Synopsis: Don Carlo Macavelli has control of many of the Internet's 'shadier' sites. Though one would believe he is the lowest of the low (and he is quite the man about town) he helps charitable orginizations and mentors many troubled kids. Mayor Jillian 'Jill' White has heard the rumors and wants to expose him for the mafia dirtbag he is but all the while unexpectedly falls for Carlo's son, Stephano. Carlo catches her in the act of trying to slander him and threatnes her with posting embarassing photos from a vacation at a nude beach. She caves in, leaves him alone but can't stay away from Stephano. Will Stephano be her ultimate undoing or will Stephano find a way so the two of them can be together without incurring or facing his father's wrath.


Don Carlo Macavelli:

Monica Macavelli:

Stephano Macavelli:

Nina: (goomar)

Rita: (goomar)

Lyra: (goomar)

Valentina: (goomar)

Cassandra: (goomar)

Tyrone: (troubled kid Carlo helps)

Zeus: (one of Carlo's goons)

Joaquin: (one of Carlo's goons)

Mayor Jillian White:

Margaret: (Jill's cousin)

Mrs. Yvonne White: (Jill's mom)

Mr. Blaine White: (Jill's dad)

Rosalita 'Rose' Macavelli: (Jill/Carlo's daughter)

Sergeant Frank Waters:

Cadet Anastazy Nikos:

Lieutenant Zelda DeFranco:

Starbucks Clerk (Joshua):

Scene 1-Serious Goings On

Jill: (voice over writing in electronic diary) My father, Blaine White had been the mayor of this city long before I was ever elected. I have tried, to the best of my ability, meet the demands of the people. There's an old saying. You can make some of the people happy some of the time, but you can't make all of the people happy all of the time. And mostly, the citizens I care for are happy. One of them concerns me though and has since the moment he moved in to the neighborhood. Granted, I live in the big city. There's bound to be corruption of some sort anywhere you look but I've been able to get more jobs for police officers who take no guff and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. This one scourge that sticks in my craw is Don Carlo Macavelli. I have seen his name attached to many porn sites, illegal methanphetamine manufacturing, gambling, buddy cams and many other inherant violations I cannot possibly shut down by myself. Even my computer task force has its hands full. We all want to expose this guy for the amoeba that he truly is. I know where his ties lie. Don Carlo is rich and is a mafioso. I do realize that if I go into the viper's den I may not come out, but someone has to bring this man to justice. Call me a vigilante, a bounty hunter, whatever. I want Macavelli to pay for his crimes.

(looking over at her kitty, Kenzie)

Jill: (yawning) I know, I know. I should be in bed by now. Mom and dad would get on my case so often for that. 'A growing girl needs her rest', mom would always say. Even though I'm sort of a night owl, I know if I don't get my required 8 hours, I'm a bit cranky when I wake up. I need to be refreshed for the task that awaits.

Kenzie: Mew. (purrs, rubbing against her)

Jill: I get it ! I get it, you infernal fluffball. (laughs) Off to bed I head.

(Jill cuddles underneath her blankets, Kenzie curls up at her forehead, purring before she falls asleep. A quick flash of the night turning into day is shown before Jill wakes up, puts on her best suit, sunglasses and stilletos. 'Short Skirt, Long Jacket' plays in the background.)

Jill: (dialing the police) Yes, Sergeant Waters, this is the Mayor. I'm going to need your best boys in blue to help me with this dirtbag.

Frank: I'm not really certain if the evidence you sent me is enough to acquit him. We have a warrant and if necessary, we have the ability to recruit SWAT if need be.

Jill: I have a feeling there will be more than enough illegal activity behind his doors once we get inside. I'll wait for your arrival. I am just outside the den of sin and abomination.

Frank: Yeesh, don't start getting all biblical on me.

Jill: Just call me the right hand of God.

Frank: (sighs) Oh brother. Just stay there, Ms. Mayor, we're on our way.

(The police arrive and she knocks on the door. Carlo answers, nonplussed and unamused.)

Carlo: Officers, we have had run ins before. I am not doing anything wrong, I assure you.

Nina: (seductively) Carlo, come back honey !

Lyra: Yes, please come back. Nina and I need you.

Valentina: Don't forget Cassandra and I either.

Anastazy: Oh, Lord...this is better than a dream I had once, Sergeant.

Frank: (strictly) You keep your mind out of the gutter, Cadet !

Jill: You have a prostitution ring, and heavens only knows what else going on in this bordello of yours.

Carlo: No, Ms. White. I am afraid you are mistaken. These are my goomars.

Frank: Legally, they are his second wives.

Jill: (stunned) Well, break my stilletos. I did not see that coming.

Carlo: What am I in violation of anyhow ? I'm a busy man. I have transactions to complete. Now if you will excuse me...

Frank: I think he's right. Maybe we were wrong to assist you...

Jill: (looking directly at Frank) Frank, I came here to expose this jerk. Now either you help me put him away or the city will have this stain upon its reputation for years to come. Think about our citizens, Frank.

Carlo: Are you going to listen to her prating, officer ? Nothing I am doing here is wrong ! Hell, I have kids here from broken homes. If it weren't for me, these kids would continue to stroll down their paths and possibly become thieves, or worse. I am doing this community a service.

Stephano: (genteely) Dad, you really don't need to be so unkind to the mayor.

Carlo: (getting a bit insensed) Who's side are you on, you traitorous bastard ?! I know more about this shithole than you do ! In fact, I know a little something about the mayor that she might have forgotten.

Stephano: (stays out of it, but can't keep his eyes off of Jill)

Jill: Mr. Macavelli, I know you're a mafioso and whatever, but you don't scare me.

Carlo: (leaning in closely to her) I have power. More power than you can ever possibly fathom. So if you want to keep every last hair of your cute platinum head safe, I would stay far from this place. I don't want you here ever again. If I catch you anywhere near my territory, my goons will find ways of dealing with you. Capice ?

Jill: (keeping herself calm, breathing) You made your terms quite clear to me, Mr. Macavelli. I'll remove myself from your premisis.

(They all walk away, a bit dejected about the failed attempt to take Macavelli to court.)

Anastazy: Even if we did indict him with all those charges of illegal activity, he still would've gotten a lawyer who would've wiped the floor with us.

Frank: Stazy, don't even speak. You're bringing me down, man.

Zelda: Ms. White, what was he talking about earlier ? I am a bit lost here.

Jill: (inhales and exhales deeply) I don't know how Carlo did it but apparently, he keeps files on everyone's activities at home or abroad. He has 'eyes' everywhere, even in the most innocuous locales. His goons have control of them. It was a long time ago, but I had gone on Spring Break to a nude beach. I suppose if I had continued my vigilante business, he would've posted my photos from back then.

Zelda: That prick !

Jill: That's putting it midly. He has proven he can't be beaten. He owns quite a few businesses in town, more or less of them on the shadier, shiftier side. But everyone simply turns a blind eye to it, oblivious to the corruption.

Frank: It was a courageous effort. I know your parents would've tried the same thing, but they never were so successful as you tried to be today.

Jill: Thanks for the pep talk, Sarge. (exhales a bit in frustration) I am really sorry I called you out of your work to come away with nothing.

Frank: Hey, Jill. Don't worry about it. (pats her shoulder) We're your friends. We're on your side. Your reputation is safe.

Zelda: Yeah, mum's the word. After all, it was just a bunch of newdie photos. Not like none of us have ever seen that before.

(They all laugh)

Jill: (narrating) I was a bit happy the incident was over, but something about the confrontation unnerved me. Stephano, Macavelli's son, didn't stop staring at me. He had stood up for me against all odds. I was nearly fixated by him, and I can't stop thinking of him. He was brave, genteel, steely in the face of danger. I have never met a man like that since my own father, let alone the police and fire department employees I see on a near daily basis. Stephano is unique, but I must cease all thoughts of him.

(snuggling under covers) Damn it. Why did he have to be so freakishly handsome ?

(Scene fade)

Scene 2-Pizza Therapy

Jill: (sleeping in because it is a weekend. Gets nearly scared to death thanks to a phone call) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH ! Jeebus... (catches breath, answers phone)

Yvonne: Hi, pumpkin ! Sarge Waters told me about the other day. I'm really sorry, muffin.

Jill: Me too, mom. (groan) Why can't justice be met ?

Yvonne: Sometimes corruption rules. You know better to creep into a dark alley where God only knows what lurks for you there, right ?

Jill: Yes. Why ?

Yvonne: Mr. Macavelli is darkness incarnate. He'll swallow up a light like yourself in an instant.

Jill: So, basically I dodged a bullet.

Blaine: Quite literally. (chuckles)

Jill: Are you going to be coming by later this afternoon ?

Yvonne: Of course we are. Why are you asking, sweetpea ?

Jill: I'm simply in need of company. I'm feeling a little mopey. It's no one's fault. You know how I hate failures.

Blaine: We'll have you right as rain in no time, bunny. Count on it.

(Scene shift to a pizzeria where old Italian love songs are being played.)

Jill: This place certainly brings back a lot of memories.

Blaine: I remember when you were younger you always demanded, politelty of course to 'go to Barcelona's'.

Yvonne: Always a festive occassion, and its like that atmosphere has never faded.

Jill: Pizza's still divine too. And the pasta...(euphoric sigh)

Blaine: What did I tell ya ? (slides over and hugs his daughter from the side)

Jill: In fact, I feel like I should be singing one of my favorite songs for the occasion.

Blaine: That's mighty bold of you.

Yvonne: Go for it, sweetie !

(Jill steps up to the mic and requests a karaoke version of 'Dancing Queen', which she sings without missing a note or a beat. Everyone in the restaurant goes nuts for her performance.)

Blaine: You've still got it, girly ! (high-fives her)

Jill: This is the best therapy I have had all day. Thank you so much for this. Care if I tag along with you back home ? I think a bit of catch up face to face is much better than email.

Yvonne: (patting her hand) I couldn't agree more, m'dear.

(scene fade)

Scene 3-Unlikely Meeting At Starbucks

(Jill wakes up to 'Bright Sunshiny Day' playing on her radio. While she is heading to Starbucks, she sees a young man heading into Macavellis house.)

Tyrone: (listening to Gangster's Paradise on his Ipod and singing along with it)

Jill: Pardon me, young man, but...Do you realize who that home belongs to ?

Tyrone: Of course I do, Mayor. He's helpin' me improve my math and English.

Jill: (surprised, a bit to herself) Huh. I'll be darned. (back to Tyrone) Are you the only one he mentors ?

Tyrone: No, there are others. He's an awesome mentor, ma'am. I'd better go. Carlo doesn't care for tardiness.

Jill: (a bit anxiously) I...see. (narrating) I didn't see any goons around so I knew I would be safe. Carlo had threatened me before and I didn't want to incur his wrath yet again. Carlo was dangerous and I was aware of that. I felt a little unusual at what I had just witnessed, however. I knew Carlo had his finger in many pies, but I had been completely unaware that he helped kids like that one I just met.

(Walking into Starbucks. Some cool jazz is playing in the background, mostly something by Kenny G.)

Jill: (up at the counter) I'll have a vente caramel latte, easy on the foam.

Starbucks clerk: (cheerily) Vente caramel latte. Got it ! And if I can be so bold to say, Ms. Mayor, you look fantastic.

Jill: (being humble but actually adoring the praise) Oh, go on, Joshua. Stop flattering me !

Starbucks clerk: It's the truth though. (whipping up the perfect caramel latte) And, here you go. Would you like your reciept ?

Jill: No thanks, Josh. You know exactly how I like my latte.

Stephano: (walking up to the counter and making the same order)

Starbucks clerk: Just as you ordered, Mr. Macavelli.

Stephano: (gives Josh a huge tip) They don't nearly pay you enough here, kid. Keep the change and mum's the word.

Starbucks clerk: (shakily) Right.

Stephano: (chuckling) Fancy meeting you here, Jill.

Jill: (nearly sputters on her latte) It's my morning ritual. Keeps me alert most of the day.

Stephano: A young filly like you ? You are the most energetic lady I know !

Jill: (laugh) I still need my latte to get myself going. I'm surprised though.

Stephano: At what ? That I would like lattes ? Why ? It's not a masculine enough drink ?

Jill: (backpedalling) No ! No, I didn't want to imply...

Stephano: It's alright. Don't be so uptight. (boldly takes her hand, and clasps it in his own) I am not my father, and despite my father's wishes, I want to watch out for your safety.

Jill: He doesn't want any part of my influence though, Stephano. You know this as well as anyone in the city.

Stephano: Sure. But I want to spend as much time as I can with you.

Jill: (a bit taken aback) W-why ? You hardly even know me.

Stephano: What can I say ? I'm drawn to you. Since your election, I have admired you.

Jill: (blushing) That's awfully kind of you to say, Stephano.

Stephano: (holds her hands) Just call me Steve. 'Stephano' is what dad calls me if I'm in trouble for something.

Jill: I-I have to go to work.

Stephano: Perhaps I can take you out to dinner later ?

Jill: (blushing again) I don't see why not.

Stephano: Wear your best dress and I'll see you tonight, beautiful.

Jill: (smiling brightly) Certainly.

Stephano: (takes her right hand and kisses it) It's been a dream, angel.

See you soon.

Jill: (dreamily) Indeed. (looks at her watch) Oh, crumbs ! I'm going to be late ! (rushes out of Starbucks, into her car and quickly into her office where no one is the wiser as to what has just happened)

(scene fade)

Scene 4-Blossoming Love Story

Jill: (narrating) My head was reeling at what had just occurred. I was having a date with the enemy ! Even more confusing were the comments that he had given me earlier. How long had I missed his gaze in public press conferences in the back ? Years have come and gone and I have been oblivious about this. Nevertheless, I like being around him. There's something magnetic about him...

(As they go on their date, 'Bubbles' plays in the background as they get to know each other better.)

Stephano: Right now, no one else knows where I am. Only you and me. Just the two of us.

Jill: You definitely know how to treat a woman. I never thought we'd have so much in common...

Stephano: I can't think of anything better than laughing and savoring your company. Has anyone ever told you how charming and delightful you are ?

Jill: (laughing) Just mom and pop.

Stephano: They couldn't be any more accurate, but they forgot to mention how enchanting you are.

Jill: (tittering) Stop ! You're making me blush.

Stephano: I can't help it. You're spellbinding. If I see a truth, I'll state it. I'm stuffed. What about you ?

Jill: I couldn't possibly eat another bite.

Stephano: I'll take you home then. Would you like to do this again sometime ?

Jill: Definitely. You're a joy.

Stephano: You define euphoria, my dear. (takes her hand) Come on, I know a place where we can stargaze. That is, if you want to.

Jill: I adore stargazing ! Do you know how to find any constellations ?

Stephano: (singing) Baby, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

(The end guitar music from Ib plays in the background as Stephano and Jill stare at the stars together.)

Stephano: Have you ever once given a thought to how infintesimal the Universe is compared to us mortals ? I mean think of us on this tiny blue dot we call Earth...

Jill: I do ponder about it sometimes. Some people find the idea opressive and depressing. I find it liberating and exciting. It gives me hope to know we are not alone in our microscopic galaxy. (yawning) It's getting really late and Kenzie will be missing me.

Stephano: Kenzie ? You never told me you were that type of girl ! (nudges her) I kid. I kid. I know Kenzie's your kitty. I couldn't help it though.

(The two laugh)

Jill: I like your sense of humor.

Stephano: (pats her hand) I don't want to let you go. But I know I'll see you again.

Jill: Sure, you will. Despite everything, we'll make a way. (leans over and kisses his cheek but he turns and kisses her full on the lips)

Stephano: Gotcha, didn't I ? (chuckles)

Jill: (tittering uncontrollably, lowering her face for a moment) Goodnight, Steve. I'll see you again someday.

Stephano: If not sooner, my dear. (singing) I would walk a thousand miles and I would walk a thousand more, to be the man that you would have, the one beckoning at your door...

Jill: Creative licence with lyrics ?

Stephano: (chuckling) You bet, babe. (smooches her cheek) You are wonderful. Don't ever forget that. I'll be thinking of you.

Jill: (narrating) The moment he had kissed me it was as if time stood still. The stars and moon became brighter, symphonies played in my mind. I know it sounds cliched, but it's the gospel truth. I knew I had gotten nailed by Cupid's arrow, but it didn't matter. I loved him and he loved me. And in spite of everything, even hell, we were going to be together.

(scene end)

Scene 5-Forsaking All in the Name of Romance

(On the screen the words 'One Year Later, Somewhere in Arizona')

Jill: (narrating) I went to great lengths to obliterate my original identity in order to avoid possible retaliation from Carlo himself. The hardest adjustment was letting my parents into my plan to begin a new life. Normally this would be a joyous occasion, but being married to a mafioso's son can be difficult. Luckily, he hasn't come looking for either myself or Stephano. We have been married for a year and I am about to become a mom. I honestly couldn't be happier. It's been different. Sometimes I feel I have to look over my shoulder even though Stephano assures me there is nothing I have to worry about. Then again, sometimes I feel I worry too much. As for the mayoral position, my cousin, Margaret, bravely accepted the position.

(Jill is sleeping in Stephano's arms, both are naked and seem to be in bliss. He has his arms around her protruding belly.)

(Phone rings.)

Jill: (shrieks a little, to which Stephano awakens with his gun pointed at nothing, looks at him) Steve, put that thing away, would you ?

Stephano: (chagrinned) Sorry, I can't help it. Sheer reflex. (places gun back in nightstand) Just so long as you are alright, cherry pie. (nibbles her neck and kisses it)

Jill: Mmm...Don't distract me, darling. I have to answer the phone.

Stephano: (supersillious expression) Enough time for 'distraction' later, then, eh ?

Jill: (laughs) Hello ? Margaret, what is it ? You sound hysterical.

(split screen opens)

Margaret: They won't leave me alone.

Jill: They ? Who are they ? Calm down, Marge, honey.

Margaret: Carlo's goons keep calling me day in and day out. They keep demanding to know where you've gone. I told them you were dead. I gave them proof. They won't leave me alone !

Jill: Do they suspect anything ?

Margaret: You'd think two meatheads wouldn't think twice about a fake story, but they're not so dumb as you'd think.

Jill: (exhales harshly) Then they're probably looking for me. I left nothing, not a shred of evidence of my existence. Steve was meticulous in handling excess paper in that regard.

Margaret: You both carry guns, right ?

Jill: For protective measure, certainly.

Margaret: I'm scared, Jill. I know they're out there looking and they could be anywhere.

Jill: Marge, sweetie, you're a worry-wart. Steve and I can handle ourselves.

Margaret: I'm lighting extra votives just in case.

Jill: (light hearted laugh) You do that, hon. Love you.

Margaret: Love you, bye.

(Doorbell rings)

Joaquin: We're looking for this woman (shows her a photograph). Our boss wants to have a little chat with her. He's out in the limosene, waiting. He doesn't like to be kept waiting long.

Jill: Could you give me a moment, please, gentlemen ? (turns around and shuts the door) Stephano !

Stephano: (rushing downstairs) What ? What's wrong ? Did your water break ?

Jill: No, I'm ok. Baby's ok too, though she's kicking up a storm. Your dad's goons are at the door.

Stephano: (under his breath) Shit. (holds her close to him) Come on, we have to face this. Maybe he'll have mercy on us.

Jill: You want to go out there and talk to him ? Oh, hell no ! No ! We're not going out there. You're out of your mind.

Stephano: Dad still loves me or he wouldn't have come this far to see me.

Jill: He has a funny way of showing affection.

Stephano: Come on, Jill. It'll be fine. We won't even need our guns.

(The two of them step out while a remix of the Godfather theme plays.)

Jill: (nervously waves at the goons who shrug)

Carlo: (rolling down tinted window) Why did you run so far from me ?

Stephano: Dad, you threatened her. We had no other choice. We did it because we wanted to protect ourselves and the baby.

Carlo: I was overstepping my boundaries. I let my power get the best of me.

Jill: (feeling a large kick) just kicked, and hard. Aiee...

Zeus: Was that just a contraction ?

Joaquin: Wait a minute, how do you know...

Zeus: (bonks him upside the back of the head) Joaquin, I have seen the boss's wife go into labor before, I know what it's like, kay ?

Jill: (Narrating) What happened next was a whirlwind of activity for me, but my life changed immensely afterward... It would never be the same again.

(A montage is shown to 'Isn't She Lovely' once Rosalita enters the world, wailing and all. She is given to Carlo to hold and he melts. The scene quickly shifts from this to their original home back in the city.)

Jill: I re-established myself as Mayor of the city and was even given protection by the man I had once feared. I knew I was letting some notorious activities pass but it was a necessary evil. He wasn't that bad. In fact, he had become a good grandfather to little Rosalita. Rosa just loves her grandpa Carlo. I couldn't have predicted that if I tried. One moment I thought I'd fear for all our lives and the next I'm under the wings of Macavelli. It may be a strange life but after a while, you get used to it. I wouldn't trade a Macavellian life for anything, and Rosa is thriving. That's all that matters, when it comes down to brass tax.

(We see the Macavellis enjoying a family dinner together to 'Here Comes the Sun' as they savor their time together. Even Kenzie, the cat, doesn't mind a bit of poking, prodding and tail pulling. Roll credits, blooper reel.)