfect guy.

In a way, I kind of understood where he was coming from. Because if he takes up for me, then it would seem like he liked me more than he did Ruby, which was probably true, but no one needs to know that. I sighed.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked glancing over at me.

"Stuff," I muttered jutting my lower lip out like a five year old who just got told she couldn't have any cookies.

Conner reached over and ruffled my hair. "It'll be okay. Ignore her like I do. If she hits you that's when I'll step in."

I gasped and blushed turning the same shade as my hair. He pulled up to my little dinky house.

"Come on grab your girl clothes and let's go to my place."

Wanna know how long it took me to pack? Five minutes! Yes I was that excited. I stuffed whatever I laid my hands on first into my duffel bag and hightailed it back to his car. Conner's house isn't that far away from mine. Maybe a mile at the most. We made it in about five minutes. He pulled up to the big white house with blue trimming. Now since the boy's driving around in a brand spanking new Merc you know he has money. Which is why I love sleeping over at Conner's house. It's so big, and him being the humble hot thing he is just shrugs it off like it's no big deal. And to him it isn't. When you've grown up with money all of your life (example Ruby and Conner) new cars and big houses don't exactly surprise you. Unlike Kwan and me who drool at the sight of their bedroom sizes.

"Aly," cried Mrs. Grant throwing her arms around me. That's another thing, rich people they always tend to be beautiful. Prime example Mrs. Grant and her son. Her son is hot no questions asked. Her: she's like the forty year old Cameron Diaz. Cameron Diaz is younger than forty right? I don't know but that's who she looks like all blonde with full lips-WITHOUT SURGERY-and pretty. Plus she's nice. Super duper nice. Like the time when I first spent the night at Conner's, and forgot my underwear so she sneaked me a fresh pair of hers. Let me tell you she was the one who inspired me to give Victoria Secrets a try.

"Hi Mrs. Grant," I beamed offering her my cheek to kiss, which she always did. Conner's dad, like always was up in his office. He winked at me as we passed by. Secretly I think he thinks Conner and I are doing the dirty every time I spend the night because he's always very cautious as to tip toe pass Conner's door. Also one time I went down the hall to go pee because Conner was in the shower, and I ran into Mr. Grant. He just looked at me, grinned nervously, and backed away like I was the plague or something. So apparently to Mr. Grant all I want is the "D."

Conner pulled me to his room and locked the door. (NOT HELPING!) Now from what we were brainwashed to think about boys' rooms is that they're stinky, cluttered, and may possibly have living creatures underneath the bed from three month old sushi. That's not the case with Conner. His room is spotless. It's a lot cleaner than mine. Bigger too. Plus it really shows who he really is. Like the fact that he has an entire three part bookshelf in one corner lined with bestsellers and screenplays. Another thing is his walls for instance. You turn off the lights, he has constellations on the ceiling made up of glow in the dark stars. I helped him do it two years ago, the beginning of freshman year. When I thought, "Oh my gosh this hot guy really likes me!" But as you know already it never moved past friendship. Moving on to his canopy bed courtesy of Mrs. Grant. It's white and brown matching the eggshell carpet of his room. Covering the walls is, not half-naked chicks on sports cars, but movie posters of The Original Ghostbusters, The Little Rascals, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and I kid you not, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Don't judge him. He has a fascination with the werewolves. Plus he loves dissecting it bit by bit labeling all the mistakes of Twilight. Which brings me to the overlarge desk and iMac computer and laptop covering the surface. He's a freaking whiz kid and a gamer. Call of Duty is the first game on his bookshelf, next would be Assassin's Creed, the next after that...Rugrats. That would be my fault. The Rugrats game is awesome deal with it.

"Okay," he said pulling me onto the bed. (AGAIN NOT HELPING MR. GRANT'S THEORY!) "I've narrowed it down to ten Seniors."

I cocked my head to the side and gave him a "Wtf?" look.

He rolled his eyes gesturing to the pictures that were strewned across his comforter. Faces of random Seniors that I've seen in the hallways and maybe heard about, but never really knew. Among those faces were Amy Packard. I held it up.


He snatched it back and placed it back among the others. "Yes. I don't know she might be it. Jesus give me a break, Aly I really want to know who she is."

"You!" I said poking him in the chest. "You are psychotic. You really need professional help. Leave Ask Amy alone! Because if you find out who she is she'll lose her position forever. You think she wants that?!"

Conner chewed on his bottom lip thoughtfully then shrugged. "You know how I am with puzzles. All of them were so obvious that I didn't need to guess. Her, she keeps me guessing."

My eyes popped open at this. "You sound...nevermind." I trailed off turning my head to the side praying what I was thinking wasn't true.

He turned my face forcing me to meet his green gaze. "I sound what?"

I sighed heavily. "Nothing. It's stupid."

"No," he said more forcefully. "Tell me."

"You sound like you're in love with her!" I shouted then closed my hand over my mouth wishing I could reach through the air, grab the words, and shove them back down my throat. This is what happens when your mouth acts before your brain tells it to.

Conner swallowed his Adam's apple bulging a bit. "I don't," he said unconvincingly. He narrowed his eyes at me when I snorted. "I don't!" He repeated. Using his left hand he ran it through his untidy hair. "Look I don't love her, but I do sorta like her."

"Like her?" I yelled in disbelief. "You don't even know her! For all you know she could be a guy!" He gave me a look. "Okay I digress she may not be a guy, but still."

This could not be happening. This could not be happening. Sure I want him to like me, but I want him to like ME! Not the cool alter ego of me. Because I know what's gonna happen. If he finds out it's me he's gonna be basically like, "Oh it's you...yeah sorry I don't want you."

"Whatever," was his almighty comeback.

"I'm going take a shower," was what I chose to respond with. I searched through my suitcase through my phone, my bag of Ask Amy letters, and to my clothes.

The hot water calmed me, made me relax. I was stepping out when Conner asked if I wanted Chinease. I responded with a yes, and he asked if he could use my cell since he left his in the car.

You know you're in trouble when everything goes deafly quiet and you can only hear the soft whir of the blowdryer. Yeah when I turned that off you could hear a pin drop. You wanna know when you're really in trouble? You step outside and there's this six foot three hottie bearing down on you holding something in his hand.

"How long?" was all he asked holding a scrappy piece of paper in his hand. On that paper:

Dear Amy,

I'm in sooooooooooo much trouble. I snuck out to meet my boyfriend after midnight and now my parents are threatning to send me to an all girl's boarding school. I'll never see him again! HELP!

From All Girls and No Boys Makes Me A Sad Girl

The letter was kinda ironic too, seeing as how we were both in trouble. I gulped finally meeting Conner's blazing eyes.

"Well Aly...or should I say Amy?"

Oh. Boy.