Unfazed by the dark grays of skies,
the punishing reds of unwanted eyes,
the pinks and blues of people hues,
the color scheme no one dare choose.

I'm painted these colors,
judged as I pass by,
walking by myself
because I am not

My footsteps are heavy, yet hollow
their vibrations lurking on the sidewalk
blinded by a path
they are suppose to take
but are lost

I continue to walk under gaze
like bacteria on a petri dish.
Examine me
and share your findings,
tell me what I must not know about myself,
name my species
since I apparently
no not belong to yours.

Pay heed to my words
and learn fast.
Push me and I push back,
hurt me and you will feel
my wrath.

The scariest people are the quiet ones
silent ones,
those who are subtle
like the color scheme of life

Im just here to tell you