5 years. 5 long, hard, devastating years. That's how long I was with Kony.

Until I finally escaped.

That was a dream to me… but it happened. But… I left without my sister. I LEFT my only relative in the hands of that monster. I always think of her, of how I could've saved her instead of myself. Jovia… God, I miss you. I hope your safe.

Or at least alive.

I still think of how this could have happened. I mean, how could I have escaped? It all seems like a dream . But I know for a fact, this is a dream I won't be able to forget.

Those 5 years ruined me. Because…

Because I killed a man out of pure rage. And, that was after I escaped.

It was out of pure rage, and because, I was afraid.

My name is Hakim, and this is the story of my freedom from the evil man named Joseph Kony.