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Life is a Dark chain on events…

(Just a phrase that I thought suited the story nicely)

Chapter 1 Saorise

I stretched as the obnoxious bleeping of my nanny Bot went off.

"Time to rise Saorise, Mother has requested for you to meet her in the dinning hall." Said the computerized voice of the Nanny Bot. I grumbled as I swung her legs around.

"Mother said that I must dress you in your best, Edmund and his son Jareth are here for your first formal meeting," The Bot drowned, I sighed the thought of meeting with another suitor making my stomach twist. I grimaced, a fowl taste in my mouth.

I have not met him but I am sure he is going to be horrid and stuck up, they all are. The Bot gave me a shove and I stumbled towards my walk in wardrobe, while the Bot buzzed behind me pulling out my least favorite dress. It was upper tight and always made me get interested leers form distasteful men. Pulling my arms the Bot yanked my night clothes off and I stood still knowing that if I restated I would receive a smack at the back of my head from the insufferable machine. She dragged the heavy dress over my head catching my ears and nose on the complicated fabric.

The Bot zoomed behind me pushing me back into my simple pale blue room. I gasped the tight fitting dress making it a bit hard to breathe; I stumbled to my dresser and sat for the Nanny Bot to do my hair. I glanced at my reflection my dull green eyes starred back at me framed by my uncooperative chestnut colored hair. Looking down I groaned in distaste at how low cut the light blue dress was against my pale alabaster skin. It was so low that I would have to sit up straight constantly to avoid my small breast becoming to visible.

The Bot came up behind me and began to whirr with its familiar clicking sound that I had grown accustomed to since I was an infant.

You might think it odd but being raised by A Bot was very common in society, I could the Bot Mother basically is my mother but it wouldn't make a difference Bots do not contain emotions. Its third and fourth arm popped out of its chest and it gradually brushed my impossible hair. It piled it on the top of my head forming an intricate bob with various small braids. I scowled, hating having my hair out of my face so I was unable to hide behind the thick curtain of protection when needed.


I walked unsteadily out of my room a few minutes later feeling ridicules with all the make up the Bot had plastered on. I wobbled down the stairs unused to the ridicules heels.

I eventually reached the dining hall, I opened the door and my mother stood giving me a disapproving look, the one she always gave when I entered a room or I was near her. I was so used to it by now that I could sometimes trick myself into thinking it was a loving glance.

"Sit," She commanded, "Edmund and Jareth will be here soon and I want you on your best behavior," I sat, no use arguing it would only mean that my paints would be taken away.

"Edmund is a powerful man and his son would make a fitting husband for you," I nodded as her pinched up gaze landed on me.

"Don't slouch it is unbecoming." She chided and I shifted a little.

I had always thought of what it would be like to have a loving mother but the true image had always just bin out of my grasp ever since my father had passed away and Mother had become set on getting rid of me by marring me off, to any Tom, Dick or Harry she could find.

A servant Bot rushed in its mechanical feet pattering on the floor as its cogs wheezed from being over worked.

"Edmund and Jareth lords of the West side," It said with a bow and then the men entered. My mother straightened and glanced at me expectantly when I didn't. Grumbling I stood and lifted my palm to my chest in greeting. "Edmund this is my daughter Saorise."

I glanced up at the lord his weathered shrew like face was gazing at me, his graying hair was slicked back in a disgusting comb over to hide his drastically receding hair line. He wore a extravagant suit paired with ridiculously large glasses that made his eyes bug out, I stifled a giggle, my gaze landing on his son and I couldn't hole back my grin Jareth was the exact replica of his father but much younger version. He was about my age, 20 or so.

He grinned openly at me; clearly he liked what he saw. I scowled back not enjoying this for a second, his appearance was repulsive.

"Sit my lords, let us eat." My mother said.

"Thank you Cybil, son sit next to Saorise." Edmund replied and received a nod from my mother.

Jareth sat next to me, my nose wrinkled as his to clean smell washed towards me.

Our parents started to speak about our future together, I groaned softly slouching down, crossing my arms on the table and wresting my head on my hands.

"Saorise is a lovely name , do you know what it means?" He asked, I huffed before I muttered.

"To be free,"

"Father told me that you enjoy painting," he hedged still not looking at him. To my silence he continued, "I have never really got the knack for painting, what do you prefer to paint?" HE asked desperately searching for a conversation starter. I shifted my head, my gaze landing of him. I felt slightly guilty, here I was being openly rude to this young man and all he has done is been nice to me since we have met.

I looked at my mother as she shot me a glare motioning that I sit up. I did as the servant Bots arrived with our meal, roast Maloja meat.

I turned me gaze back to Jareth and answered his question deciding to cut him some slack.

"I do, enjoy painting," I answered and he jumped at my unexpected answer.

"And I don't really have preferences, I paint what ever I really feel like," I said, he nodded and silence fell over us again. The only noise was the occasionally scrape of the knifes and forks, and the soft voice of my mothers as she explained my love for reading and the novels I had read. Perking up Jareth asked me if I had read this book on the history of the original clans, I shook my head 'no'

"I prefer fiction myself," I answered and he nodded, I smiled before shoving a piece of bread into my mouth.


At the end of our meal we bid each other farewell. I smiled as he signaled his goodbye. Jareth had proven less horrible then I had originally thought but not for lover or husband material, maybe a dear friend.

"How was Jareth," My mother asked.

"He was good company," I replied thinking about finding my little sister.

I stumbled up the stairs, eager to get this dress and ridiculous make up of.

Walking through my door, I fumbled with the zipper yanking it down, I pulled the dress over my head and stepped out of my shoes walking in my underwear to my closet I choose my favorite dress the simple dark blue one that hung loosely and was extremely comfortable. I pulled my hair out its confines and flicked it over my shoulders, sighing contentedly when the familiar feeling of security came with the soft curls caressing my back. I moved to my bathroom, washing of the make up.

I stepped into my sisters' room smiling when I noticed her on her bad starring up at her ceiling, I lay down next to her pulling her into my side and she curled there fitting perfectly into my side.

"Was he horrid," Nina, my sister asked her short blonde curls tickled my cheek as she turned to look at me, I looked down at her. Her intelligent blue eyes looked into mine questioningly her sympathy touched me more then normal.

"Yes he was, but not as horrible as the last, remember the one that couldn't stop talking about his new teleportation device and the receding hair line?" I asked

"The one with the whistling bogger," she giggled and I nodded, lifting my hand to play with her hair.

"But this one what was he like really?" She asked.

"Well, Nina, this one had big bug eyes and he had short slicked back hair. He was a lot nicer to me but I fear I will never love him more than you would a bother," I said forgetting that I was talking to my eight year old sister.

"You don't have to worry about that anymore, Saorise he is coming," She stated sleepily into my arm. I glanced down confused as sleep took hold of her. I stood tucking her in and placing her favorite stuffed animal close to her, encase she woke up searching for it.


When I was back in my room I picked up my sketch book and charcoal. Sitting down I let my mind wander a I began to sketch not paying much attention to where my hand was moving. As usual, being my hopeless romantic self, my mind went to my dream guy.

How his long shoulder length brown hair looked so soft it felt like flowing velvet. Or his knee weakening full lips or his strong jaw that could have cut glass, but the most appealing thing about my dream man was his unusual violet eyes that would glint mischievously as he pulled me in for a earth shattering kiss. And of course he had God-like Abs. I dreamed of how he would take me into his strong arms and proclaim his love and take me far away from here.

I glanced down at my sketch, to see my Dream guy starring down at me well the drawn me. I gasped at the pure affection that shone in his eyes I wasn't looking at him, I was facing forward. A contented smile spread across my face. The sketch seemed so vivid and real it shocked me, I almost expected him to climb out of the paper. There is no way I drew that, that looking down at my blackened fingers.

Tears welled in my eyes, the thought of never truly finding love haunting me, I desperately wanted to find my elusive one, that so many romances talked about. I wiped my unexpected tears away, cross with myself for wishing something that could never be.

I flung myself on to my bed, turning my head to star out of my window, the sun was setting in a brilliance of red and orange that streaked across the sky as the three moons slowly became visible.


The next morning I awoke in my own time no bother of new suitors searching for the great Duchess, daughter hand in marriage.

I got up and dressed, for some odd reason I choose a dress I had never worn it was very flimsy and showed lots of skin, it was black and had a huge section missing around my waist, with buts of black lace hanging down.

I picked up my sketch book I then walked out of my room thinking about finding my sister again.

I stepped into her room calling her name, she didn't answer so I moved to go look in the garden, she was bound to be in her favorite spot.

She was just as I had predicted, her small frame was perched on a rock. The small glade was surrounded by trees and had a small river that ran through it. Her back was facing me but I could see that she was reading a book, I frowned, my sister was never one to read. Curious I leaned over her shoulder as she mumbled a phrase and dropped something into the water, which sizzled. The water began to fizz and bubble, a blood red shape was forming just above the water.

"Nina, what have you done?" I shouted grabbing my younger sisters' shoulders and shaking her causing her small curls to bounce around.

"I have Called him to you, to help you," Her childlike voice whispered. I gasped, Calling upon the Shawostyx/ Demons is frowned upon in Shawostyxion culture and it must be done with great reason, which my small problem was not even close to the colossal problem needed to Call upon one. The sky opened up and small rain drops fell, glinting in the sunlight. I was struck by the contrast of the scene the odd natural beauty that was falling around us in this dyer situation.

The Shawostyx started to form, the blood red swirls started to collect forming an extremely handsome man. His shoulder length hair and his violet cat like eyes. I stumbled when his gaze locked with mine and I swear I almost passed out. He looked just identical to my dream guy, the one I dream about constantly.

"How dare you Call upon me," He boomed his voice was exactly how I imagined it/

My brave sister stepped forward, a proud smile spreading across her face.

"I dare, you must help my sister," she stated stubbornly, the demons looked away from me surprised and down at my little sister.

"You call me from my duties, to assist a immature girl that is not ready to marry." He asked in disbelief.

"Yes, an you help her please," and with that the Shawostyx started laughing, he sobered a few seconds later fixing my sister with a heated glare.

"I grow tired of this and I am hungry, the taste of a child flesh has long since graced my senses," He hissed and while he spoke I noticed that he had slightly sharper teeth and almost fang like incisors and I found it dead sexy, when I should have been scared stiff. He grabbed my sister his claws unsheathing, panic surged through me.

"Wait, she does not no the Shawostyx laws. Take me instead." I shouted, he stopped looking at my sister as though he was going to eat me and fixed his eyes on me interest spiking him.

"You would take her place?" He questioned.

"Yes, she is young and she did it for me." I answered firmly, he stepped closer his gaze searching my face,

"You humans are so strange," He muttered then to me, "I cannot eat you, you are much to useful, the only way to save your sister would be by pledging your soul to me and becoming my slave." He finished.

"Yes, I accept." I answered firmly. My sister gaped clutching my waist. I kneeled down next to her giving her a tight hug.

"I love you, Nina. Never forget that. Now go back to mother. I will see you soon," I murmured, my little sisters' tiny body shuddered with sobs.

I gave her one final squeeze, placing a kiss on her forehead.

"This is my fault," She mumbled.

"No, never blame this on yourself, you did good Nina, sweetheart. Now I don't have to marry a horrible man." I said fiercely. She nodded and whispered.

"I love you too," She whispered before she turned and ran back home.

My eyes locked with the achingly handsome demon as I uttered the words that would bind me to him, for eternity. In order to save my little sister, he smiled darkly his clawed hand lifting to curl around my cheek.

"You are mine, now." He said intent fully.

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