Chapter 1 - Prologue

He stood there, unperturbed, with his blood-red eyes gleaming. His sly and sneaky grin was disturbing. There was no escape, it was a well set trap. Before she knew it, he leapt at her.

"Five o'clock, looking at you like you're heaven on earth. Don't you dare tell me he's still 'just a friend'."

I took out my compact and pretended to check my non existent make up just to catch a glimpse of him. He was looking at me alright, as if I was the most beautiful woman alive. Which I'm certainly not, let me assure you. Well at least not super model hot like Adrienne Carrick. I snapped my compact shut with a sigh and looked up to see my best friends Sasha, Andrea, Kristen and Elena with raised eyebrows.

"Don't look at me like that."

"Look at you like what?" Elena asked.

"Like you're always correct and like I'm the most dense person you've ever known."

She let out a chuckle and said "oh please Zee, I'm not always correct, but I'm positive that he likes you much more than a friend. And it's pretty obvious how dense you can be when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex."

I shot a mean glare at her and only received her "bite me" look in response. There was only four people I could talk to about anything and everything, and they were Sasha Pierce, Andrea Mikaelson, Elena Larson and Kristen Taylor. Today however, I didn't want to talk about this. I've heard tit bits from everybody that Aidan likes me, but I refuse to believe so. Rumours are usually incorrect, and I always believed that he just likes me as a friend. Even if he liked me more than that, he knows my brothers won't spare him. Nor will the rest of the pack.


I groaned and saw Sasha roll her eyes dramatically. The A-Team has finally enlightened the cafeteria with their presence. I could actually feel all the women in the school cafeteria glaring at me. Hey! It's not my fault I'm the youngest sister of the three most popular and handsome boys in Hillside High. I turned my head to see all my three brothers walk over to my table along with the rest of the teenage pack, who were members of the basketball team to every normal person in the school.

"What is it Xa?" I hissed.

Xavier pretended to be hurt and said "Jeez Pup, don't start PMSing on us please, we just endured Fisher's class, and we definitely don't deserve to face our sister's wrath now."

"Wow Xa, I'm so sorry you have to suffer so much. But guess what, I don't care!"

Jaden sat next to me and grinned, the kind of grin that can make all the girls drool. This is what happens mostly every single day. My brothers make it a point I'm in their line of sight and I have to bear with their over protectiveness. Don't get me wrong, I love each and every one of them, and I love the way they always keep me as safe as possible, but sometimes, I just wished I could talk to someone without being reminded that I was female and popular.

Xavier, Jaden and Asher Anderson were three of the most popular and handsome boys in Hillside High. They had the looks, the talent, the height, the body, the brain, and the personality. They were also my brothers. You see, we were quadruplets. My mother and father were expecting male triplet pups, but somehow, I came along. I was just an hour younger than my oldest brother Asher, but all of them treated me like I was 10 years their junior.

I saw Xavier slide into a seat next to Sasha. Xavier was the third pup and was only 26 minutes older than me. He was the basketball team's center position and part of the A-Team, aka the élite population of the Hillside High. Every girl I know wishes that Xavi would talk, or even look at them. I once saw a freshman trip over her own feet at the sight of my ridiculously tall brother. Xavier was 6'9" and weighed at least 200 pounds. He wasn't the only guy who towered everyone though. Asher stood tallest among all of us at 7'1" while Jaden was as tall as Xavi. I'm a baby compared to them, but compared to the others, I'm not what you would call short. I am 5'11" and I'm proud of it. The feeling I get for being taller than some boys I know is just awesome. Back to the point, my brothers were good-looking. I'm not going to boast, but massive height isn't the only thing that runs in the family. Good looks and intelligent minds are one of the few genes we are grateful of. The nasty temper isn't what we wanted, but it came as a package, as well as the werewolf gene, but hell, we can't really complain about that either. All of us had the same eye colour, that was dark blue. They had the same jet black hair, and had masculinity oozing out of them. Xavi, Jaden and Ash had almost the same features, and it was difficult not to differentiate them sometimes. I, however, am slightly different. I had the build of a swimmer -swimming is my favourite sport- (since werewolves aren't exactly weak and small and all), and wasn't skinny like Adrienne and her minions. My hair was black too, but had light brown streaks in them. I had dark blue orbs just like my brothers, and I had slightly tanned skin. My most favourite feature had to be my curves and legs. It makes me feel more superior when I was around Adrienne, I at least knew I was healthy. This is probably why everyone called me pretty, but I still didn't feel pretty when I'm around the "popular" girls. Call me insecure, but I don't really think you can be too confident when you know you are a hairy wolf.

"How can you girls eat so less?" Xavier asked.

"Maybe because we aren't men and do not find the need to satisfy our 200 pounds of muscle? Ever thought of that Xavi?" Sasha replied sarcastically.

"I know you're the queen of sarcasm Sasha, you don't have to prove it."

I grinned at the couple. I've spent most of my high school life trying to convince Sasha and my brother that their constant bickering is a sign that they were made for each other. I was pretty sure they would be mates by the end of the mating season. Jaden and Asher agreed with me, and I noticed they were grinning at them too.

It was then when Eric Sanders, one of the only humans in the basketball team filled with werewolves, asked me "So Zara, who's taking you to the Fall Dance?"

I saw my brothers go stiff and I gave a silent sigh. Here we go again. "Why do you ask Eric?" Jaden asked in a steely voice. I felt the rest of the pack shooting death glares at Eric. Eric however, was blissfully unaware of the intense stares that could (and would) have resulted in a bloodshed and replied,

"Well, if she was going alone, I just thought of accompanying her."

"I'm sure she doesn't need YOUR company Sanders. I believe she has all of us to accompany her." Asher growled.

"Jesus, chill out Asher, I was just trying to be nice."

I guess you guys need some explanation to all this. As much as it sounds like a fake fairytale, it isn't.

I am a werewolf.

No, I'm not kidding. I actually am half human half wolf. And so are my brothers, and the rest of the so-called basketball team, leaving out Eric and a few other humans. I know what you must be thinking now, 'If she is a werewolf, why the hell is she in a public high school and not hunting some poor animal in a scary forest somewhere?'. The answer to that, is pretty simple. You see, our lifestyle isn't a tad bit similar to the myth or folklore that all of you have heard about. Yes, we do turn during a full moon, but not without our will and we don't die when a silver item touches us, we simply itch. Oh and we sure as hell don't hunt animals. We are pretty much the same like normal humans, at least, our eating and living habits are. I'm not really sure about the rest though. The fact that they are werewolves explains why my brothers were so damn huge, right? But the fact that they are werewolves also explains their over-protectiveness. I guess older brothers, at least normal ones, always have that need to protect their younger sibling, and it does exist in my siblings, however it is amplified by a thousand due to their half wolf nature. You see, werewolves of the same pack are protective about each other, but I was a female, a rare occurence in the world of werewolves, and therefore, they are EXTREMELY protective of me. Not only my brothers of course, but the entire pack.

That means that Sasha, Kristen, Andrea, Elena and I -the only teen female werewolves in our pack- have at least 11 smart, good-looking and crazily huge boys always watching us. Now any girl would have swooned at the fact that 11 of the most popular, handsome, smart, nice and respected boys are constantly around them, but let me tell you, it isn't as fun as it seems. For one, it definitely ruins our ego. Despite being female, we were still much more stronger than humans. We might not have supreme strength like male wolves, but we can defend ourselves. But since the "need to protect" is practically embedded in the male wolves' genes, it can't be helped.

Back to the point, we are at school because despite being a different species than Homo sapiens, we can't show it. Our existence in the real world has been considered a myth by the general public, and so we would like to keep it that way. We may seem fierce, but in reality, we respect humans, being half human ourselves. We don't like to endanger them, it is against our principles. But a scared human is not capable of peace, therefore, it is definitely better for them to not know our real nature. Which is why, we like to live just like humans, and attend high school just like them.

The tense situation was becoming too much, so I decided to change the topic. "So guys, guess what, the girls and I made it to the cheerleading squad."

Now I know all of you think I'm a girly girl, trust me, I'm not. But if I have to fit in in a normal school, I will have to make it quite obvious. And what's better than indulging in school spirit? Besides, cheerleading is a damn difficult sport. It is NOT easy to bend so much, seriously.

I heard my brothers groan in unison, and heard Xavier mutter "great, now we will have to beat up more guys who try to smack your tight-skirt clad ass."

"Gosh, I was only trying to give you some good news. Why can't you just be happy for me Xa?"

He just gave me a grunt as a reply and got up to leave like the rest of us. School was officially over for today, and I couldn't wait to drown in my wolfish sorrows in my room. The girls and I looked at each other briefly before sashay-ing to the exit.

"Stop swaying your hips Pup."

"Sasha, do you really need to flip your hair so many times?"

"Seriously Elena, give us a damn break will ya?"

"Kristen I swear to God, you flirt once more and I'm gonna haul you to the car."

We gave out a laugh and turned around to stick out our tongues at them, being the mature wolves that we were.

Life, as much as it sucked, could be fun at times.