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"Ha!" I thrust my sword forward and took a step to my brother. He blocked my attack with his own sword.

"Nice try imouto-chan, but I won't go down that easily." He smirked as we continued our sword fight. I finally knocked the sword out of his hand.

"That's what you think Onii-sama." I smirked as he put his hand up in a small surrender.

"You got me. Can't believe there would be a day when my imouto would beat me." He said.

"What are you talking about? I beat you many times before!" I said as I put my sword on my shoulder.

"ANGELICA!" A voice boomed throughout the training hall. Suddenly the King, or should I say my Otou-sama, came into the doors.

"How many times have I told you, Angelica! You have no permission to be sword fighting, or even step into this training hall!" He said for the hundredth time.

"I-I'm sorry Otou-sama," I said as I rushed out of the hall as my father followed me.


"Do you know how disgraceful it is to have a Princess partake in such a-a manly sport!?" He scolded as I stood in front of him on his throne.

"Also do you know how embarrassed you can make our country by even having the ability to beat your brother in a sword fight?"

"It's his fault for sucking at it!" I defended myself.

"Silence! You are a Princess! You are supposed to be graceful and elegant!" He stated.

"Your father is right Angelica…. Now get to your room now and get ready for the ball tonight." Oka-sama, the Queen, said as I ran to my room.

"NO RUNNING!" I heard my mother call out behind me but I didn't care. I finally reached my room and locked the two large doors. I sank down to the floor and hugged my knees. Why couldn't I be free? Be able to do whatever I wanted to do like my brother? It's not my fault I was born a tomboy!

"UGH, I HATE MY LIFE!" I was sick and tired of all these rules! I just want to be myself…..


The music played in the lightly brightened room. The orchestra played gracefully as royals and the family of noble blood chatted among themselves. I waited on the other side of the huge doors connecting to the large ballroom. There were maids around me making final touches to my dress. I wore my tiara over my perfectly brushed long blonde hair that reached my butt which matched my purple eyes. My dress was light pink strapless dress with a ribbon around my waist and a bow on one side of my waist. The bottom part was flowing while the top was tight and had touches of glitter here and there. I wore matching high heels, which I despise. (A/N sorry was lazy on the dress description.)

"Why do I need to be here anyway? Isn't this a ball to help Onii-sama find his queen, bride, thingymabob?" I asked my closest friend and maid, Fiona.

"Well, the King also said that you are 19 now so you should be searching for a partner. This would be a good opportunity, Ange- I mean- Ojou-sama." She said. "Besides there are some hot guys down there!" She whispered to me.

"I would rather pick one of the servants than those snobby nobles down there!" I pointed to the doors.

"Oh, you're so picky! Now you're all set. Now go down there and steal some hearts!" She said.

I sighed as I knew that, that's all Fiona talked about. Boys, boys, boys! I mean I knew she's a romantist and all but she should be lucky that at least she has the freedom to choose her husband, while I might be stuck with a rich, snobby bitch for the rest of my life.

I took a deep breath as the doors opened before me. Everyone stared at me whispering things that I wouldn't even bother trying to hear.

"ENTERING PRINCESS ANGELICA, OF THE KINGDOM OF AURORA!" The guard's voice boomed throughout the room but like anyone was paying attention. I slowly walked down the steps and walked towards the thrones. The King and Queen were already sitting on their thrones. I sat down on a slightly shorter throne right next to theirs.

"This is SO boring!" I murmured as I leaned against the arm of the chair.

"POSTURE!" Oka-sama whispered to me. I sighed and just stared at the scenery before me. My eyes searched each guy in the room and named them for I have met them before. Nothing new….. Prince's are so uninteresting….

"ENTERING PRINCE ERIC, OF THE KINGDOM OF AURORA!" Finally! What took so long! He's a guy for goodness sake! I'm a girl and he takes longer to just fix his hair!

"OMG, he is so hot!"

"Back-off he's mine!"

"Yeah right! He's going to choose me!" I heard a few girls dispute in front of me. They're so stupid! What's so good about him anyway!? But I have been living with him my whole life…. Maybe it's a sibling thing.

"You made it, Son." Otou-sama said standing up and patting Onii-sama on the shoulder. Well, he is his favorite.

"I barely finished my work. Also I cannot dare miss this ball that you created just for my 21st birthday." Oh, did I mention it's his birthday?

"Oh, you are so thoughtful Eric." Oka-sama chuckled. Just as Onii-sama reached his seat a bunch of girls flocked over him and asked him to dance. Well, this should be an interesting night! Yeah, right.


After a few minutes watching my brother dancing with a girl who was intentionally tripping over her feet so he can hold her up, a guy walked up to me and bowed slightly.

"Hello, I am Prince Louis of the Kingdom of Ignis. May I have the honor of dancing with you?" He said as acting as polite he could but I could tell from the corner of his eye that he was the same as all the other princes out there. He took my hand and kissed it but I took it back and glared at him.

"You think you can fool everyone with that princely smile of yours but I'm not stupid. Now if you don't want to get beat up in front of everyone in this hall I suggest you leave to your women harem there." I smiled as sweetly as I could. He just smirked and walked away. Why do I have a bad feeling about this?


Well, due to Otou-sama's orders I had to dance with a few nobles that Otou-sama wanted me to marry. I hate it that he's just using me to get richer and for his own personal gain. I'm just a tool to him. I took a step outside to balcony and took the fresh air in. I sadly looked down at the lake in the garden as it reflected the moon. "I wish I was normal…."

"What's with the long face, Princess?" Suddenly I felt a pair of arms warp around my waist and a small whisper in my ear. I quickly turned around and found Prince Louis standing uncomfortably close.

"What the fuck do you want, Louis." I said as I pushed him away.

"Well, that's not the language a Princess should use." He said as he once again brought me closer and put one hand on my chin to make me look eye to eye with him. THE NERVE OF THIS GUY!

"Why not take my proposal and I can make that dream of yours come true, hmmm?" He inched closer to my face as I spotted him sword at his waist. "Now If I could reach it…." My hand slightly touched the handle but then Louis was pulled back suddenly and I was finally free.

"You know it's not nice to forcibly kiss a girl you know." The mysterious man behind him said. Louis finally turned around and glared at him.

"Do you know who I am!? I am the Prince of Ignis! You dare go against royalty!?" He shouted.

"Oh, you're what they call Louis…" The man smirked.

"In what position do you have to call me with no Honorifics!? You are nothing more than a mere pebble! I have the power to ruin your family if I could!" He stated. Does he even know who this is? If you do can you tell me? I'm pretty clueless here.

"Oh, that might be kinda hard…. Considering that I'm," A slight wind blew to add dramatic effect, "Prince Zachariah of the Kingdom of Chryseum." He said.

"Y-your…. Don't dare lie to me!" He accused as I laughed softly at the situation that is unfolding before me.

"Well, I do not have written proof but you should take my word for it since, if I'm telling the truth, could ruin YOUR family." Zachariah-san smirked. Louis looked at him terrified and clucked his tongue as he walked away.

"Are you okay?" He said as he smiled towards me.

"I didn't need your help. I was perfectly fine…" I said. I was grateful but I didn't know if he was like Louis or a real Noble!

"Yeah, sure because you could totally handle yourself when he was about to kiss you." He said sarcastically.

"Ugh, just forget it." I said as I left him behind.

"I don't even get a thank you!?" He yelled behind me. I stopped in my tracks for a few seconds and turned around and slightly smiled.



"WHAT!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs and jumped up from my seat as I pounded my hands onto the table. It was the next day and we were all at dinner for the annual 'eating with the whole family' day.

Apparently Otou-sama couldn't find a suitable partner for Onii-sama. However he made a different decision.

"You didn't hear me? You will be marrying the Prince of Ignis." Otou-sama flatly stated.

"Please tell me it's the second prince!" I prayed.

"He's only 8, Angelica." Onii-sama said.

"I'll rather marry him than Louis!" I protested. The arguing stopped when my father slammed his hands on the table.

"ENOUGH!" He then glared at me. "The decision is final! You will be marrying The prince of Ignis and that is final! You need to learn how to make these sacrifices as a Princess."

I stood up from my chair and put my cloth napkin on the table. "Gochisousamadeshita…." I murmured before I ran out of the Dining hall. I can hear them calling but I don't Frickin care. Fuck them, fuck them all! Especially Otou-sama! I reached my room and locked the door as I jumped onto my bed crying. I screamed into the bed as I quietly cried.

"I HATE MY LIFE!" I screamed. This was too much. I've been holding back all this time but I guess its time to make my stand. I went to my closet and picked up a pack with food, water, few clothes, and plenty of money. I then changed from my casual dress into my riding clothes. It's similar to the clothes the aids have to wear, though mine was red and white. I took my prized procession sword and put it in its sheath with a few knives. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. I wiped the tears left in my eyes and confidently looked at myself. I took my braided hair in one hand as I had a knife in the other. I hesitated for a few seconds but then swiftly cut my hair which left me with about chin length hair. I looked at the braided hair in my hand and gently placed it on my bed.

I took my supplies and walked to my window then I put my brown raggy cloak on. I took an apple from my bag and took a bite from it as I reached the open window. I took the rope that was placed near it always when I wanted to leave the Palace and hooked it up to the hook next to the window. I let it go as it reached the bottom and grabbed the rope and jumped out. I quietly jumped against the wall slowly to avoid gathering attention. When I reached the bottom I quickly threw the rope back into my room after 100 tries. I put the hood of the cloak on and ran to the stables at the other end of the palace. Luckily I reached the stables with no one spotting me. I ran to the farthest stable there was.

There I found my horse, Navitas, well actually he isn't my horse. He belonged to Onii-sama but Navitas would never listen to him. So he was put into the most avoided area in the stables for he can hurt anyone with his great energy, which is where we got his name. Navitas, meaning energy. Anyway when I was ten I found him and at first I was scared but over time I would visit him everyday and we created a strong bond. I was the only one in the kingdom who could ride him.

"How ya doing, boy?" I said scratching him under the chin. He whined in response as I gave him the rest of my apple which he ate in one gulp.

"Ready to leave?" I asked him. He stayed silent for a while and giving some sort of look. I sighed. Even if Nativas acted like he was still a baby he was pretty smart for a horse. I hang out with him so much we developed a sort of telepathy.

"Yes, it's time…." He just whined again as I entered his stable. I put the saddle on him and got him ready to go. I led him out of the stables and got on him. Suddenly from the palace I heard screaming and panicking.



"SHE STILL OWES ME 20 GOLD!" I slightly laughed at the last one but there was no time for that.

"Come on, Nativas!" I moved the reigns and he dashed forward towards the entrance. Fortunately we made it out and into town. We passed the town and reached the countryside of the Kingdom. FINALLY I'M FREE! I raised my hands above my head and screamed at the top of my lungs.

"YEAAAAAAAAAAA!" This is what it felt to be free. But our travel isn't over. I knew that this day would come close since I was already 19 so I've been getting reservations on transportation boats at the end of each week.

"We're almost to the harbor!" I shouted as we reached the other town in the Kingdom. Another awesome thing about Nativas is that he's super-fast!

We reached the harbor just in time. The Ship was about to leave when I ran towards it showing my gold and identification to be allowed onto the Ship. I entered the boat with Nativas following me and Happily they didn't stop him from going on. The ship departed shortly after. I watched the Kingdom get smaller and smaller. But I was focused on the Palace. I could see the panic in the Castle with some lights flickering and the feeling that I heard someone screaming, "NO MY MONEY~!" I took in the breath of sea air and leaned against the railing. Nativas whined slightly and I smiled. I petted his head and and laughed when he looked like he was smiling, which he probably was.

"Today is the start of my new life…." I murmured.


Normal POV

"Ojou-sama! Please open the door!" One of the maids knocked on the door but there was no answer.

"I got this." One of them stepped forward and took a deep breath. With one hard kick the door opened with the two other maids clapping behind her.

"Ojou-sama?" The smallest out of the three stepped into the room that was lite but empty.

"You guys, take a look at this…." They all surrounded the Princess's bed and gasped. One of them screamed in panic which alarmed the other guards passing the room.

"W-what's going on!?" The guard questioned the three.

"Get the King here, now!" The maid sternly demanded. The guard startled with her expression dashed out of the door.


"What is all this ruckus about!?" The King stomped into the room with the Prince and Queen following him.

"Look, Sir!" The maids pointed to his daughter's bed and he quietly gasped as the other two did so, too.

"No…." He walked up to the bed and stared down on the blonde braided hair and the tiara on top of it. There was a letter under it saying, "good-bye forever"


"That is IF she returns." Eric stated.

"What are you talking about, IF?"

"Well, she did say 'good-bye forever'. She may never come back." He said.

"Oh, please. She is still a girl. She will not have travelled far. She is probably still in the Kingdom close to the castle." The King said stating matter-a-factly.

"Now go back to your businesses both of you." He said as he left with his wife following him.

After they both left The Prince frowned as he picked up the hair and remembered the conversation he overheard with his sister and the horse.