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"And this will be your room, Akira." Tanaka-san gestured to a room in a wide hallway. I was kind of not listening because I was still awed by how huge this place was.

"Why do five people need such a big house?" I asked. It had a gym, seven practice rooms, a swimming pool, dance studio, large living room with a kitchen, huge parking garage, and spacious bedrooms. It would be a dream if we had these accommodations at the 'Passion's mansion.

"The boys asked the Boss for these rooms to be built in their mansion." Tanaka-san explained. She opened the door to my new room. It was a room with plain white walls, and wooden flooring. There was a bed and desk with a walk in closet and a huge private bathroom. A number of unopened boxes were placed on the ground.

"So," Tanaka-san opened a planner she had in her arms. "Today you've got no work, since your new. I'm pretty sure you'll get more jobs if you-" I raised my hand in front of her and interrupted her.

"I've been in the music business before, you don't have to explain." I firmly stated. She just smiled.

"Sorry, keep on forgetting." She said. "Ok, that's all I need to tell you, so I'll leave you to your unpacking." She left me and I entered the new room.

I closed the door and put down my bag on the bed. I knelt down and started unpacking the boxes. Better get started earlier than never. I lifted one of the boxes onto the nightstand next to the bed. When did I get so much stuff? I rummaged through all my stuff and took out things one by one when I accidently dropped something. With a small crash a picture frame fell to the ground.

"Damn." I muttered under my breath as I picked up the frame. The glass shattered and scratched up a little of the wooden flooring. As I flipped over the picture frame, I saw the most disgusting image ever.

"Fucking bastards…." I said out loud this time as I threw the whole picture away and got back to my unpacking.


"Okay, stop!" Yamamoto-san clapped his hands and the music stopped. Everyone stopped moving and panted, wiping away their sweat.

"I think that's good for today! We will be working on the choreography for you next concert tomorrow, so remember to look over the steps, later!" and with that practice ended. We went to the wall where our bags were lined up. I grabbed my bottle of water and started drinking it when something from behind glopped me.

"You were soooo amazing, Akira-chan!" Okamoto exclaimed as I coughed up some water.

"I can't even get the dance as good as yours and you only had a week of practice!" He continued.

"Um…. Thanks, but it's not that good." I replied.

"That is not true. You had only a fourth of our practice and yet you can still catch up with our practices." Uchida complimented also.

"I thank you for your compliments but…." I glared behind me. "Can you get off of me!" I yelled at Okamoto.

Normal POV

Jun looked at the argument in the other corner of the room as he wiped the sweat off his forehead with a towel.

"Well, it they seem very lively, don't they?" Leo approached Jun. Jun just nodded and took a sip from his water bottle. When he finished drinking he just stared at the bottle.

"I do have one question though." He said.

"What might that be?" Leo asked.

"Why would someone like her join the entertainment business? She really doesn't look like the type to."

Leo just shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe she wanted to appeal more of her boyish-ness to the world? Anyway, whatever her decision she seems really happy about it."

"What makes you think that?" Jun asked.

"Can't you tell too, Jun-chan? The glow in her eyes when she's dancing or singing. She loves doing what she does. I just don't know the reason why she wanted to be famous being a boy." He answered.

Jun pondered on that thought for a moment and decided to forget about it. Why should he care? It's not like it affects his life.

"Ryo-chan what do you think?" Leo turned his head towards Ryo who just wiped his sweat.

"Why would I care?" He said coldly.

"Well, that's Ryo for you!" Leo smiled and slung his arm over him. Ryo just growled at him irritation.


Jun was walking back to his room after being locked in the practice room for more than five hours. He yawned and stretched when he passed by the dance rooms. He heard some sound coming out one room that had light streaming out of the window. Curious, he looked through the window to see Akira practicing the dance routine for the upcoming performance.

"Utau tokeau Bokura no Kara de~" The music played through the room as she looked concentrated on each beat not missing a step. Her sneakers squeaked softly against the wooden floors as she turned in one swift motion. She mouthed each word remembering each lyric as she watched her movement in the large mirror in front of her.

She took one wrong step and stopped completely. She stopped the music with the remote in her pocket and repeated the steps over and over until she got it right. She once again started the music from the top again and began dancing the whole routine from the beginning.

When he watched her practice, Jun could see what Leo was talking about. She seemed like she was shining and every time she turned she, even if she never smiled, you could see through her eyes that she was really having fun.

But there was something about her that really irritated him.

"She shouldn't be in our group…" He thought and with that he left and headed back to his room.


Akira's POV

"Nice work, Akira! You even remembered all the lyrics perfectly!" The music teacher, Nishijima-san, complimented.

"Just because I'm new, I don't want that to be an excuse for not being able to catch up to the boys." I said.

"And you have such a deep voice, too! It's so hard to believe you're a girl!" I flinched at that comment but still smiled and thanked the teacher.

"Okay, today's lesson is over! Maybe, next lesson it might be with the boys, so we can work on the harmonies!" She smiled and said enthusiastically.

I bowed and left the room and sighed. As I opened the door he first person I saw was Tanaka-san.

"Akira! You have a photo shoot next and after that you have an interview with the reporters of 'GoldStar' magazine." She explained.

"Okay, how much time do I have left?" I asked her.

"About five minutes and we should start heading to the photo studio." She said.

I sighed. "I'm already ready so let's go."

Tanaka-san nodded and walked ahead as I followed her. She looked behind her and frowned.

"Are you okay, Akira?" She asked, worried.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine…" I answered back smiling reassuringly. Before she could ask anymore we reached the car and hopped on. I sighed once more and looked out the window. I was just worried. Worried I made the right choice to join 'COLOUR'. I mean I did what to get away from 'them' but I joined their group to be noticed as a girl. Now that I joined a boy group, how was I supposed to reach my goal? I did really leave that group for nothing? Or worse, did I leave home for no reason?