A three year old girl with jet black hair laid in a wooden crib. The girl was thin to the bone, as if she had fallen ill. She looked around the dark room, her eyes were lifeless and gray. Breathing seemed a difficult task for her. She wore a plain black shirt and black pants. This girl laying in the crib, was my daughter, Ariane. She was born paper thin. I immediately assumed it was a birth-defect that would pass by the time she turned one. It didn't. When she was two, her mother was forced to leave the ship, leaving my special needs daughter alone with me and the crew on my ship. When Ariane was two, she still couldn't support her own head. When she turned three, she figured out how to talk. The only words she had figured out were "dad" and "sea". She still needed help to support her head, someone to feed her, and she still needed a bottle (with a nipple) to drink water. When she was awake, she would make me carry her, no matter what. When she was one, the navy had caught up with me. A man known as Maynard had attacked the ship. Because I am Blackbeard, someone powerful had decided they wanted me gone. Ariane wouldn't let me leave the room without her. Her mother had to hurt her to get her to let go. During the whole battle, I could hear Ariane screaming. Right as Maynard was about to kill me, Ariane's mother left the room to show Ariane that I hadn't left them. Seeing that Maynard was going to cut off my head, Ariane's mother, Angel, pulled out a gun and shot and killed Maynard. I then ran to my girls and commanded all the military men off my ship. It didn't take long for them to leave. I then grabbed Ariane. She smiled at me and fell asleep. I smiled back at her.

About a year later, I had made a deal with a voodoo master, I would do her three "favors" and she would raise my sunken ship, Queen Ann's Revenge, from the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, word spread quickly of the voodoo master's doing. Angel's father was a deeply religious and rich man, and the deal didn't sit well with him. He owned a fleet of ships. He sent them after me to retrieve Angel. They were successful. One of the captains was told to take Ariane with them too, but he said that she obviously wouldn't live much longer, and he left her with me. Ariane, who can understand English, looked at me, with sad fearful eyes. I held her close and assured her that she would live to adulthood. She then wrapped her boney arms around my neck.

"I love you, Ariane." I said.

Ariane tried to form the words 'I love you', but she had a hard time. The two of us then watched as Angel slowly sailed away. When the ships had gone, I could tell that Ariane was getting tired, so I took her into my cabin and rocked her to sleep.