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Chapter 1

"Wait, so you're a girl?" The guy sitting next to the boss pointed at me standing on the other side of the table. "Then why are you at an audition for a boy band?"

"Look, my so-called friend pulled a prank on me and sent in an application since I look like a guy and act like one. Anyway I tried to call to get the application back or get my audition cancelled but they said I needed to come to the audition to get it back." I said.

"Boss, what should we do?" The man looked to his left to see the boss staring me.

"Where have I seen you before?" The boss asked.

"Oh I know her! She's in the idol group 'Passion'!" His assistant explained.

He looked at the application closely. "Fukumoto Akira…"

"Boss?" He put the paper down and looked straight at me. "Can you show me what you can do?"

"Wait boss, but she's a girl! You can't possibly…"

"Yes, listen to them! I only came to get my application back! I didn't even practice at all!" I interrupted but the boss wasn't listening.

"Tanaka show her the most recent performance of the boys to her." He said.

"Wait are you-"

"Right away, sir" I was dragged out of the room protesting.

"Are you sure about this, sir?" The man uncertainly asked.

"Don't worry. I remember something I heard about Fukumoto Akira. She has an amazing memory."


I slammed the door of the house I lived with my group members. It was big but not as big as a mansion. After all they need to fit five girls under one roof. The manager said that if we lived together, it would give us more time to bond.

"She's home!" The first one to meet me was the youngest member Kasuga Rin. She has blonde hair in pigtails. "Can you help me with my dance steps again?"

"Sorry, Rin. I'm a little stressed today. Maybe another time." I replied.

"Aki-chan, Please!"

"Rin, that's enough, you don't want to trouble Akira, right?" Minazuki Shizuka, the oldest and the mother of the Passion. She is the most mature and experienced out of everyone. She has dark blue hair and her bangs held back, showing her forehead.

"But who's going to help me?" Rin asked.

"Maybe Sayaka…" Shizuka started.

"Wait, no no no no! I'm not doing it!" Sayaka exclaimed. She has light brown hair in a side ponytail. Endou Sayaka is about the same age as me and maybe the one who brought this group together.

"Come on, do it for your cute little sister!"

"First she's not my sister! Second in what world is she cute?"

I left the arguing behind and reached the living room where 'She' was sitting reading a magazine. The most popular out of the group. She has curly dark brown hair. Takahashi Megumi, the girl who is the same age as me and always does something to get on my nerves. But we're still friends (I think) so I let it go but today, she went too far.

"Oh, Akira-KUN how was your audition?" She laughed and emphasized the 'kun'. I sent her one of my murderous glares and she suddenly went silent.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" I tackled her to the ground and we started fighting.

"What's going on?" Shizuka asked.

"It's probably about the prank Megumi pulled on Akira about the audition." Sayaka answered.

"You knew about this!?" I yelled above all the crashing. Shizuka saw a large folder in my bag and took it out. As she read through the papers in the envelope she widened her eyes and wouldn't stop looking at the form.

"You guys this is bad…." Shizuka finally said.

"Let me see…" Sayaka snatched the paper out of Shizuka's hands. "hmm…. Blah blah blah, congratulations…. Blah blah blah part of the group….. oh, this is not good."

Shizuka went up to me and Megumi and grabbed both of us by the collars then Sayaka grabbed Megumi's shoulders and started to shake her violently.

"You know what you've done!? Fujimori-san is going to freak!" Megumi grabbed Sayaka's wrists to stop her.

"Why? It's not like…." Sayaka showed Megumi the papers and she suddenly frowned.

"Oh, this is bad."

"No duh! What are we going to do! They even sent her schedule already!" Sayaka started to panic.

"Hopefully the manager doesn't come today…" Shizuka started but was interrupted when Sayaka punched her arm.

"Don't jinx it!" Suddenly they heard the door opened.

"Hey guys! How's it going…. Oh." Fujimori-san entered the messy Living room and looked towards me.

"I see Akira and Megumi had another fight." She leisurely sat on the couch which surprisingly was not harmed during the fight.

"So anything happen?" Fujimori-san asked.

"No nothing at all why!?" Sayaka said while trying to hide the papers behind her.

"Aki-chan passed an audition!" Rin replied happily.

"What? Is it a drama part? Is it as a boy or girl? Most likely a boy. But wait why was a never informed about this 'audition'?" She looked at Sayaka. "And what are you hiding from me?"

"What? Nothing! Pfft, what could I possibly be hiding?"

I knew everyone was thinking the same thing. "You are such a bad liar, Sayaka."

Fujimori-san quickly grabbed the papers from behind Sayaka and looked at what it had to say. She stared at the paper and crumpled the paper slightly as she gripped it.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS AKIRA!" She screamed at me.

"It wasn't me! Megumi sent in an application to prank me!" Fujimori-san's glare went towards Megumi as she dragged her to another room to 'talk'.


"I'm here…" I sighed as I looked at the tall building in front of me.

"Well let's get going shall we?" Tanaka-san the manager of the boy band I supposedly 'auditioned' for.

I was nervous but walked behind as she led me through the halls. I just need to remember the plan…


"Okay so here's the plan, Akira. You need to just say it was a mistake! That's it or say that you don't want this job! Yeah that's good!" Fujimori-san happily exclaimed.

"You know I did try that. At the Audition! But the boss never listened to me!" I said.

"Ok If that doesn't work try to ruin your first day then they will fire you!" Sayaka exclaimed.

"That could work…" Shizuka said.

"Are you serious? Do I have to do this?"


Flashback end

Stupid Megumi! I wouldn't be in this mess if not for her!


Two boys sat on the couch as two other boys stood up and leaned against the arm rests and one leaned against the wall.

"What's taking Tanaka-san so long!" One boy with Dark blue hair said. He was Rokuga Ryo, the groups's impatient and serious one. Sometimes he's just too stiff.

"Just be patient Ryo. I'm pretty sure she'll be here pretty soon." A dark green haired Uchida Yusuke said. He was the mature one in the group.

"Why are we here again?" The light brown haired boy asked. Okamoto Shouta. The easy going and youngest one.

"You guys are here to meet your new group member." The boss or how everyone is 'supposed' to call him but don't, President said.

"I don't see any need for a new member." Chinen Jun said. The leader with redish brown hair and very serious about his job.

"Why not? I think it's a good idea. I wonder who it is…" The popular one with blonde hair, Ootani Leo. He flirts with almost every girl he sees.

Akira's POV

"What's this I'm starting to get nervous…" I need to do the plan. I need to….

"Ok here we are!" Tanaka-san led me to me to a wall of glass where you can see right through. What's the sense of that? Why not just break down the whole wall! I mean, come on its like there is no wall in the first place! Ok, sorry for that randomness that happens when I'm nervous. Who am I talking to?

Inside I can see five guys talking to the Boss. They look like their arguing about something. Surprisingly this wall is soundproof. Tanaka-san opened the glass doors and all their heads turned towards me. Finally I found out who they were. 'COLOUR'. They were the most popular boy band in Japan! They are the 'Passion's Rival!

"Ah, here she is." The Boss stood up from his chair and walked towards me to stand right next to me.

"Here is your newest member Akira." He gestured.

"Wait did you say 'she'?" Rokuga asked. Of course I know their names! Everyone knows them.

"Isn't she from the group the 'Passion'?" Uchida questioned.

"You mean that popular girl group? How is that even possible? I mean obviously he's a dude! He even talks like one. I mean what girl addresses herself as 'Ore*'?" Okamoto said which got on my nerves. Well, sorry for acting like a guy! It's a habit…

"For your information I'm a girl! Second I'm only here to say that I have no interest in joining your group." I said everyone looked at me shocked.

"Why not? Isn't it every girls dream to be surrounded by hot guys like ourselves?" Ootani said. I just looked at him like he was crazy.

"No it's not EVERY girls dream. Not mine's anyway. Besides I can never join the Passion's rival idol group." I looked at each and everyone one of them and turned away. "If that is all I will be leaving."

"See, I told you there was no need for a new member. Besides she would never survive the rehearsals and practices." This stopped me from reaching the door. From the corner of my eye I saw Okamoto and Rokuga nodding in agreement.

"Excuse me, are you telling me that I'm weak just because I'm a girl?" Before anyone could say anything Uchida butt in.

"Well then why don't you prove it at the dance rehearsal we have in a few minutes." He said. I nodded and left the room. When I got outside I realized something and mentally face palmed myself.

"Ugh, why do I act before I think…"

Normal POV

The boys saw her leave them behind. Then Yusuke turned to Jun. "I told you it would work."


"1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2-3 then Spin! No no no! Stop the music!" Yamamoto-sensei, the choreographer clapped his hands together to stop the music.

"Come on! We have to get this right! Okay start from the beginning! One two ready start!" The music started playing they all danced to the rhythm not missing one step.

Akira's POV

I was leaning against the wall and watching each and every one of their steps. Each step, each motion, each turn was burned into my memory as I replayed it over and over in my mind. Yamamoto-sensei said that today I have to watch since this was my first day and I didn't learn the dance yet. But the boys looked like it was their first time learning it, too and they only practiced a little on it.

"Okay, that was good. Good progress people! You guys are dismissed." Yamamoto-sensei said as he looked at me. "Okay Akira, show me what you got." I guess he knows my ability. Well, I don't really care. I walked towards the middle of the room and stood in front of the large mirror.

"Wait, Yamamoto-sensei! You didn't even teach her the dance yet! How is he-I mean-she supposed to get it when we couldn't?" Uchida said.

"Don't worry about it," He turned on the music and I started to tap my foot to the rhythm. "Just watch."

I started moving my arms in the same way the boys did and started dancing. Turn, stop, run, jump, each time I did something I remembered what they did and copied it. I closed my eyes and concentrated while I felt the music. This is so much fun compared to my regular practice! I stop when the music stopped with my arm in the air as I was panting. It was a pretty complicated dance, and my body wasn't used to it but I loved challenges. I took deep breaths as I heard clapping before and opened my eyes.

"That was amazing, Akira! You just need to polish the technique but other than that, it was great! You are dismissed and I hope to see you tomorrow, no?" Yamamoto-sensei said as he left the practice room.

I went to the locker room to get changed and get my stuff. As I walked out the guys were there.

"Is there something you want?" I unintentionally said coldly.

"I just wanted to say… That was awesome! I mean how did you do that dance by just watching it once! I mean I can't even do the new dance correctly!" Okamoto exclaimed.

"That was impressive I must say." Uchida said. Everyone was complimenting me except for one person. All eyes were pointed towards him waiting for something to be said.

"T-that was good I guess… but there was still a lot of mistakes. We can fix them when you come to practice tomorrow." And with that Chinen left.

"That's his way of saying he accepts you into the group!" Okamoto said.

"Oh, what am I going to tell Fujimori-san about this…"


Next Morning

"Ugh, I couldn't tell anyone about what happened since I got home so late." I was walking with my disguise to my boss's office. I can't believe people don't notice me. All I wear is a baseball cap, glasses, and guy clothes. I'm pretty sure someone would notice me.

Anyway because of Megumi's text I'm heading to the office right now. I checked one more time just in case she wasn't tricking me.

Meet at President Kudou's office quick!

I hope this isn't a prank.


Megumi's POV

"How could you let her get into this mess!" President Kudou was yelling at Fujimori-san for her irresponsibility or more my irresponsibility. I mean I didn't mean it to get this out of hand. I don't want to admit it but I would miss her if she decided to move to 'COLOUR'.

"How will we ever fill the gap when she's gone! How will we keep the popularity of the group without her!" President Kudou said.

"We do need her to keep our high number of fan girls. If we do loose Akira our fan girls will decrease by almost 75%." Shizuka explained. I knew this from the beginning everyone did. We always kept it from Akira.

"Anyway she is getting annoying asking me about wearing a dress for the next photo shoot or having a girl part in dramas." Sayaka said. I'm doing the best to hold back my anger. Am I the only one who doesn't like this? Who wouldn't get mad when they find out their friend (is she my friend?) is using my best friend just so she can stay famous.

"Yeah I agree with Saya-chan! Why can't she realize she will never be seen as a girl?" Rin said.

I stood up and everyone looked at me. I did my best and kept my cool. But that was easy since I AM the best actress in the group.

"Why do you guys use her as a tool? I thought she was our friend?" I asked.

"Hmmm…. I guess we're friends. It doesn't matter anyways. We need her to 'think' we are her friends so she will trust us and do as we say!" Sayaka smiled triumphantly. How can this person not feel guilty for doing this?

I started laughing. "You guys are so stupid." I looked to the door and every gasped when they say Akira-kun standing there.

Akira's POV

I slowly opened the door knowing that they knew I was there.

"Did you hear the truth, Akira-kun?" Megumi asked me. I was looking down motionless clenching my fists.

"Akira how much did you hear?" Our manager asked.

"All of it." I said angrily.

"H-how?" Shizuka asked shocked.

"Technology!" Megumi said waving her phone. When they looked at the screen they saw it was in a call with the phone threatening to break in my grip.

"So my friendship was just a plan to get you guys famous? You guys were really not my friends." I chuckled softly. "How could I be so stupid? I trusted you guys to make my dream come true but instead…."

"That's not true, Akira…" Sayaka tried to reach out but I just slapped her hand away.

"You know what? I think I'm going to join the boy band. At least they don't try to use me for my looks but they actually look at my talent, too." I turn to walk out the door. "I'll get my things out of the house by tomorrow."

"Wait, Aki-chan!" Rin grabbed my arm but I just pulled away. I glared at her and she backed away. "I can't believe you guys were my friends."

As I passed Megumi I paused a moment as she whispered something to me. "Good Luck, Akira-kun." I smiled a bit to say thanks as I walked out the office.

*Ore- How a boy addresses himself; also uses Boku


Name: Fukumoto Akira
Appearance: Short dark Purple hair, Looks like a boy, 19
Trademark Color: Passion-Blue, COLOUR-Purple
Personality: She acts like a boy and talks like one but she wants people to see her as a girl and become more girly. Has a hard time trusting people.


Name: Endou Sayaka
Appearance: Light brown hair-usually in a side ponytail, 19
Trademark Color: Yellow
Personality: Never gives up and determined to reach her goals. She almost never thinks before she acts. A bad liar and the leader of the group.

Name: Minazuki Shizuka
Apperance: Dark blue hair-bangs pinned back, 21
Trademark Color: Green
Personality: Very mature and the mother role to the group. She is very patient and has a childish side. She is a talented Dancer.

Name: Kasuga Rin
Appearance: Blonde hair-always in pigtails, 17
Trademark Color: Pink
Personality: Very childish when she is at home. She complains a lot but she is an excellent singer.

Name: Takahashi Megumi
Appearance: Curly brown hair, 20
Trademark Color: Purple
Personality: She hates people who lie and loves to pick on Akira. She used to say Akira-kun just to annoy her but it became a habit. She stands up for what she believes is right even though she can be mean. She is great at dancing, singing, acting, and modeling making her the most popular in the group.

Acronym of their names, except for the L.

Name: Chinen Jun
Appearance: Reddish-brown hair, 22
Trademark Color: Red
Personality: He acts cold and distant at first but when he gets used to it he starts warming up and becoming nice and friendly. He is the leader and song writer for COLOUR.

Name: Okamoto Shouta
Appearance: light brown hair-bangs pinned to the side, 19
Trademark Color: Orange
Personality: Very outgoing and likes to have fun. He is usually the one playing pranks on everyone especially Ryo. The youngest and a great dancer.

Name: Ootani Leo
Appearance: Blonde hair, 22
Trademark Color: Yellow/Gold
Personality: A huge flirt but the most popular out of the group. He never takes anything seriously but does when the time comes and has a great sense of fashion and a great model.

Name: Uchida Yusuke
Appearance: Dark green hair, Glasses, 20
Trademark Color: Green
Personality: He is the second youngest in the group but he is the most mature. He makes sure everyone's in order. Sometimes he can be childish though and best actor in the group.

Name: Rokuga Ryo
Appearance: Dark Blue hair-sometimes has it in a small ponytail, 21
Trademark Color: Blue
Personality: He is very serious about his job but can be really impatient. He often scolds the group members when they are lazy. A great singer.