(Zachary Knight) Zachary Reinheart X Alice Dalice (Asylum character)

Alice closed her eyes all went blank for a minute all she could remember was getting captured. Now she saw she was back in this nightmare asylum the screams of the victims could still be heard she looked at herself in the mirror straggly raven hair and dirty covered she cried for a while thinking about Zachary the thought of him made her depressed beyond measure. She drew a small childlike portrait of her and Zachary laughing on hill this was her fate again like all nightmare creation she could not have a normal life. Everyday the doctors and nurse preformed inhuman treatment on the "Lesser's" of society. She went back again eating stale bread and pudding she laid on her bed crying again "I'm a wreck" Alice thought to herself she cracked the mirror and held a shard against her neck however in the back of her mind she could hear Zachary saying not to do something that stupid. She put the shard down and waited for the doctors or nurses to hold her down and perform shock therapy on her. Soon a red-haired nurse came to her room and gave a smile that made Alice blood run Alice fought like a wild animal even scratching the nurse in the face the nurse gave her a shot and Alice began to fall unconscious. Alice woke up on a cold table the doctor looking at her with his sick hateful eyes. She closed her eyes assaulting a nurse death and she knew her time was up. A nurse tried to make a scream but the intruder muffled her screams the Knight took her key to the most dangerous inmate cell's the knight walked to one of the patient "If I let you and your fellows loose will you not stab me in the back and help me out" The knight said in a firm voice the patient nodded and soon cell after cell was opened. "Now let's give'em mordenhiem" the knight shouted followed by a roar of the released patients the doctor was about to put a nail of some kind into Alice's brain Alice started to cry like a animal dose when It's wounded and trapped. However she heard screams not the one of despair but of anger and hope and she looked to her side to see her savior leading the charge with about a dozen asylum inmates. The knight parried the crudely made knife as a nurse tried to stab him he then bashed his steel buckler into her face. Somehow the knight had managed to rally the inmates and thou the had lost many during the initial uprising they were winning he looked to see the room where Alice was being held he rushed in. He saw Alice and started to unbind her "LOOK OUT" Alice shouted as the Doctor charged behind the knight however before he could strike the killing blow a knife hit the doctor in the back the knight turned to see the inmate he released first shout "Now were even" the knight nodded. " Why did you come to save me" Alice said. " Isn't obvious I love you Alice" Zachary said he then kissed her Zachary then pulled a dagger out of his backpack and gave it to Alice. Soon the two lovers were with the inmates leading this rebellion and one by one each tech, nurse, and doctor were being felled by the rebels Alice drove her dagger deep into the stomach of a nurse. Zachary struck his long-sword deep into the neck of a tech. A tech tried to hit a terrified girl still holding onto her bear during this entire uprising Alice tackled the tech violently driving her dagger repeatedly into the chest of the tech. The battle was over the corrupt asylum staff were no more Alice, Zachary, and many of the inmates walked out of the Asylum to see the sun for the first time. Many cheered other fell down crying realizing that their torment was finally over. Zachary whistled and his loyal mount moved towards them Zachary mounted first and then Alice who held on lovingly to Zachary's back Alice smiled even in her time of need her knight in shiny armor Zachary would come to her aide.