Name: Mai the Bat

Age: 16

Occupation: none.

Role: supporting character

Appearance: Average height and thin, a bit pudgy thin though with black (short) and blue/gray eyes, wears baggy clothes in fear of being called a 'slut', 'whore', and 'attention seeker'. Since she is poor, she wears the dirtiest of shoes with holes in them and isn't very clean.

Love interest: Shadow...but it's complicated.

Personal quote: "I want to go back to viewing the world through the eyes of a child...believing in everything and knowing nothing at all."

"Nothing's wrong! I'm just...thinking."

Personality: because of her difficult past, she thinks of it a lot, but covers it up with being happy, go-lucky, and cheerful :D

Friends: Sonic, Shadow, Rouge (at times), Cream, Amy, Cheese.

Enemies: Mephiles, anyone who brings up the fact that she's been almost bullied to death.

Background: Mai is a very complex character. Often the times by another Sonic char she'd be seen reading a dark looking book and her facial expressions would be very...perplexed or pained. She grew up being bullied to death because she was cute, not beautiful, but cute, and the other girls would often call her names such as "pencil thin baby machine" or "the girl without a condom handy". So with that being said, she grew up to be very shy and refused to wear anything girly or preppy. She is NOT emo, she is just normally dressed.