Well, here's an all-new prologue. I hope you all enjoy.

Balik/Midnight (eons ago)

Midnight knew he was in trouble, from the moment the Noir was banished. Why else would Dawn not have called the warrior to protect her? And it was all his fault.

Dawn turned to Midnight, her beautiful, divine features displaying a concerned look. Dusk stood beside her. The latter didn't even bother to conceal his hatred for Midnight. Who mentally added that to the list of things not to do, piss off the God and Goddess who he served. Midnight thought of his reasoning, yesterday, that only he could come between Dusk and Dawn. Well, he had tried, valiantly, but Dusk loved Dawn more than she thought he ever could. When Midnight, the protector of their haven , was distracted, the Noir broke in, and made an attempt on Dawn's life.

"Midnight" her serene voice grabbed the warrior's attention, as her beautiful form strode towards him. Her long raven hair, and her eyes like the night sky standing out from her alabaster skin. Her pink lips were pursed in a frown. Dusk was as dark as she was pale, and her perfect contrast. His eyes and hair were white though, again, completely inverse to her. The look of hatred on his face was twice as strong as her displeased one, but though it was sacrilege, Midnight didn't care.

"You have failed me. You have failed your duties. What have you to say to me, Midnight?" Dawn asked

"I'm sorry" he whispered going for contrite, but sounding far too arrogant to pull it off "Sorry that you can't see that I could love you better than him."

Dusk's face contorted into an expression that said he would kill him later. Dawn's frown grew "This has gone too long, Midnight. But now it has hindered you from your duties. How could you do it?" he saw tears in her eyes. "Midnight, you're my oldest friend. How could you let the Noir hurt me?"

And she was hurt. "You have no place here. Not anymore." Dusk cut in. "I think it's time you leave." And he pushed Midnight out of the sky, of the haven. Midnight was no longer Midnight, to their Dawn and Dusk. He was just Balik, and he was alone, somewhere he wasn't welcome. Balik looked around, to see Noir around him. Only Noir. So he gave into the Noir, to hurt her like she'd hurt him. He abused every power he'd been given. But, when Dawn came to him, and tore away a part of his immortality, his priorities shifted. He was only an immortal of the fifth degree, so he had to be careful. Eternity was no longer a guarantee, to him.

Rilanna (Eons ago)

I opened my eyes to darkness only. Darkness, and the crone-like face of Ancient Fier, whom my pre-awakening Intelligence mandated I revere.

"I name you Rilanna Fier, and in Darkness you awaken, so in Darkness will you live. Rilanna Fier, bringer of the Divide stand." Her voice was smooth, melodic. It was the opposite of her appearance.

I got up. She slashed a star into my arm and breathed into it, causing some black gas to enter me. Noir. After the noir entered, crimson blood flowed out of me, hitting the shadowy ground. It hurt, but I was not to feel pain. My kind was not to feel pain. I was Rilanna Fier, the girl of noir. The entity of noir, to lead the great war, and bring my home world of Otura to victory. This was my purpose. I had no other mission…

I walked up to a mirror in the shadows. I had long, ivory hair with black streaks in it. My eyes were black, like the noir in me. I was shaped like a statue, and only slightly less pale than my hair.

"You are crafted to look like the ultimate Fier, beautiful, but deadly," Ancient Fier explained, "and you are immortal to the fifth degree." There were seven degrees. Seven was like a goddess, six required to be killed by an element, or Noir/Vide. Five could be killed by a lesser element, or hunger, or thirst (the latter two taking a while), four being less time for hunger/thirst, three being natural causes after two thousand years, two being a thousand, one being five hundred plus.

"You have no remarkable powers, except your Noir. Quite simply, you bleed Noir. You can control it" she continued "You can feed only on blood and life energy. Sentiment also works, but there is so little in my world that you cannot count on it." her crone-like face contorted into a smirk.

I probed out for something. By the Void, she was right! (The Void was somewhere where people went to die, no one ever made it back)

"and thus, you are freed" she explained "go out into the world and bring Noir into it. Paint the streets of Lyra with their blood" Lyra was the world that was devoted to goodness and Vide. Therefore they were our enemies. When I bring the divide I kill them. I am an entity, and I have a purpose. Once I complete it, I will go to Void, because I have no purpose but to kill. Somehow, a couple thousand years later, my priorities shifted. And then, with the death of a mortal, they shifted again. I suppose, that's why all this happened…

Okay, okay, I get that Balik looks a lot like Kalona from House of Night. The differences are there, just wait and see. Plus, I took a Mary-Sue test on Rilanna, and she passed this time. Also tested Balik, he's good too. So, all good. Umm, soon to give you more, KShade out. PS. Thanks for the help, Moonstar and Jax.