Chapter 11 - The Ritual

If you thought that we would be taken to Palm Springs for the ritual by a van, just like any kidnapper would do, then you are entirely wrong. It was not the clichéd 'eyes-covered-in-black-cloth-hands-tied-in-the-back-of-the-van', hell no. It was more like 'wrap-your-arms-around-my-torso-because-I'll-ride-this-bike-way-above-the-speed-limit' thing. Each girl was taken in a motorcycle, a freaking Harley Davidson motorcycle to be more precise. I thought these hybrids were weird assholes, but apparently they're show-offs too. I mean, have you ever seen a kidnapper take his victim on a ride on a Harley? Yeah, me neither.

We were cruising down the streets that led to Palm Springs. By 'we', I meant Zafar and I, as Tyler wasn't allowed to be the one to drive me. I refused to even touch him at first, but I was supposed to die during the ritual, and not the freaking ride to the venue, especially not due to the extremely fast speed this guy was riding with, so I had to grip his shoulders hard to avoid falling. Arms on his torso was a total No-No. I always wanted to ride a Harley, but that wish was totally ruined now that I was riding it for the first time with a kidnapper whom I hate to the core. We slowed down and stopped at the gates of Palm Springs, where all the pack members were already standing, waiting for me, ready to attack. Without even realizing what I was doing, I jumped off the bike and started to run towards my father, but I was stopped by a strong arm pulling me backward. The force of the pull was enough to get me stumbling, and I heard a disgusting 'crack', which was probably my shoulder bone cracking. I yelped in pain, and my entire pack growled and leapt outside the gate, but they were stopped from attacking anyone thanks to my father's warning growl. I was holding my limp shoulder, which was paining like mad right now. I satisfied my longing to be with my family by just seeing them. My father looked worn out and completely stressed. His clothes were wrinkled, and it looked like he didn't sleep the entire night. My brother's and Jax's situation was similar, and my mother was trying very hard not to burst into tears. She was extremely emotional and crying was like bread and butter to her, so I really admired her for not crying at such a moment. Seriously, she was a type of woman who would cry if she saw an injured bird or something. My eyes were tearing up looking at them. No, this won't be the last time I'll ever see them. I have to do something!

"Zafar has put up a wall, penetrating it will only harm you. Stay back, we will retrieve my daughter in my way." My father warned the pack.

"Very clever of you, Rick. My my, don't you look terrible! This is probably nothing though. In a few hours, when your only daughter leaves this world, you will look even worse." Zafar said with a smile on his face.

"You don't have to do this, Zafar. There must be another way to get rid of the curse without harming the girls. A witch's spell can always be reversed with some other spell that is the complete opposite. I can find you the best witches alive, but you need to leave my daughter and the other girls alone. Harming them is not a solution."

"You think I have not tried, Rick?!" Zafar spat. "I've spent years trying to get rid of this curse, you think I would kill young girls if I had found a spell to get rid of it?! I don't have much time left for chit-chat, Rick. The time has come; I must sacrifice these girls now if I ever want to enjoy being a pure human once again. Penetrate the wall and you will be hurt. My men are armed, you won't be spared."

Not waiting a single second longer, Zafar dragged me to the centre of the field outside the Palm Springs gates, which was where the young boy had been killed. All the girls dressed in red were seated, along with Levana. We were surrounded by a ring of fire, and the crescent-shaped moon shone above our heads. Zafar stepped into the circle and turned himself. A hybrid was half-wolf and half-vampire, but when they turned, the looked just like a normal wolf. However, they had the characteristics of a vampire, such as the craving for blood, weakness due to wood, poisoned when in contact with vervain, etc. As a wolf, Zafar was large and scary. He had dark brown fur and one black paw. There was a white spot on his head, indicating he was a hybrid. He let out a piercing howl and approached us. One by one, he bit us in the neck. The second his teeth sank into my neck, I was aware of my pack trying to cross the invisible wall. They were furious and were trying to cross it but were failing. Instead, they were just pushed back with a loud 'Zap!' I could feel my body weakening, but I knew that this wasn't the time for action yet. The knife I had slipped into my bra was pressing onto my chest, the cold metal sending a tingling sensation in my body. During the chanting, I was going to stab myself. My plan was dangerous, of course. If the knife went too deep, my supernatural healing abilities would be completely useless, and the silver of the knife would just complicate things and I would die, but this had to be done. The girls didn't do anything to deserve such a cruel death. All they had ever done was being a daughter to a powerful Alpha. Zafar's doings were wrong too, and he needed to be stopped, in whichever way possible. The humans he had turned deserve to lead a normal human life, not the risky life of a hybrid. If Zafar got rid of his curse, the turned humans would die. However, if Zafar was killed before he got rid of the curse; the humans will get back to normal and not remember anything that has happened to them when they were hybrids. Zafar, his previously white teeth now gleaming red with our blood, turned back to his human form to recite the chanting.

"Strigae Aquilonis Orientis maledictam hominem vocat Te. praesento vobis ignis luna octo virgines sanguine animalis concupiscentia. oportet me manere sacrificium pateris. Monstra mihi tua approbatione!" He bellowed.

Immediately the dancing flames around us leapt up, and shrill screams of women (the witches) could be heard. The witches have given their approval; now all he needs to do is chant some more and we will be slowly drained of blood.

"Aliquando naturale homini ex vobis displicuit opera mea. paenitet me quod feci, Ora vobis, ut de hoc onere a maledictione. Lupus et sanguinem in venis fluit lamia, nolo amplius ignominiam. mea poena indiget ad finem. lamia virgines et honesta maleficas et ego immolo vobis. sanguine eorum, ait dimitte me? erípe me, oh potens strionibus, erípe me! Dimitte me!" He shouted.

The sound of skin tearing rang in my ears. Blood was oozing out from every pore of my body. I had to stop this now. With all the energy I had left, I stood up and took out the knife.

"You deserve to die a dog's death Zafar, GO TO HELL!" I shouted at him.

"NO YOU BITCH, DO NOT DO THAT, STOP-"He all but growled at me.

The girls were dead silent, unable to react in any other way. The entire Palm Springs pack behind the invisible wall were shouting and screaming and desperately trying to break through. I didn't waste a second; with bloody hands, I stabbed myself in the gut.

That was when hell broke loose.

P. S: The first chant was "Witches of the North East, this cursed man calls for you. I present to you fire, the moon, eight virgins and the blood lusting creature. I need your permission to continue this sacrifice. Show me your approval!" while the second chant was "I was once a normal man, but one of you was displeased by my actions. I apologize for whatever I did; I plead you, to release me from this burden, from this curse. The blood of a wolf and vampire runs in my veins, I do not want this disgrace any longer. My punishment needs to end. The virgins and the vampire, honourable witches, I sacrifice them and I give them to you. With their blood, release me from this curse! Release me, oh powerful witches, release me! RELEASE ME!"