Reaching For The Moon

Since she had been a little girl, Lilith would watch the moon and stars up above her. She would lie in the grass in her yard, and watch the moon rise overhead. Her parents knew what she was doing, as she'd done it often enough, and they would leave her be until bedtime.

Her favorite time to watch the moon was during the height of the lunar cycle. The moon was a full orb, bright and round in the sky. Her mother had always told her stories of how the moon goddess Artemis helped it move across the sky to let light shine upon hunters as they chased their prey through the forests.

Now, Lilith was an arrogant child, and believed no one to be better than her. She took any challenges her playmates threw at her, and their consequences. The young child stood up from the ground, wiping the blades of grass from her skirts.

Lilith began her trek up the tallest tree in the yard, hoping that it would reach the sky. She wanted to feel the strength and light from the moon as it touched the skin of her palms. The young girl struggled up the various tree branches, earning scrapes and cuts across her arms, legs and knees, but this did not deter her.

As much as she was arrogant and stubborn, she was just as determined and tenacious.

Halfway up the tall sky-reaching tree, her mother wandered out into the yard, looking for her troublesome daughter.

"Lilith, what on earth are you doing?"

The young child looked down upon the worried face of her mother, and grinned, "Well, I am going to reach the moon, of course."

The woman shook her head at her daughter, though not kindly, "Child, get down from there before you break something."

"No, mama I won't break anything, and if I fall, the grass will cushion me. You don't need to worry." She continued her climb up the branches of the tree, ignoring her mother's warnings. When she finally reached the top of the tree, she balanced each of her feet on a branch and stretched her arms out towards the bright moon hanging in the sky.

Of course, she did not reach the moon, but Lilith was devastated and kept reaching, believing she could do it if she tried harder.

"Lilith!" she heard her mother call, just as the young girl lost her balance on the branches and fell, her small body spiraling towards the ground. Suddenly as if the wind held favor towards her, it swept her back into the safety of the branches, but she continued falling. She broke only her arm. Her mother pulled her daughter into her lap, wiping away the child's tears of pain.

"Now child, do you see?"

"Yes, mama." She acquiesced quietly, "The moon is only for the goddess to reach, I know now." She turned in her mother's arms, and cried for the pain in her arm and for the loss of her precious moon. At least, she silently consoled herself, she could still look upon it.