A/N: Just something I had in mind. I got my inspiration from the horror movie poster of The Cabin in the Woods, and from Slenderman ;D Enjoy!

The Cabin in the Woods

There was a cabin that lived in the woods. My knowledge of the cabin in the woods was hardly extensive. Aside from the general location, all I had ever heard about the place was never to go near it. No explanation, no reasoning, not even any lies, just never to go searching for it. And, without much persuasion, I listened. Then I met him.

He was the new kid in school, an immediate call to attention in the small town, where families traced back to their grandparent's grandparents. Rumors and gossip flew around like a bad plague. Everyone wanted to know about him, where did he come from, who are his parents, why did he move, and some things so personal that make me question whether some of the moms needed to take up new hobby.

I tried my best to pretend I didn't care, that I had better things to do in my life than antagonize over every new person who waltz into my life. In truth, I had plenty of other things on my mind, I had to keep up my 4.0 if I wanted a chance to be valedictorian, work if I wanted to actually have money, and not to mention I had to get into freaking college. I had enough on my plate without the distraction of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Mysterious.

So it's not like I asked to be partnered up with him for a project, though that didn't stop the other kids from thinking I did. I remember our names being called consecutively by the English teacher, the feeling of everyone's eyes turning to look at either him, or at me. I disliked the attention, mainly because I knew they were all thinking furiously of new pieces of lies to begin spreading around about the two of us. I didn't let my annoyance show, simply turning around in my seat to address my new partner.

"I'm busy today, but we can start working tomorrow. Come around 5 to my house. It's the one closest to the woods."

That's how I got here, sitting at my kitchen table silently across from the most talked about boy in town, Austin Greene. We had split up the assignment between us, and were working independently other than the occasional question or comment. It wasn't until about an hour into working that Austin broke the silence.

"Have you ever seen the cabin?" I looked up slowly, the explanation I was typing dying away mid sentence. I rose my eyebrows, silently questioning him.

"I heard some kids talking about it at school. They wouldn't tell me anything when I asked them." I turned my attention back to my computer screen, trying to seem nonchalant about the topic.

"That's probably because they don't know anything. No one does, none of the adults ever tell us anything about what that cabin is."

"Aren't you curious though?" He asks, pushing away the textbooks and papers that litter the table top, focusing all his attention on me. I purse my lips, not willing myself to speak. I didn't like it, talking about the cabin with a person I barely knew, in a house that was completely empty. It felt wrong, almost as if I could feel the judgment from the town for engaging in such a contraband topic.

"No, I don't really care about it," I respond, keeping my eyes firmly on the Word document, pretending to re-read my paragraph. I was caught off guard as Austin stood up, his chair scraping loudly against the linoleum floor.

"What are you doing?" I question, raising my eyebrows as he begins to slid his jacket on.

"I'm done my half of the project, so I'm going to go for a walk. I'll be back soon." He walks past me with an innocent smile, and I stare back at him blankly. It's not until I hear the front door slam that his words catch up to me.

Swearing loudly, I jumped out of my seat, slamming my laptop shut angrily. I rushed outside, flinging my jacket on as I went. Looking around, I saw Austin entering the forest, the fallen leaves of Autumn rustling as for the first time someone walked through them. I sprinted after him, resisting the urge to call out his name for fear of being heard by the neighbors. When I finally caught up to him I grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back to face me.

"Michelle, you planning on joining me?" He asks with a smile, as if he's genuinely happy to me. I glare at him, wondering how stupid he really was.

"You're going to try and look for the cabin aren't you?"

"Well, yes. You don't have to come if you're too scared though." He answers with a smirk, turning away to continue walking. I follow behind him, not ready to give up trying to drive some sense into him.

"Everyone in town is told never to go looking for the cabin. Just because you're new doesn't mean the same rule doesn't apply to you. What the hell do you think you're achieving by doing this? You're just going to get us all killed."

"Did you mean that figuratively or literally?" Austin asks, chuckling darkly.

"Stop being facetious. Anyway, it doesn't matter, you probably won't find the cabin, no one ever has."

"That's because no one looks for it. But yeah, you're right, I'm not going to find it, so can you just shut up and enjoy the walk?" I open my mouth angrily to retort, but I decided against it, knowing he had gone too far to be open to reason now. I turned around to leave him to his impending doom, but I stopped, looking around at the bare trees and leaf ridden ground; I had no idea which way we had came from.

"Austin…How are we going to get home?" I asked, trying to quell the fear that was causing my voice to shake. I hear no response, so I turn around to face him.

But he's not there anymore.

"AUSTIN?" I screamed, panic rising in me exponentially. Where did he go? I ran forward, searching desperately for any sign of his black hair, his green jacket, anything. But he was gone, he had disappeared in just a second. It was like a terrifying game of hide-and-seek.

Suddenly, I remembered. My cell phone! I blessed technology and its creators as I pulled it out of my pocket, nearly weeping in joy when I saw that I had service. Dialing quickly, I waited desperately as the phone rang.


"Mom!" I gasped, grateful that she had picked up. "Mom, please, I need you to help me, I'm lost."

"Lost? Honey, where are you?" She asked, concern lining her voice.

"I'm in the woods. This boy, he was trying to find the cabin here, and I told him not to, but now he's gone, and I don't know how to get home, Mom please help me." Tears were streaming unashamedly down my face by this point, and I was gasping to get my words out.

"Oh no, Honey…there is no cabin in the woods." My breath caught in my throat, confusion rendered me frozen, unable to understand what she meant. The panic was rising again, faster and faster as she continued to speak. I could only make out parts of the dialogue as the crappy signal I had finally began to turn on me.

"We said… because once…go in the woods…too hard…can't get out." The trees around me were beginning to blur together. Static rang in my ears, and I could hear my mom trying to get me to answer.

"Michelle? MICHELLE?"All of a sudden the noise stopped, and I vaguely realized the phone had dropped from my hand. My knees gave out, and with a thud I hit the ground, leaves crunching in protest.

There was no way out. I was lost. No one would find me, or Austin, just like no one could ever find the cabin that lived in the woods.