The rain fell harshly on the ground outside the castle of Amoria, the soft rhythm of the rain hitting the window echoed through the room which was occupied by the King and Queen of the kingdom.

"Your Grace, I am very sorry for the inconvenience that we could not conseve a child. Please accept our dearest apologies." The king spoke, voice deep and intimidating.

"No apologies are needed Eugene, you will have the ceremony tomorrow and your champion will be selected." The soft melodic voice came from the mirror hanging on the wall. The image of a beautiful woman occupied the mirror, a tiara of diamonds adored her waist length blond hair that seemed to glow with a light hue of gold. Her eyes as well held a nice gold hue to them. She wore a white dress made from the finest fabric anyone had laid eyes on. She looked like pure royalty.

"Here is the sphere; it will determine the girl who will represent your Kingdom in the fight against the Shrieker." As she spoke a round object ejected from the mirror, it was gold and had beautifully written symbols on it. The Queen took the sphere and gentle placed it on a pedestal.

"Thank you, your Grace again we are very sorry for not having a champion with royal blood..." The Queen spoke solemnly, they had tried to conseve a daughter of their own but it had been confirmed that the Queen of Amoria was barren. The woman in the mirror looked at the Queen sympathetically.

"It is quiet alright Juliana." She smiled sadly and turned to the king.

"Now Eugene I will speak to you again soon, and please whoever is chosen as your champion treat them with the respect that all princesses receive. Goodnight to the both of you." She spoke the last part with a smile, and with that her image faded and in the mirror was the reflection of the King. He moved toward his wife and held her in his arms hopeing that the girl that was chosen tomorrow would bring great honor to her kingdom.