I miss you so much.

Yeah? Well, I don't.

Why did you have to leave?

Because, you were annoying me.

Why couldn't you stay?

You were acting like a bitch.

Why were you so mad at me?

Why are you saying "were"? I AM mad at you! You forgot what you did to me?

What did I do wrong?


Have… Have I done something that bad? Really?

Yes, yes you have. Now,

Shove off you stupid bitch. I hate you with all my heart.

My heart, It crumbles,

As I remember that fateful night.

It was… It was horrible.

I-I didn't want it to be true.

But of course, it was.

And, the thing that bothered me the most,

Was that I didn't know what I did.

And, I still said sorry.

And, you still hated me.

…What did I do?