Here's a small snippet of the third and final installment of the trilogy, The Merchant's Daughter.

Orlania is a small country smashed between the sea to the east and Aldaren to the west. To the north, the mountainous Lapin area borders it. In the south, monsters of untold horror roam the darkened, sparse desert.

It is a country of commerce. Here, they spare no expense when it comes to trade and taking care of their merchants. The system runs in a triangle internally. Money, gold, and gems are brought in from overseas and taken to the capital city. From there, it is transported to the dwarves in the mountains. After that more merchants take it to the forest to a drop-off point for the Elvin Cities to craft the tempered metals into objects of beauty. Once everything is crafted, it is brought back to the capital city to be exported.

Of course, that's just how the business is run within the country. The Merchants' Guild commands an entire fleet of cargo ships to transport good to and from other countries across the seas. I'm not quite sure exactly what goes on after the ships sail away from port, but to my knowledge it's nothing more than loading and unloading goods.

All of this is managed by the merchants that belong to the Merchants' Guild. I suppose I shouldn't say just "merchants", necessarily. The sailors technically count too. Either way, everyone worked together to keep the system running smoothly. Though none of it would be possible without the guidance of possibly the most powerful person in all of Orlania, the Head of the Merchants' Guild. The current head was the Lady Katalina.

How do I know all this? Simple. I'm her daughter. My name is Autumn, and my parents are the Head of the Merchants' Guild and the Captain of His Highness's Royal Guard. I can't tell you how happy I should be; being a part of potentially the most powerful family Orlania has ever seen. But I'm not happy. Do you know why?

Because I hate living here.

Hope to see you there!