Chapter 1

Daniel drove the car while Jackie held the week old baby boy in her arms. Coming home never felt so good for the new parents. After a week in the hospital both mother and child were released and in good health.

Fred and Daniel converted Bobby's old bedroom into a nursery for the little boy. Fresh coat of blue paint and bright red planes graced the walls. A crib in the corner and a changing table with all the accessories placed in reach.

Upon receiving a bassinet during the baby shower, Jackie had placed that piece of furniture in the master bedroom so the baby will be near for nighttime feedings.

Jackie was grateful that Bambi had her daughter before their son. She found her friend to be a source of information on what to expect. A far better source than the thin pamphlet the hospital sent home with them.

She was also thankful she didn't have the weird cravings that Bambi endured and gained little weight. However, Ambrose wasn't so lucky as he endured what Don described as a "sympathetic pregnancy." Since Jackie didn't have morning sickness, Ambrose did. Jackie didn't have cravings, Ambrose did.

She will never forget seeing Ambrose and Bambi eating pickles and ice cream towards the end of Bambi's pregnancy. Nor will she forget watching Ambrose have labor pains as Bambi went into labor. Every aspect of pregnancy that could happen to a woman also happened to Ambrose.

The little boy was perfect, a thick head of dark hair, blue eyes and a tiny mouth, sleeping peacefully in his mother's arms on his way home. Naming the boy wasn't easy for Jackie nor could Daniel agree on a name. The duty fell upon Fred as Jackie was too far medicated to be coherent and Daniel was too nervous to make any sense.

The boy was named John Frederick Garrett. The grandfather tried very hard to name the boy Frederick John but Daniel nixed the idea. But he did allow for John Frederick after much guilt bashing by the father of the incoherent mother.

"How's Johnny?" asked Daniel glancing over at the new baby.

"He's perfect," she replied. She grinned at him, "He looks just like you."

He smiled, "At least he doesn't look like Fred. Bad enough he's got his name."

"I can't believe my father actually got to name him," she remarked. "Wonder if my name would have been John if my I was a boy?"

"Jackie is female for John, isn't it?" asked Daniel.

She debated, "Yeah, I think it kind of is."

"Don't let him call my son 'Jack.'" Daniel then insisted, "His name is John or Johnny…Not Jack."

"What's the matter with "Jack?'"

Daniel winced, "Nothing, just your father would be acting like he was his son and he's my son."

"He's his grandson," she reminded.

"Yup," agreed Daniel. "But he's my son…Not his."

"I'm sure Dad will make an excellent grandpa," she assured him.

The car pulled into the drive and parked before the farmhouse. Daniel helped his wife and new son into the house on the cold winter day.

Fred and Don waited for the Jackie to arrive home with the baby, two grown men waiting for a new child to arrive just for the sake of seeing him. Fred had made a cradle for little Johnny and had it ready and waiting in the living room for the newest member of the family.

Jackie really just wanted to rest in the comfort of her own home. She was grateful that Daniel asked her friends to give her a few days to adjust upon coming home before visiting her. Though Jackie loved to play with Bambi and Frank's baby girl, Debbie she welcomed the small gathering.

Fred helped her inside the home, taking her bag and coat. Gazing at the small baby she held.

"Cold out there," he mentioned.

"Freezing," added Daniel.

"I got the cradle all ready for him," said Fred.

Jackie placed the baby in her father's arms, "Good, you can put him in it."

Fred stood nervously holding the child for it was the first time he got to hold him.

Shaking he asked her, "You want me to put him in?"

She chuckled, "Did you forget how?"

He confessed, "It's been a long time since I held a baby."

"It's like riding a bike, Dad. Once you learn how, you never forget."

He held the baby close to his chest and slowly walked over to the cradle, gently placing him down in the bed, turning him on his side.

Don chuckled, "Yup, that's how he held you, Jackie. Once you learn how, you never forget."

Fred shot him a look, "Very funny, Don."

He shrugged, "I thought so."

She asked, "You three think you can handle him while I go rest for a bit? I didn't sleep very well in the hospital."

"Sure," her father replied. "I raised you all by myself. Heck, I can handle this."

Daniel looked on at the two grown men dotting over his child. He asked his wife an important question.

"Do they change diapers?"

Fred shook his head, "I changed her diapers. You can change his."

Jackie kissed him on the cheek before going to lie down, "Guess not…On your own, honey."

"I'll be fine," he assured. "Have some whole milk in the fridge. You go lay down."

"Don't over heat it," she reminded.

"We're fine, honey." He kissed her once more, "Go get some sleep."

Jackie was soon fast asleep in her cozy warm bed. Her mind went into dream state and to an old dream she had repeatedly as a child. The very dream that drove her into her father's arm after her mother passed.

She felt herself floating above her bed, in the dark of night. Then she began to float right through her bedroom door and into the kitchen, turned once while floating on her back and out the backdoor of the old home. She couldn't move, her eyes wide open and she could see a wash of white light upon the side of her home. She thought it was the moon at first. Then she floated across the backyard and into total darkness.

Jackie suddenly sat up in bed. She was breathing deep and couldn't make any sense of the strange dream but remembered she had the dream before. Wet with sweat she looked at the clock. She had been asleep for two hours. She got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to freshen up.

She could smell dinner cooking as she made her way downstairs. Jackie looked into the living room where her father sat with the baby and bottle in his hands, a cloth over his shoulder, feeding the newborn some milk. He looked up at her.

"You okay?" he wondered. "You look a little pale."

"I'm fine, Dad." She pointed towards the kitchen, "Daniel cooking dinner?"

He nodded, "Don's helping…God help us all."

She nodded and went into the kitchen for some water. Upon entering the kitchen she went right for the sink and took a glass, filled it water and gulped it down.

Daniel looked upon her shaken state, "You okay, Jackie?"

She bobbed her head, "Just this really strange dream."

Daniel was working over the stove, "You had a nightmare?"

Don sat at the table slicing the loaf of bread. His ear perked up at the news.

"You used to have nightmares a lot as a kid, Jackie," he reminded.

She confessed, "It was the same nightmare I had as a kid, Uncle Don."

"Tell me about the dream," stated Daniel. "It might help if you talk about it."

Still shaking she took a seat at the table. Before she could speak her father came into the kitchen still holding the baby. He sat down and looked upon her in concern.

"You alright?" asked he.

"I had that nightmare that I used to have as a kid."

"The one you had after your mother died?"

She asked, "What did I tell you as a kid?"

He shrugged, "Not much of anything. You couldn't really describe the dream or talk about it. Never knew what it was about."

"It's a really strange dream," she confessed. "I wake up in the dream and I'm floating above my bed. I then float, flat on my back, out my bedroom and into the kitchen. It's dark and you're not up. I then turn and float right out the backdoor of the old house we stayed at. I can see white light all over the house and I remember thinking the moon was very bright. I then float, still flat on my back, across the yard and then into some…Thing. It's dark and then I wake up sweating and shaking. I don't know how to explain it, why I'm floating and why I can't move but I can see."

The men looked at one another. No one had any explanation for the dream.

"That is strange," Daniel agreed.

"Very weird," stated Don.

Fred shrugged, "It's just a dream, honey…Nothing scary in it, no monsters or anything. Why are you so shaken by it?"

She shrugged, "I honestly don't know. I'm just afraid of them."

"Them?" asked Daniel. "Who?"

She shrugged, "I don't remember."

Don suggested, "Maybe you are only remembering part of the dream? I wonder if that hypnosis would help you remember the rest?"

"I don't know if I want to remember the rest," she admitted.

"Best to confront the demons," replied Don, "especially if this dream has been with you your entire life. Jackie, you had the nightmare after your mother died. Now, after the baby is born you having it again. Maybe there is a connection you need to address?"

"I suppose you're right," she told them. "The college has a course in psychology. Maybe I should see if they can put my under hypnosis?"

"Worth a shot," agreed Daniel. "I don't like seeing you this shaken up. It's not like you."

She sipped her water and then admitted, "I've never felt this scared before. I don't like feeling like this. I'll call the college in the morning."

Jackie lay on the sofa of the office of Dr. Morgan. The office was very well furnished with a desk, many bookshelves filled with all sorts of textbooks, a table with a tape recorder perched next to the wall and a large leather seat perched next to the table.

Dr. Morgan was a stout man, with gray hair combed over the side. His skin wrinkled with age, his hazel eyes sparkled as he slowly placed Jackie into the hypnotic trance.

Using a piano timer, the ticking was essential in allowing her mind to gain the rhythm of the tick-tock. Slowly she began to relax, softly drifting back through her consciousness.

Daniel was allowed to observe the session, providing he sit quietly and just watch. He had never seen her so agitated before, for Jackie feared nothing as far as the man could tell. She didn't fear death or pain; she didn't fear poverty or need. But she feared this dream; it had shaken her and provoked her into a state of anxiety.

Dr. Morgan turned on the tape recorder to record the session, checking her pulse and breathing, he was satisfied she was in the state he wished. He spoke softly, gentle in tone.

"Jackie, I want you to remember the dream you had the other day."

She stirred slight, "Floating." Her voice was soft and nearly monotone.

"Yes, the floating dream. Can you tell me about the dream?"

She paused for a moment then began, "I'm waking up. I'm floating above my bed."

"How old are you in the dream?" asked the doctor.

"I'm six," she told him. "I'm floating above my bed. I cannot move, it feels like I'm in something. A cocoon of some sort, I can see around me but not move."

"Then what happened in the dream?"

She spoke still in the trance, "I start to move, head first right out of my bedroom. The door is black and I pass right through it. I'm floating on my back, head first, into the kitchen. I stop and turn, still on my back, my head towards the back door. I start to move again, I can see light coming through the kitchen windows. It's very bright. I go through the door; it looks black as I pass through it. I'm outside. I am looking at the house. White light is coming from behind me. It's brighter than moon. I hear nothing, no sounds, nothing. It's summer, the trees have leaves. I float across the yard and into something black."

The doctor asked, "Do you remember what happens next?"

She paused for a moment as her mind sought the answer, "I'm waking up on a floor. It's made of grates, but does not feel like metal. It's black with speckles of silver in it. It feels room temperature, not cold. I'm looking through the grate underneath where I am laying. My fingers cannot go through the small holes; I'm playing with the feel of the grate. I focus on beneath; there is a large white pipe against a white wall. The lighting is red. There is another pipe above the white pipe, it's black. I roll over to my side and look around the room.

The room is semi-circle in shape, it's very dark. There is a leather padded bench that is attached to the wall, it goes in a semicircle. I see a man sitting on the bench. He is very thin, his skin is very pale. His hair is red and he is wearing a brown sweater, with a brown shirt. Brown slacks and leather brown shoes with no laces. He is sitting, watching me with his legs crossed, his hands resting on his knee.

I look over and see another child about my age. He is wearing blue pajamas with clouds printed on them. His hair is black; he is playing with a box with lights beaming out.

I know him, his name is Timmy. I go over and play with him and the light box. The box makes a pattern of lights and you must copy the pattern by touching the side of the box. It's triangle shape, with gold paint. It doesn't feel like metal, like Bakelite...Like the grate. I hear the man call my name.

I get up and walk over to him. I place my hands on his leg, it feels very boney. I ask him 'What is it grandfather?' he tells me it's time to go back. I want to stay and play some more with Timmy and box. He tells me I have to go back now. I then wake up in my bed."

"Is that the entire dream, Jackie?"

She replied, "I do not know."

"What do you mean you do not know?"

Jackie paused a moment, "I do not know if it was a dream."

The doctor paused, "You think it was real?"

She replied, "I do not know."

He decided to end the reading, "On the count of five, Jackie…You will wake back up…One, two, three, four, five."

She sucked in a deep breath and her eyes fluttered open. She looked over at Daniel who sat with the most disturbed look upon his face.

"What did I say?" she asked unable to recall.

"You just described some sort of abduction," he told her, "a very weird abduction. You need to listen to that tape, Jackie."

She gave a funny look, "Abduction? Who would abduct me?"

"Apparently your grandfather," he shrugged. "Who has some really advanced equipment."

She gave a funny look, "What?"

The doctor assured her, "I will let you listen to the tape. Keep in mind that your mind may have invented the whole thing in a dream state. Or…"

"Or what?" she asked.

Dr. Morgan took a deep breath, "There have been others who I have helped regress and they have told me similar dreams. I'm beginning to see a pattern and I would like to do more regressions with you."

Daniel held up his hand, "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You say other people have had dreams like that. That there is a pattern?"

The doctor nodded, "I'm working with the Air Force in cataloging some of these…Abductions. It's called Project Blue Book. I would like to add your wife's experience to the catalog. There are men, high ranking men in the military, who think these abductions could be extraterrestrial in nature."

"What?" Daniel couldn't believe his ears. "Extraterrestrial? Like, from another planet?"

Dr. Morgan shrugged, "I don't really know the answer to that Mr. Garrett but your wife experienced something that many others have also experienced. I don't think it was a dream but a depressed memory coming back as a dream. Any being with the technology to do what she described would have the technology to suppress the memory of the abduction. There is a lot of interest by the government into this phenomenon. And your wife has given us a tremendous amount of information in just one sitting. I would like to try more regressions with her."

Daniel looked at her, "That's gonna up to you, Jackie."

"I wanna hear the tape," she told them.

They drove home; Jackie sat silently recalling the words on the tape recording. It was so detailed, so realistic she had a hard time believing it was nothing more than a dream. But a dream was only logical conclusion. The other conclusion, some sort of an advanced race of beings taking her from her bed as she slept and bringing her into some sort of room or maybe even craft was just incomprehensible. She stared out the window of the car, silent in thought.

Daniel looked over at her gaze, "You okay?"

She gave a nod, "Yeah, I'm fine, just a little shaken up. Wish I never dreamed that."

"It was just a dream," assured Daniel.

She looked over at him, "You ever see a foo fighter during the war?"

"Heard about them," he shrugged, "never saw one for myself."

"I did, when I was flying for the RAF. Neither I nor Percy could figure the damn thing out. It took us by surprise. Few circles around us and then shot straight up in the air. It was gone in a split second. I wondered if I was seeing things at first. I never could figure out what it was."

"Pilot fatigue?" he guessed.

"Then why did Percy and I both see it?" she asked.

He shrugged, "No idea."

"Me neither," she told him. "I want to call Percy when we get home."

He scoffed, "It's late at night in London now. Percy won't like that."

She retorted, "It's not that late. Besides, we get better rates if we call later at night. You're the one always looking to save a dime."

He nodded, "And we would save even more if you just write him a letter."

She made a face, "How did you get to be so cheap?"

He corrected her, "Frugal is not cheap. And I get it from my mother."

She rolled her eyes, "You're cheap." She looked back out the window. Her mind started drifting to faraway thoughts once more.

"What ya thinking?" asked Daniel.

She shook herself from the state, "I was just having a day-mare."

"'Day-mare?'" asked Daniel.

"Like a nightmare but during the day," she replied, "I was just wondering if they would come for Johnny too."

"You think they are real," he gathered.

"I think they are real and will come back," she told him. "I don't know what they are or where they are from. But I have some sort of connection to these beings and they will come back. I know they will. And the worst part is, I will be helpless to stop it. I couldn't stop it as a little kid and I will not be able to stop it now."

"I'm sure your imagination is just getting the better of you," he told her.

"I hope you're right," she confessed. "I really do hope you are right."

Upon returning home Jackie tried to put the hypnotic regression session behind her. She was visually shaken by the event but didn't wish to speak about it. She went to Johnny's room to sit with her baby. She just wanted to make sure he was okay.

Fred and Don sat down at the kitchen table with Daniel as he poured himself a cup of coffee. Both men were equally concerned for Jackie wasn't acting anything like her happy go-lucky-self.

Fred asked, "What the hell happened at the college? What about Dr. Morgan? What did he do?"

Daniel cupped his hand together, "Dr. Morgan just did a basic hypnotic regression with her. She started to remember the dream and started to explain it in detail. We recorded it to play it back to her in case she didn't remember. It was the oddest description I have ever heard.

She said she was six years old in the dream, described floating right out of the house and into something. She then described waking up in this room. Was dark and had a grated floor. The detail, it was like she was touching it. She said it felt like Bakelite instead of metal. But it looked like metal. She said there was another child with her; she said his name was Timmy. Described the pajamas this boy was wearing, his hair, everything. There was this man, sitting on a bench that was right attached to the wall. She described him as being thin, pale looking, red hair and wearing brown. She claimed he was her grandfather in the dream. Tell me about her grandfather, Fred. Anything like that?"

Fred blinked in astonishment, "Wow, grandfather? Gosh, Jackie never had a grandfather. My father died when I was a kid and her mother never knew her father, left when she was young. Jackie never had a grandfather to begin with."

"The detail she gave out is mind blowing, Fred. She described him, like she could draw him…His skin, his hair, boney legs. It was just…Weird."

Don asked, "What did Dr,. Morgan make of it?"

"Well, he thinks it might be real and not a dream. A memory she suppressed, though I'm not convinced. He said there other's coming and reporting similar experiences. He claimed she was recalling an alien abduction and the Air Force has some project going to catalog them. It's called Project Blue Book."

Fred nodded, "Yeah, heard about that. They are investigating the UFO sightings. Too many pilots reported the foo fighters during the war to ignore it."

"Jackie says she saw one, engaged it with Percy and it flew off. She wants to call him tonight."

Don suggested, "Maybe Percy can calm her nerves a bit, especially since he saw it too."

"Jackie told me she is afraid they will come and take the baby," stated Daniel. "That's why she went right up there, to check on him. She says she fells powerless around them and is afraid of them."

"Them," asked Fred. "The man she described? There would be more than just him?"

Daniel shrugged, "If it was real, it would make sense there would be many people involved."

Don suggested, "Or it could have been a dream. Hard to tell, no evidence she was ever taken as a kid."

Fred gave a sigh, "No, but there was UFO's spotted by the boys. Remember the spheres? Men saying they saw flying balls of light."

"It could have been anything," replied Don.

"I know," agreed Fred. "Just…The dream is kind of weird and well, her mother never knew her father. Then there is Kara Roberts and you know, it kind of blows my mind how much like Jackie's mom she is. It's like they were long lost identical twins. Kara Roberts and Jackie's mom…Well, sometimes it kind of freaks me out a little bit."

"Is that why you haven't married her yet, Fred?" asked Don. "Because I though you would have by now. Rich lawyer who adores you, looks just like our Kara and acts a lot like her too."

Fred had to admit, "It freaks me out. It's like twins but Kara Roberts has a family, was born to her own mother and father. But, yeah, just like my Kara. Jackie's mom was just as smart as Jackie. Kara Roberts is just as smart too. It's really is freaky."

"I wonder if Kara would have anything to add," stated Don.

"How would she have anything to add?" wondered Daniel.

Don put forth a hypothesis, "Kara Roberts is so much like Jackie's mom that I often wonder if there is a genetic connection. I know she was born to the Roberts family but if what Jackie described is real? Then it's possible for someone with technology that advanced to maybe deal in some sort of genetic experiments. I know there is no way of testing Jackie's mother's genetics against Kara Roberts but boy I would love to see if they are related."

"Maybe there is?" suggested Daniel. "Do a blood test between Fred, Jackie and Kara. That should give you a good idea if they are genetically bonded."

Don agreed, "They can use the blood typing. Jackie has a rare blood type, right?"

Fred nodded, "Yeah, the hospital found that out in London when she had surgery. I remember the docs telling me how rare her blood type was."

Daniel asked, "Think Kara will agree to a blood test?"

Fred shrugged, "I have no idea how she will take all this."