The day when my life ended cam e all too soon.

It was a stormy night, rain pelting down on our small house. Like always, rain was coming into our room, lightning making light burst inside.

I would take the floor so little Jovia could sleep comfortably on the bed. But, on nights like these, she would get scared.

That night, I crawled into bed and calmed her down like always.

But… that night… it wasn't like always.

Just as Jovia was falling asleep, someone was knocking on our door.

We froze.

Our mother got up and told us to hide under the bed. She said that everything would be fine.

Jovia was confused, but she did as she was told. As I helped her slide her small frame under the bed, my facial expression was hard.

Jovia, being 5, couldn't really understand the situation, but, I can't say I did either. All I know was that the smile on our mothers' face was fake while the fear in her eyes was real.

I had a feeling that everything wouldn't be fine.

All was quiet in the house, only the sound of our breathing and my mothers' footsteps broke through the silence.

I heard the door creak open, and my breath stilled.

What was going to happen? I didn't know, but I wish I did.

Then, at least, I could protect my mother from her death.

As the door creaked open more, I heard my friends' name, Solomon, slip past her lips, along with a sigh of relief.

I'm not sure what happened next, but I could hear him crying and saying he was sorry.

Then, there was a gunshot, a scream, and someone dropping to the floor.

I had to cover my mouth with both my hands to stop myself from screaming.

Jovia was silently crying. She knew she shouldn't be heard, since she saw the way I was acting.

All was quiet for a few moments.

But then, footsteps approached.

Jovia started to hyper ventilate when the footsteps were too close for comfort.

The rest of the moment was a blur.

All I remember is all of those hands, and my whole body hurting.

And, the one thing I remember clearly, were my sisters screams.

I wanted to go comfort her, say I was alright, and that the people would go away.

But, as I was slung over someone's shoulder, I realized I couldn't even lift a finger.

The, I blacked out.