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The sound of the piano danced around the piano around me. It always helped me when I has stressed. Suddenly I hit a wrong note which ruined the whole peaceful mode. Unfortunately I was in a horrible mood and dropped my head against the keys.

"Why…. Why can't I do it?" I whispered to myself.

I lifted my head when I heard the door open. Did I mention I was at the local music store's practice room?

"Sorry if I disturbed you" A boy about my age came into the room. "I just heard the piano and I kinda was drawn to it. What piece were you playing? Who was the composer?" He asked.

"Uh… I never made a title for it and I made this piece." I said. He looked at me in shock and smiled.

"Then you're amazing!" He came to sit next to me on the piano chair. "But for me it sounds more Contemporary then like… Classical."

"I know. It's just that I can only write music like this! No matter what I try!" I said again putting my head on the keys. I felt his hand land on my shoulder.

"Then instead of trying to change your talent, why not embrace it?" He said. Confused I lifted my head.

"Let's see…" He played the first chord of the music and played the intro. And to my surprise he started to sing softly.

"If you only stop and close your eyes find the answers…." He sung. I widened my eyes to astonishment.

"Did you just make that up now?" I asked. He nodded sheepishly. "How did you come up with that?"

"I don't know it just, you know came to me." He said.

"You know, I think I'll use your idea…. and I'm going to need your help." I said to him as he smiled once more. And with that I made my first song with my partner.


This was my first day at St. Saotome School and I was so nervous. But somehow I started thinking about that boy I met at the music store about 4 year ago. I don't even know his name! I still have the song we wrote together. I took his advice and tried to embrace my talent but I could never think of good lyrics. The only whole song I wrote was in Japan with him…. Ugh I promised to never think about him again or I'll lose my sanity again! Anyway I walked slowly into my classroom hoping that I knew at least one person or at least Kristal was in my class since she was going to the same school. When I entered the room I saw a familiar face. He looked at me and we both shouted in unison.



Four years later

The audience's cheers and applauds filled my eyes as we finished the last note of our song. I was breathing hard as I watched the crowd cheering. I looked to my side to see my four friends smiling to me. We did our last bows as we left the stage.

"You guys were awesome!" My best friend congratulated us as we exited the stage.

"We only opened for the main band." The drummer said.

"Even so that was amazing!"

"And I got it all on video!" Nikki our video director said.

"We're going to put it on the website as soon as we can!" Nikki's brother Noah, our tech guy, said.

Joya cleared her throat to get our attention. "And do you guys have something to say to me?"

We all sighed in unison. "Thank you for getting this gig for us Joya." We all said but she then waved her finger in front of us like scolding us. "That is Ms. Endou, your amazing and beautiful, manager to you."

"Hey who made you the manager?" The drummer complained.

"Uh, you wouldn't even be performing here if not for me!" Joya shot back.

"Now, now let's not fight here. Let's fight on the ride back. Now come on." The leader said as he pushed the two towards the exit.


My name is Kiyone Maeda. I have just become a senior. I live in California and go to a school especially for students who can speak, read, write, and understand Japanese. St. Saotome School or in Japanese Shiritu Saotome Gakuen. They teach the students in Japanese and English and all the students have to know Japanese and English to get in. At this school, I formed my band.

The one who helped me with this band, Daisuke Nakagawa. He has black hair and green eyes. He is the leader and my inspiration to get this band together. He plays the guitar and is the male lead singer. He writes most of the lyrics for our songs.

My bestest friend ever since the 3rd grade, Kristal Aoki. She has curly Brownish-blonde long hair and blue eyes. She is the guitarist, female lead singer, and also known as the smart one of the group her being like the Student Council President and having straight A's every year since 1st grade. She's also in the orchestra with me playing the viola. She used to be a tomboy but when we entered middle school she changed to a mannered and mature girl. I have no idea how that happened. (Okay maybe I do but I can't tell you)

The one who gets on my nerves the most, Brandon Enomoto. He has slightly long blonde hair that is in a ponytail during practices and gold eyes. He is the so-called prince of the band. I don't see what's so amazing about him. He is Daisuke's best friend and a huge flirt. He plays keyboard and piano for our acoustic numbers and sometimes a key tar.

And last but not least, Josh Lewis. He has Brown hair and gold eyes. I'm actually the one to convince him to join. He has become the joker and as Joya calls him the stupid one of the group. Yeah, they fight a lot. He actually is really impatient and tends to like to pick fights with Joya. He likes to play pranks sometimes on the band and I help him. I kill him if he plays a prank on me. He had to learn the hard way. He plays the drums.

Then there is me! I play the bass for the band since no one else could play it. I also play the violin, piano, and guitar. I write all the songs for the band but I suck at lyrics so Daisuke helps. At first I didn't even think about making a band. I wanted to be a composer but uh…. Daisuke changed my mind!

And together we are 'NAMELESS!'

We became nameless because….


We were in the music room since our teacher lets us practice here.

"No I think we should be Brandon and the other guys! What do you think?" Brandon asked.

"Are you serious? If anything it should be Josh and the other guys!" Josh argued.

"Really? Can't you guys think for once?" Daisuke said.

"Yeah!" Joya said siding with Daisuke.

"Oh, why is the stupid one trying to act all smart?" Josh shouted at Joya.

"Oh you're going to get it today, Josh!" Joya said as she lunged towards him.

As the boys (and Joya) were arguing I had my notebook open to a blank page with a pen in my hand.

"Whatcha doing?" Kristal asked me.

"Just thinking…." I said as I started writing our names on the page. I looked at the names for a few minutes.


Just a few more letters then maybe….. Then it came to me.

"I got it!" I suddenly yelled startling everyone.

As everyone calmed down I wrote my idea on the board.

"NAMELESS? Why that?" Josh asked.

"It's an acronym!" I said. "Of our last names!"

"I kinda get that but was about the ESS and the end?" Daisuke asked.

"E stands for Joya Endou's E and SS stands for St. Saotome! The school that we formed this band!" Everyone looked pretty impressed.

"I love it!" Then Joya started fake crying. "I can't believe that you put my name in it!" She said hugging me.

"Oh, that's why she loves it." Kristal said.

"Wait, I don't really like it." Josh stated.

"Why because Joya's name is in it?" Brandon asked.

"Well, do you guys have a better idea? Its either NAMELESS or BLANK." I said.

Flashback End

And that's how we got our name!

We also have many supporters who help us with gigs and other stuff I can't really understand.

First is our Manager, Joya Endou. She's my best friend and cousins with Kristal. She's always there for us and I can depend on her a lot. She fights with Josh a lot. I think she likes him but I won't say because last time I said something like that she…. Never mind.

Then there's our video director, Nikki Uchida. She is really a year younger than us but she was super smart and skipped a grade… in elementary school. Anyway she's in the student council as treasurer and in the orchestra playing Cello. She's super nice and wants to become a director when she's older.

Nikki's older brother Noah Uchida is our tech guy. He made a website for us helping us with our popularity and when we upload music on the site he does all the remixes and stuff. He always wanted to become one of those people who do all the buttons and thingamajigs in a recording studio. I forgot what he called it.

Then our two fashion stylists. Aiko and Keimi are the bestest of friends. Kristal and I met them in 8th grade. They love shopping which is hell for me since I don't. Anyway, they're always there at all of our gigs and Keimi sometimes gets mad when we choose our own clothes for gigs and stuff. They even kidnap me to go shopping for clothes.

And then there's Kadey Ramos. She's crazy and hilarious all the time. She's in the orchestra and plays the violin and sometimes drives everyone around her crazy. But she's really talented and she can play guitar, bass, piano, and drums so she is like a substitute just in case anyone in the band gets sick or can't come to a gig. Her cousin, Ray Ramos, helps too.


"BIG NEWS, YOU GUYS!" Joya came running towards us during lunch. We were at one of the stone tables they have outside of the cafeteria.

"What?" I asked.

"Wait *Pant* Let me *Pant* catch my breath." After breathing hard for 3 seconds Joya had a huge grin on her face.

"Guess what!" Joya exclaimed.

"Oh god women, tell us already!" Josh shouted as Joya glared at him.

"I got you guys on Battle of the Bands!" She squealed as we looked at her clueless.

"Uh…. What is that?" Brandon asked.

"Oh, got it." Kristal said since she had her laptop out already. "It's like American Idol except it's with bands and it's in Japan!"

"IN JAPAN!?" I exclaimed almost spitting out my food.

"How did you get us on that show? From this website it says it's hard to get on." Daisuke said.

"Well, I begged them to watch the video on the website but when they wouldn't I just sent them a footage of your recent performance and they loved it!" She explained.

"When is the competition?" Kristal asked.

"It's during the fall. But we have to be in Japan by about the end of July." She said.

"But doesn't American idol last like four months?" Josh said.


"Well, don't we have to skip school?" Kristal started to panic.

"If we have permission to go from your parents its fine. I already told the headmaster and he really wants you guys to go. He thinks it will be good publicity or something. He even said that he will even make extra classes so we don't miss anything." Joya explained.

"I'm pretty sure my parents are fine with it as long as I don't slack off school work. This is our Senior year." Daisuke said.

"Well we're not going to miss any big Senior event so I think I'll be fine for me, too." Josh said.

"I live alone if I said I can go, I can go." Brandon said.

"Since it's in Tokyo it's close to where my grandma lives so I'm pretty sure my parents will be fine about it." I said.

"Yay! That means we can visit where you hang out in Japan!" Josh said excitedly.

"Or meet her secret boyfriend, Hm?" Brandon questioned. I didn't notice Josh flinch a little and Daisuke gripped his fork tighter because I was busy punching Brandon's head. But for some reason he still looked satisfied.

"Umm… I don't think I can go, you guys." Kristal said.

"What!?" Everyone exclaimed.

"My parents are overprotective. I'm going to Japan alone with just you guys and no adult supervision! How am I supposed to do that! They don't even know I'm in a band! They don't even let go on a sleepover, not even at my own cousin's house! I couldn't even go to Erika's house because she has a brother!" She explained.

"Maybe we can go to your house and beg!" I suggested.

"That won't work. We'll have to go to desperate measures." Daisuke said.

"Yeah, we have to do whatever it takes to get you to go on this trip!" Everyone stared at Brandon. "Uh… I mean, so we can win! I'll be more popular than I am now!" He's back.

"Are you sure you guys?" Kristal said worriedly.

"Don't worry Kris!" I put my arm around her shoulder. "I have amazing negotiation skills." I bragged.

At Kristal's house

I was on my knees begging them and fake crying. "Please, let Kristal go! She's an important member of the band!" I started kicking Daisuke to do the same. Forcing Josh and Brandon to do the same.

"I didn't even know my daughter was in a band! I can't believe she was wasting her studying time doing something stupid!" Mr. Aoki said.

"It's not stupid!" Kristal said.

"And There is no way I'm going to let her go half across the world by herself and skip school!" Mr. Aoki said.

"Please dad! I really want to go! I will keep up my work! I will go to all those extra classes the headmaster prepared! See even he wants me to go!" Kristal said now on her knees next to me.

"Sir, I know that this may be hard to do but think about. When Kristal goes to an Ivy League college she'll live far away from here and live on her own without you to tell her to do everything. She needs to experience something like this or else she will never survive in College." We were all shocked at Brandon's sudden change of character. "Please let your daughter to go to Japan." He bowed his head like how Japanese people do when they are begging for something.

Mr. Aoki started to look at his wife for some advice but she just made a gesture which I didn't understand. He sighed showing he gives up.

"All right. You can go Kristal." We started to cheer when he interrupted. "But, you need to call me everyday and make sure you don't miss any of your homework and schoolwork."

Kristal smiled brightly. "Yes, Dad!" She jumped into his arms and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you, I love you, dad! Come on you guys lets go practice." We all cheered and ran out the door.

"What troublesome hooligans…" He sighed.

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