Chap.3 The Empire

Myra woke to the sound of footsteps running back and forth on the top deck; she looked at the clock and saw it was 9:40 for her this was sleeping in. She would usually wake at 8:00 and go through her morning routine, then she would make her way to the farm just on the outskirts of the kingdom, making it to the farm by 8:40.

She huffed and got out of bed, knowing she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. She went over to the dresser in the corner of her room; she opened one of the drawers and found a sky-blue sleeveless dress that would go at least five inches past her knees. She changed into it and thought it would be chilly on the deck so she wore the dark blue sweater she was given yesterday over it, and tied her hair back. She slipped on a pair of matching blue slippers that were next to the door of her room, and made her way upstairs to the deck.

When she got to the deck she bumped into the imp and she apologize, in return he grumbled with annoyance, this guy was getting on Myra's nerves because of how rude he was.

"It appears we will be docking earlier than expected, my Lady." He drawled. "We should be getting there in less than an hour" With that he walked off returning to whatever he was doing.

The crew was quiet friendly and offered Myra breakfast; she declined anything big she was much too nervous to eat. Instead she ate an apple to keep her going. She explored the deck the next few minutes, and chatted with the crew and learned how to tie a few new knots, Myra looked out to the sea and spotted something she leaned closer trying to see it more clearly, a deep voice came from behind her and made her jump.

"There it is my Lady, The Empire."

The crew docked the ship and Myra was greeted by a carriage the door opened, and came out was a small plump middle-aged woman. She wore a long dark green dress and a matching hat, the little woman greeted Myra with a smile.

"Hello, you must be Myra, my name is Barbra Hollins. I am to escort you around The Empire." She said in a cheery voice, she was quiet bubbly for age Myra noted. "Come, come we don't want to keep The Empress waiting do we?" Barbra got into the carriage and ushered Myra to get in, Myra got in and the carriage began to move.

"Your absolutely going to adore it here I assure you" Barbra said happily. Myra smiled, and for the rest of the trip it was silent.

The carriage came to a stop and the door was opened Barbra got out and Myra followed behind her. What she saw made jaw drop, in front of her was a beautiful palace. It was huge, it had arched windows which had gold trimming the white stairs led to a gigantic gold double door, and the palace itself was a ivory white.

Barbra nudged Myra up the stairs, and into the building. Once inside Barbra led Myra to a room that had a high ceiling and tapestries hanging on the walls, stairs led up to a beautiful throne.

"Now, the three princesses will be meeting you here and once you are all accounted for The Empress will meet with the four of you, I will be waiting outside for you with the other escorts." Barbra said and made her way to the door. Myra thanked her and she left, Myra looked around the room admiring the lovely paintings on the walls and the Beautiful chandelier that hung above her head. Just then the door opened and three girls came walking in, the princesses Myra presumed.

The princesses walked up to where Myra was and just as she was about to greet them the sound of someone clearing their throat could be heard. The four girls looked toward the throne, standing there was a beautiful woman.

'The Empress...' Myra thought, the Empress gazed at each of the girls standing before her. When she spoke her voice was kind and gentle.

"Welcome to the Empire, here you will be trained to fight with weapons, hand-to-hand combat, and more." She smiled and continued. "Now I would like you all to get acquainted, Jena will escort you to your room and bring you to dinner as well."

She waved her hand dismissing them and they went to the door. Outside a girl who looked to be not much older than Myra was waiting for them, she smiled and escorted them to their room. Apparently the four of them are supposed to share a bedroom. One of the princesses turned to Myra and stuck out there hand.

"Hey! I'm Calypso princess of Xantarius, but call me Cleo if you'd like" Myra shook her hand, she sported a black raven hair that was styled into a bob with bangs, her bronze skin complemented her bright green eyes.

"And I'm Mazarine princess of Hilivia, pleasure to meet you" The princess next to her said in a shy voice. Her skin was slightly tan, her hair was a light brown and her eyes were a stormy grey. Mayra smiled at the both of them.

"I'm Mayra, I'm from Amoria" She said. She turned to the princess she hadn't met yet and held out her hand. "And you are?" She asked.

"Adrianna princess of Tristaria, and I'm not your friend" Adrianna wrinkled her nose in disgust; her goldish eyes flickered in annoyance. Her long waist length hair pulled back into a high pony-tail on the top of her head, her pale porcelain skin made her ebony hair stand out.

Myra was shocked; she slowly moved her hand back to her side."Wh-what?" She asked wondering what she had done wrong.

"You don't belong here, you're not royalty and you don't deserve this honor" Adrianna said bluntly. "You're a peasant, nothing more; you're just here because we had a place that needed to be filled." Myra's eyes began to sting and she had to fight back tears. "So stay out of my way, and be the good little peasant you are and will always be." Adrianna finished coldly.

"HEY! she has every right to be here as much as you!" Cleo defended Myra.

"Ah, princess of Xantarius sticking up for a peasent, how predictable" Adrianna hissed. Cleo's jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

"EXCUSE ME!? What is that suppose to-" She was cut off by the door being opened and Jena came in and told them dinner was ready. The walk to the dining room was silent and awkward Myra and Marazine walked between Adrianna and Cleo. Once they got to the dining room Myra and the princesses were greeted by many delicious foods, the Empress did not join them for dinner for she had some other duties to tend to.

Just like the walk, dinner was equally silent and just as awkward. No one said a word; the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Cleo and Adrianna were still glaring daggers at each other.

After they had finish eating the girls went back to their room and still no one said a word, everyone went to their beds, Cleo and Adrianna glared at each other one last time before they went to sleep. The princesses fell asleep but Myra lie awake thinking about what Adrianna said.

'Maybe she's right... maybe I'm just a peasant, I don't belong here...' Myra sighed and turned on her side clutching her blanket to her sides she let a single tear roll down her cheek. She began thinking about Kai and how much she missed him.

'Damn it! I've only been here a day and I'm already homesick' Myra thought to herself before quietly crying herself to sleep...

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