With a swallow
the breath I have been holding
is loosened and set free

The black and white
silhouettes are seen in
forgotten colors
Exposing the twisted way
life goes about
making us forget

Every day
we continue to defy death.

By taking a deep breath,
inhaling the gaseous mixture
of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide,
we take one more moment,
a single second of our existence,
to forget what we live on for

Our memory is scrambled
between the truth that is
and the truth
we believe to be true

We absent mindedly
walk down a path without
looking back and acknowledging
those we fight for,
the stuggles we have overcome ,
and to remind ourselves
not to repeat our mistakes,
a recurring incident that we hope never happens yet
continue to do so

We forget ourselves
lost in the noise of the thoughts of others
and to the perception
that we subject ourselves to.

We vanish into water vapor
defusing ourselves with those who we surround
ourselves with

We fight against the memories
while battling ourselves in the process
to make that part

No, we can't forget
we can't go on
pretending like we've never
experienced certain aspects of our lives.

This is our directed sequel,
a comic book starring us,
wrapped in the fabrics of the horror
the difficult
the challenging

Every moment
we strive to live our lives.

We must free the loved air we inhale
and remember who we are
remember that we have the strength to carry on
and not forget
those who have fallen
before us

We are the eternal cycle
that continues to retell
the story
over and over
with each exhale
with each breath
of life in us