Chapter 5

"I found her," shouted Daniel as he hovered over Jackie's limp body in the barn. She had been missing for some time. She simply had went outside to do some chores and vanished. Her family searched everywhere for her and then to find her laying on a pile of old hay in the barn was just the oddest thing.

There she was, sleeping soundly on a pile of hay in the barn, as if she was gently placed in the pile to rest. Daniel knelt down beside her, gently shaking her.

"Jackie, you awake?" asked he.

She slowly came too, unsure just where she was at first. The barn! She was in the barn. She had stepped out for a moment but she did not recall ever laying down on a hay pile.


Daniel chuckled, "You had us so scared. We've been looking all over for you. You fell asleep in the barn, Jackie." He started to help her up.

"I was taken…Again." She looked down at herself, brushed the hay off her trousers and then upon the curious faces that filed into the barn.

Sadie asked, "What you mean you were taken…Again. You're not still having those dreams…Are you?"

Jackie debated what to say, the truth sounded so far from sanity she opted to back track her story, "Um, I just dreamed that floating dream again."

Actually she had no recollection of floating at all. But she recalled the conversation with her grandfather in the recovery room just fine.

"Maybe it's your mind's way of dealing with the cancer," suggested Sadie. "Floating, feeling free…Maybe that's what causing those weird dreams?"

Jackie informed her, "I'm not gonna die of cancer. Matter of fact, I'm gonna beat it. You'll see…I'm gonna live."

"That's the spirit," her father cheered, figuring a positive attitude could go a long way in such a battle.

Sadie being a medical student knew her chances were slim, "How do you plan on beating it, Jackie? Space aliens coming to cure you? It's a dream, honey…Nothing more."

She searched the information in her mind for the recommendations she was left with. Her grandfather was able to implant what she needed to do to help in her recovery along with the advanced technology he was employing for the aggressive cancer.

"Cannabis," she told them, "it would help starve the aggressive cells by disrupting the protein…"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa…" her husband waved his hands about, "What?"

"It would help starve the cancer cells by disrupting the protein on the cells outer walls," she explained. "It will also make me eat. I can't ingest it through. I need to either render it down through a process to a liquid or simply smoke some."

Her father laughed, "My daughter wants to smoke dope then letter smoke dope, Daniel. It's not gonna hurt her! Who knows, maybe she's right about the health benefit."

"She's not smoking reefer, Fred," replied Daniel. "They just outlawed it."

"I need that planet," she told him.

Her father, a man with many sources, grinned, "I'll get ya some. I'll put a few plants out back for medicinal purposes."

"Fred," scolded Daniel.

"What?' he shrugged. "She's got cancer and if it helps, I'm not gonna stop her from using it. The kid's a genius and if she's right, then maybe it will help her, Daniel."

Sadie added, "There might be something to it, Daniel. If she's willing to try it to save her life, then by all means do it. You should see some of the chemicals they want to pump into cancer patients to see if it will do just what she described."

"Alright," he agreed, willing to do anything to save her life. "Just don't tell anyone."

"We won't," agreed Fred. "Cigarette, Jackie?"

"Is commercially grown tobacco?"

"Yeah, why?"

She shook her head, "It has to be naturally grown…No chemicals added and grown in natural fertilizer. Like the old days," she instructed. "Tobacco will help with digestion and the cannabis absorb into the cells faster."

"You've been researching natural cures, honey?" asked Daniel.

She shook her head, "They 'downloaded' me with I need to do."

"What?" he asked concerned.

She didn't wish to go into detail, "I just know what I need to do now, that's all. It was caused by the radiation of the core. I know how to fix it now."

"Core?" asked Fred.

"The metal in the case the orb took," she told him. "It's some sort of engine core that powers stuff."

Daniel grew concerned, "Jackie…Maybe we need to call…"

Fred interrupted, "She's not losing it, Daniel. Don and I both witnessed it. We know what she's talking about. That metal was some sort of energy core?"

She nodded, "It came from Roswell, New Mexico. It's part of whatever crashed there. We have to find the wreckage, Dad."

"Why?" he asked knowing it would be very difficult.

"It's needs to be destroyed before they reverse engineer it." Jackie continued, "It's not from Earth. It's from another planet. That's why they wanted me to ferry things secretly and why I got sick from it. The CIA has the wreck."

Sadie asked, "How do you know all this?"

"I remember it this time," she slowly admitted. "I was given instructions on what to do and I need to find the wreck."

Fred held up his think finger, "You remember it this time? What did they do? What they are and why you?"

"I'm their lead to finding the wreck," she told him. "They're human, not aliens like in the movies. Apparently there was great civilization of early humans here…On Earth…Thousands of years ago and they collapsed due to their own corruption. A few survived to this day and are holding onto advanced technology waiting for us to be mature enough to handle it. They said that during the height of that civilization they made contact with three other races…One human and two others. Those races are coming here and walking all over us because the first civilization is powerless to stop them. There aren't enough of them left to repel the other invaders. So, they are hiding from them and hoping we can take over when we are ready."

Sadie sucked in a breath, "Not sure what to make of that but when you get her some pot, Fred…Get some for me too. I'm gonna need it after that."


Fred went to work on his old friends trying to find what did crash in Roswell, New Mexico years prior. Being a retired general had its perks and one of those perks was access to sensitive material.

He soon realized the story in the papers about a weather balloon crashing was just a cover for the reactions to a query seemed alarming. He managed to get a meeting set up with General Higgins, the former colonel of the Bassingbourn Air Base that Jackie had snuck into back during the war.

Back in Washington DC, Fred waited for Higgins at a small out of the way diner. He sat at a table in the far corner and watched the door. Higgins entered wearing civilian clothing with a hat and sunglasses as an attempt to wear a disguise. He quickly found Fred and took a seat across from him.

"Morning," stated Fred looking at the attire, it struck the old man as odd that the general decided to come in disguise.

"Morning general," Higgins replied. He quickly looked about the diner to ensure no one was watching them.

Fred glanced around as well and then back to his friend, "Um…Expecting someone?"

"No," Higgins replied, "just making sure I wasn't followed. General, this is a very sensitive case. Why are you interested in it?"

"Jackie was ferrying something that was out of that crash for the CIA and now she's sick, she has cancer. I wanna want it is and what it did. Her life is in danger."

Higgins sighed, "I wish they never contacted her. If I had known I would stopped it."

"What do you know about it, Higgins?" asked Fred.

"We made contact, General Jackson. Initially, they wanted you onboard but you had retired and they didn't think you would come back. The CIA is working with the Pentagon to keep a lid on this thing. It's huge, sir. We made contact with beings who we call the Grays. They're little gray men and mean as hell. They crashed outside of Roswell in forty-seven. They know all about us, they know all our languages and have watching us for generations. They claimed to be gods, that they have rule over us. I guess god to them is supreme leader or something. Basically, as long as we don't interfere with whatever they do here they won't attack us. But they do make demands and they just do whatever they please. They take people for experiments; they take livestock and leave mutilated carcasses. It's disgusting and there is not a damn thing we can do to stop them."

"You wanna stop them?" asked Fred.

"A group of us do, some know the real power of the Grays and are pandering to them. Never thought I would see my country be sold out to little gray aliens. It's like everything we fought and suffered for was for nothing. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. They can shut down all our defenses remotely."

"What about other races?"

Higgins shrugged, "What other races? It's just us and these mean little gray men who are calling the shots now."

"Remember those foo fighters the pilots were reporting during the war?"

Higgins nodded, "I thought that were the Grays checking us out."

Fred shook his head, "Apparently there is another race called the Elders and these Grays won't cross them. I guess the Elders were here first and they are human not…Whatever the hell a little gray aliens is made out of."

"The Grays are aquatic; they have underwater bases on earth. They have been here a very long time, Fred." Higgins added, "I think they seeded many religions."

He nodded, "I imagine they could have done that."

"How did you know of the other ones? Did you make contact, sir?" asked Higgins.

Fred shook his head, "Jackie made contact with them. Guess they have a vested interest in her."

Higgins informed, "We need allies if we are going to defeat these little gray things. Could we establish contact with them?"

"I think they will only speak to certain people and on their terms," replied Fred. "They usually take her against her will and then wipe her memory clean. She only can recall portions of the abductions."

"They have taken her more than once?"

"Three times that I know off," replied Fred. "They did warn her about the Grays, said what you said…Mean and tricky. They also said there were two others to watch out for…The Greens, kind of like the Grays but not as bad and the Cirrians…Human's. I guess they all made contact with each other a long, long time ago. These Elders used to control Earth, they were the first civilization here and they used to be able to keep the others away. But, they collapsed and we've been fair game ever since. Bet with our technology increasing these little Gray guys are getting worried we might be able to kick their ass."

"They are hundreds of years ahead of us, sir." Higgins reported. "I liked it better when we fighting the Nazi's…Least then we knew the enemy and what they could do. But this, I've never felt so helpless in all my life. And the treason just stabs me in the back and every man who died fighting for this country during the war." He thought back on Jackie, "I hope she will be okay, sir. I would really hate to lose her."

"So would I," replied Fred.


Jackie tried to keep herself busy now that was not allowed to fly or drive. She remained home with Johnny and Davy much of the time. Having to care for a toddler was trouble enough add a mentally handicapped man into the mix and Jackie had her hands full.

Davy tried to help her as much as possible. He understood she was sick but did not understand just what cancer is or what it would do if untreated. Though Davy tried to help in essence he was a giant marshmallow. A pushover for any toddler and small child testing his boundaries found there were no boundaries for Davy…Biting, hair pulling and scratching all made Davy cry.

Jackie decided to get Davy into the kitchen when Johnny took his nap. They started making cookies together. As they worked there was a knock at the front door.

"I'll get it, Davy. You finish mixing in the chips." She swiftly left the kitchen and answered the door.

There he stood before her, pencil mustache and fedora hat topped upon his perfect hair. Percy Quill still looked gorgeous after all these years.

"Percy," she threw her arms around him in surprise. "I didn't expect to see you."

"I had to come after I found out," he told her. His voice crackled as he tried to not sound depressed from the news.

"I'm gonna beat it," she assured him.

He squeezed her tight, "I know you will fight harder than anyone else."

"You staying for a while?" she asked pulling away.

"If you insist," he accent shined through. "I understand you rent rooms out."

"I don't have an extra room but you can sleep in Davy's room. He has bunk beds. You can have the top one, Davy can't climb up in it very well."

"Davy is…"

"Daniel's brother," she replied. "I'll warn ya…He's mentally retarded though."

"The best audience that I have ever had was a group of retarded men and woman from a local hospital in London," he recalled. "Something about the mentally inept that makes them appreciate arts far more than normal people. I will be fine staying in the room. I bet he likes music."

"Loves music," she grinned.

She heard Davy behind her, "Jackie, who was that man hugging you?"

Turning towards the voice she replied, "Davy, meet Percy Quill…The actor."

His eyes settled on the man. One of his favorite actors of all time was standing his doorway. He bounced excitedly on his heels.

"You're Percy Quill," he squealed like a child.

Percy held out his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Davy Garrett. I hope you don't mind if I sleep in the top bunk for my stay here?"

His eyes grew wide as he continued to bounce on his heels, "Okay…I'll show you my room. You wanna see my airplane collection?"

"In due time, chap," he replied. "I came to see an old friend who is ill."

"Who is that?' asked Davy.

"Jackie," he informed him.

He shook his head, "Jackie's gonna be fine. They are curing her. They told me so."

She gave a look at Davy, "You met them?"

"You're grandfather," admitted Davy. "He's nice. He told me you will be fine but he needed to see my blood. I didn't like it when he took blood. He said he needed it to cure you."

"You're grandfather?" asked Percy.

"He's a very strange scientist I recently met," explained Jackie.

Davy's eyes grew bigger and more excited, "He's gotta space ship. He showed it to me. He's the captain of the ship."

Percy assumed the man merely had a wild imagination but Jackie knew better. Her bizarre grandfather was now taking Davy for some reason and it had to do with her cure.

"How many crew are on grandpa's ship?" she wondered.

"I met five," he replied counting on his fingers. "A very nice lady was a nurse and another lady was grumpy."

"Only five?' she asked. "How big was his ship?"

Percy assumed she was teasing him, "Sure you should encourage it?"

She shrugged, "It's good for the imagination."

"It was about the size of a small house."

"What was its shape?" asked Jackie.

"Saucer?" asked Percy in amusement.

"Long, like a cigar," he replied.

"How come he only needed five people on the ship?" wondered Jackie. "Was the ship like a war ship or more peaceful?"

"He showed me the computers, the computers could run it by itself. It's automated." Davy explained. He started to spew more details from his visit, "You grandpa said that he was a doctor and was gonna cure you but I have a special gene missing and he needed to study it. He could use my blood to make your cure. He said my missing gene is why I'm special."

"Did he say what gene you are missing?" she wondered.

He nodded, "He said it's the gene for stretching, like a rubber band. That's why my blood vessel on my heart narrowed up so much. He said I need to have my milk level monitored."

"Milk level?" she asked confused.

Percy found the details rather surprising, "What's he talking about, Jackie?"

"I'm not sure," she told him. "What's in milk? Calcium! Your calcium level?"

"Calcium," repeated Davy. "He said it's in milk."

"Calcium," she nodded. "That makes sense…" she told herself in thought.

"What makes sense?" asked Percy. So far nothing made sense to him.

"Davy's calcium level should be checked," she told him. "I'll make sure I tell the doctor that."

"What's he talking about?" Percy was still confused.

She grinned, "If a bright light takes you up into a ship in the middle of the night. Don't worry; it's just my crazy grandpa."

"What?" he wrinkled his nose.

"Davy, why don't you show Percy to your room? I'll check on the cookies." Jackie scooted back to the kitchen to save the cookies before they burned.

Davy picked up his bag, "Her grandpa is neat, and I hope you get to meet him."

"I'm not too sure that I want too," exclaimed Percy.


It wasn't long before General Higgins brought Fred into a secret meeting with Vice President Barkley. The older gent from Kentucky was one of the few Higgins felt he could trust in the bowels of DC.

They all sat in civilian clothing in small diner where local residence often gathered. It was the perfect place for the meeting. Right out in the open and dressed as common civilians. Tucked in corner booth the Vice President agreed to the secret meeting in hopes of finding allies.

The older man looked upon the two generals, "Generals, I'm glad you both came. The President and I are searching for a way to counter this infiltration. The foreign power, we'll call the Grays, have been actively blackmailing, bribing, our right murdering, anyone who gets in their way."

"What do they want?" wondered Fred.

"Same as anyone else…Power. Before they ruled as gods in ancient times but they are also greedy bastards who will undermine each other. There is no organization to them. They will cut each other's throats to get to rule. They are just like us…Except they evolved in water. They have some mental tricks they can do on ya, project thoughts, telepathic…That's why the Military was interested."

"They more like pirates then?" wondered Fred.

Barkley nodded, "Pirate is a good analogy, General. They're just greedy, power hungry little bastards. First they said they came in peace and they needed our help. They would exchange technology. Then we found out they have always been here, they have been watching us and declared themselves religious gods in ancient time. The Roman gods, the Egyptian gods, it was them…Screwing with us."

"Why not expose them?" asked Fred.

"They are too powerful and have control over most our government now. Probably had control before but we never knew it. They can appear as human if they wish. They can make you see things that are not real."

"They can appear as humans?" Fred sounded worried. Now he wondered if Jackie's abductors were indeed the grays and not humans after all. What if she was lied too as well? What if they were fooling her?

Barkley made a final request, "General, your country needs you now more than ever before. I'm starting a secret program to repel these things. We've started research labs to figure out how these ships work, to gain that technology to use it against them. I'm setting up research in Nevada, the Groom Lake air Base in Area 51. I would like you to be a part of this, General."

"You have the wreck from the Roswell crash site there?" wondered Fred.

"No, I can't tell you were that is. We have compartmentalized the research for National Security reasons. But we do have research and development there and I would like you to be part of it. What do you say, General? Get your old rank back…Heck, I can make you a Major General."

"What about my daughter?" asked Fred. "I can't leave her behind."

Barkley suggested, "Bring her with you. We could use her talent."

"She's has a young baby," added Fred unsure if she would leave the child for a job.

"We can bring her in only when needed, like a consultant," offered the vice president.

Unsure he debated, "I'll have to think about it, Mr. Vice President."


Daniel was on way home from work looking forward to spending his weekend in the comfort of his home with his wife and son. Halloween was already upon them and he was thankful that he did not have to deal with small children begging for candy late in the evening.

Percy Quill had been a godsend for him for actor had decided to take a hiatus from the stage and simply help Jackie in her time of need. Percy's concern for Jackie's health rivaled his own and Daniel wondered how on earth he was ever lucky enough to have Jackie fall in love with him for Percy Quill had many of the qualities that Daniel shared.

He never realized how much Jackie meant to Percy until he spied the man crying in silence one evening when Jackie seemed to be feeling ill and retired to bed early. It was rather difficult for Percy to see his old friend feeling so weak, it tore him up inside and he feared she would lose this latest battle for her life.

Fred dealt with the illness in his own way. He retrieved anything that Jackie requested and looked upon the cancer as a reason for Jackie to have whatever she wanted regardless of cost. Like he was trying to fulfill her final wishes and yet pulling for her to overcome the cancer at the same time.

Bambi and Sadie both tried to support their friend and seeing Jackie become weaker over time was heartbreaking for both. Both woman noticed Jackie had lost some weight, was paler and seemed to waste away before their eyes.

When Jackie began to lose her hair it was most worrying for all for the doctor hand not given her any medication that had such a side effect. Nor did they have a reason for the rapid weight loss, the stomach aches and the loss of appetite. They simply said it was the cancer making her so ill and it became obvious something was drastically wrong.

Jackie had purchased a wig to cover her bald head, makeup to conceal the pale skin and wore lose clothing to hide her boney frame. In very short time her appearance was altered, changed and she would look upon herself in the mirror and see a sickly being looking back. She began to wonder if she would live and if so, would she be disfigured? It was a horrible time to be ill with cancer and grossly disfigured from the alien treatment. It was Halloween and for the first time in Jackie's life she felt so out of place that she could be a monster on the holiday.

Daniel didn't care what she looked like or that luscious brown hair had fallen out. He just wanted her to live and if that was not possible then give Jackie the peace of a sound and quick death without suffering.

Due to her current medical state Daniel didn't think celebrating Halloween would be in good taste. He with his friends and family decided to give Jackie and simple and quiet weekend even though Jackie wanted otherwise. With the exception of being tired she simply did not feel as bad as she looked. Jackie had planned a card party for Halloween.

He was nearly home when he spotted a bright light shining through the trees up ahead. Dusk had settled in and at first he assumed it was flickers of sunlight. But the light grew larger, shining down upon his car and nearly blinding him. He applied the break and squinted to see if he could figure out what was making the blinding light. He placed the car in park and scrounged in the glove box for his sunglasses. Then he heard a loud sound and found his head spinning. His eyesight blurred before losing consciousness.


Daniel did not know how long he had been unconscious but found himself slowly waking up in a strange room. He was face down on the grated floor but the floor felt more like plastic than metal. The room was dimly lit and a red glow came up from beneath the grated floor. He sat up and found he was not alone in the room, a strange red headed man sat on the bench watching him. Daniel let out a breath and realized the room was as Jackie had described from her dream.

He spoke to the man, "Let me guess…Grandpa?"

The man replied, "My name is Gideon. I am not your grandfather."

"Ah," he nodded as he looked suspiciously about. "So, you took me?"

"I needed to speak to you," he explained.

"Shoot," Daniel tried not to sound upset but he was very perturbed. How dare this strange little man just take him, out of a car and against his will? How dare he take Jackie and Davy! It was insane as far as Daniel was concerned.

"You need to make sure Jackie takes a medication every day that I made for her," he explained.

"Same medication that made her so sick?" he sarcastically replied.

He explained, "No, the treatment to eradicate her cancer also made her ill but the cancer is gone now. She needs to take the medication to make sure the cancer does not come back and it will help her recover quickly from the side effects of the treatments. Her hair will grow back and she will start to gain weight again. The worst is over for her."

"So, you knocked me out, took me in your space ship just to make a medication delivery?" Daniel still didn't believe the situation.

"No," Gideon replied. "I also need your help."

"In what?" asked Daniel.

"The races are becoming aggressive and we fear there is a plan to weaponize Earth's space. For generations the treaties prevented the orbit of Earth from being weaponize but we believe our adversaries will do so using your government. I understand Jackie's illness has prevented her from finding the wreckage from Roswell. And her father's inquiries have led to what appears to be some rifts in the government. I have two vessels that belonged to my father. This small research vessel that is limited in its ability and another vessel that was the flagship of our people during the height of our civilization. But, that ship is in great need of repair and a crew to tend to it."

"Can't help ya there," replied Daniel.

"Actually, you can. I wish to give my father's ship to Jackie and you."

Daniel started to laugh, "Seriously? You're gonna give me a…Space ship? Are you insane?"

Gideon ignored the laughter, "The ship is named the Acme. It's very old and does not have the abilities that our adversaries possess. But, it can be rebuilt. It's not very large, about the size of a modern submarine. I can give you the coordinates."

"You mean I have to go find it?" he laughed even harder. The whole situation was insane and beyond his realm of belief. He wondered if perhaps it was some sort of sick joke.

The older man rolled his eyes for he did not like being laughed at, "The ship belongs to Jackie and Kara now."

"Wait, you said you were giving it to me," he snickered.

"I changed my mind," the scientist replied.

Daniel challenged him, "If Jackie gets her health back, the cancer goes away and she gets her hair back, I will take you up on that offer."

"That is not a deal," he retorted.

"Why?" asked Daniel.

"She would receive those demand regardless," he explained. "You are a history teacher. Would you like to know the real history or would you rather go on believing the propaganda in your books?"

The offer intrigued Daniel for history was his life. He stopped laughing and looked the man over; debating what information he could give him.

"I'm listening," stated Daniel.

"The first civilization that had gained technology that you would consider to be 'modern' was called 'Atlantis' by your scholars."

"Atlantis was a myth," he rebutted.

Gideon shook his head, "It was a continent and it took over two hundred thousand years to be consumed by ocean. It was originally a giant volcano, a super volcano that was as large as five states. It was a very old volcano and slowly it eroded over time. The water was lower then due to more ice on the plant. The lands were connected by bridges. We had mastered flight a very long time ago. We had mastered energy and the atom. It was all lost over time. Our civilization became corrupted; greed and power took its toll. Then there was a series of natural disasters that destroyed all that remained until finally, Atlantis was nothing more than a legend. Few of us survived to protect what little remains of the knowledge we once possessed. Jackie and Kara are both descendants and will inherit everything we have been protecting. Your son will eventually inherit it from them. The only reason I have contacted you is due to the fact that you are now part of this inheritance. And being a historian, I hope to preserve our history through you."

"All right," stated Daniel. "What's the history?"

Gideon smiled slightly, "Atlantis was the first democratic elected society. Yes, we had elections but also we had a monarchy, the elections were for regional power. My father, Galen was the last ruling king."

"Okay, if your father was the last ruling king of Atlantis and the continent went into the sea ten thousand years ago…That would make you…"

"Atlantis went into the sea fifteen thousand years ago," he corrected and I have used artificial means to stay alive. This is why genetics is important. There never was cancer in the first civilization, and the average life span of a human was much longer than yours. Cancer is a de-evolution by-product. Our cells would last for hundreds of years but with each generation the life spans became shorter and cancers developed. The cancer was the genetic key to the long life spans the first generation of humans enjoyed. When the pure human genetics were compromised by the other, lesser forms of humans…Caveman…We lost the long life spans. My generation is the purest genetically."

"Mean like Hitler's Aryan race?"

Gideon shook his head, "No, the first race was pure but also flawed. The long life spans also meant fewer children, more sterility and to correct that issue we tried to engineer a stronger genetic code using genetics from cavemen and others. Pure doesn't mean perfect, it means to opposite, it means genetic abnormalities. The genetic must be diverse in order to reduce those abnormalities. Jackie, having the genetic code of both modern humans from her father and ancient humans from me makes her unique. The treatment for her cancer had another side effect I did not foresee. Her genetic code was changed slightly and gene for longevity activated. She will not live as thousands of years but will outlive you and her children by decades."

"So, you screw around with peoples genetics all the time?" asked Daniel not sure if he could even believe the information.

"I'm job is to preserve certain qualities from the first race into the current race. I'm working to expand the mental capacity of future generations in hopes of opening up the current human race to the truth of reality."

"Say what?" asked Daniel.

Gideon explained, "You refer to it as the sixth sense. That mental ability is needed to compete with the other races to regain control of the planet. Future humans need to have far greater mental strength of they are to operate equipment that can rival what the other races have. It will take generations more to accomplish that task."

"ESP?" Daniel squired. "You're trying to make a race of people with ESP?"

"They will need it," assorted Gideon. "Jackie and Kara both have that ability."

"She never said anything to me," stated Daniel.

Gideon smiled, "She simply decided not to."