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Rilanna (Still eons ago)

It was when I left the room that I saw the others. One was tall and lithe, with a cascade of blue hair. The next was short and plump, with black hair and orange streaks, giving the impression that her head was an ember just left to smoulder. The third looked like a bronzed sculpture, and had wavy copper hair. The one with blue hair met my eyes with her navy blue ones.

"You. Get down here" she snapped

"I do not take orders" I replied. My Intelligence told me that I only took orders from Ancient Fier.

She smirked and sauntered over to me "Adarri Neige, Adri to friends" she extended her hand

"Rilanna Fier" I extended my hand "And I need no friends"

The one with the ember-hair giggled "That sounded so darn cool!"

"What is your name?" I demanded, thinking she could be of use to me as a minion.

"Incendie Redd." She smiled

"Her friends call her Flame." The third girl explained

"No!" Flame snapped "I want to be like her. I don't need friends!"

The third girl rolled her eyes "You got her caffeinated before bed time. Now look at what happened"

"I'm not a child!" Flame snapped "And at least I have a family!"

The third girl smiled "I'm Ember. No last name. I woke up one day with no clue who I was, so I made it up." I figured Flame and Ember would make useful cronies. Adarri on the other hand didn't appear to be willing to follow orders.

"Can I call you Rina?" Flame asked, hopping up and down like a frog on drugs. Or, at least my Intelligence told me that would be the result of slipping an earthly frog a moonberry or two.

I debated whether the nickname would gain her alliance. It couldn't hurt. "If you must." I replied

"Your way of talking is cool! Like, really cool" more drugged-frog motions "It's so formal-ly it's like whoa! I speak you listen!" she also had a problem with incessant babbling.

"I say little more than necessary." I explained curtly.

"Coolio! You know you're really-" she started

"that's your cue to shut it." Adarri cut her off. "Rilanna obviously would rather talk to me for a moment." She grabbed my forearm and yanked me off.

"So you know, I don't care who you are, I saw you trying to steal my thunder." She fumed

"indeed you did." I smirked, trying to rile her up so I could test out my powers.

"Who the hell do you think you are!?" she demanded

"I think I'm Rilanna Fier, bringer of the Divide. Ancient Fier created me from the Noir. My mission is to end Lyra." I recited

Adarri rolled her eyes. "Right, and I'm the queen of Lyra."

"Lyra is not hierarchical." I stated "ergo, you, Adarri cannot be its queen"

"And the girl created from the Noir is possible?" she asked sarcastically

"Do you have a knife?" I asked "Or a dagger, or a piece of paper, or any other sharp utensil?"

"Are you homicidal?" she demanded, eyes widening.

"Are Oturians not meant to kill?" I asked. Adarri conjured a dagger out of ice and handed it to me.

"So we're clear, Ice is my power. Try anything, and you'll find yourself inside a block of it." Adri smirked

I pressed the icy blade to my wrist. I dragged the tip of the blade across the pale skin that covered it. Noir beaded along the incision.

Adarri stared at me as though I was a freak. I stared at the Noir seeping from the now-burning gash in my wrist. "Noir. I call you from me. From my blood. I call you to prove my domain over you."

A few strands came free, and they drew more from the world around them, growing into a ball, with one string that tied it to my wrist. "Push Adarri" the ball launched at her and shoved her forcefully into the stony wall. I drew it back to me "I told you"

"Well, noir-girl" she paused "I do believe you're one of us now"

I relinquished the remaining Noir, and drew my three strands into my wrist, again. Being only a small cut, I let it scab over, liking the scary look the line of black gave my wrist. "One of you?" I asked

"For better or for worse" I didn't see the look that passed across her face. If I had, I like to think I would've seen what was coming.


The Noir he was trapped in moved, just enough that he could see two girls. One had long blue hair and was tall and stick-thin, with a glimmer of malice in her navy-blue eyes. The other had long-ish ivory hair, with streaks as black as the noir that was attached to her pale wrist. She threw the Noir at the other girl. He realized that he could move. Wasting no time, he kicked free of the Noir. He was proud of how well this had gone, after all, Dawn herself had sent him into that cesspit. But, if there was one thing Balik knew, it was that the only person he could really count on was himself. Of course, he'd been so busy praising his superior intelligence that he didn't see the girl in front of him. She whirled around. She had long red hair, and a deep tan, like his own. Balik nervously smoothed his ebony hair and tried to come up with an excuse for coming running through. His wings, black feathers edged with red looked way too… like Midnight. The girl smiled, liking what she saw, no doubt.

"I'm Ember." She introduced herself "What's your name?"

"Balik." He responded levelly, he reminded himself that she wouldn't know who he was.

She smiled "Come with me" she ordered

He laughed bitterly "I've spent the start of eternity following orders, little one. What makes you think I'll obey you?"

She smiled at him the way someone would smile at a disobedient child. "Because I said so. And my idea of what to do when in Otura is obviously superior."

He smiled down at her like she was a miscreant child. "I have spent the start of eternity doing only what I was told. Would it not be interesting to see what I choose to do?" He asked

Ember shrugged "So where to?"

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