Gaara and Muu

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"Normal Speech."




It was the first jounin exam in five years that had taken place inside of Konohagakure. The end was nearing with the final fight between Gaara of the Sand and one of the newly transferred leaf ninja named Muu (pronounced Mew). Even after everything the chunin wasn't tired and was able to defeat his enemies with a single bow and he would always glance at Gaara after his matches.

Muu was a tall, bulky chunin with brown hair that stuck out in the back and he had his headband over his eyes; never using them. He wore black jeans and only bandages on his chest and arms; he wore no shoes. If Gaara could feel emotions pass Shukaku's barrier he would have thought that the teen was handsome pass the mysterious persona.

As of now, the audience and the ninja watching were silent. The proctor had called the final match and the two ninja met in the arena. Muu and Gaara were fifteen feet apart and both were emotionless.


"Wait proctor," the proctor stopped and everyone looked at Muu.

Muu moved his hands over his headband and pulled it down to his neck. Over his right eye was a three claw scars while over his left eye was an X scar; when he opened his eyes everyone gasped but Gaara who hid his surprise well. In Muu's left eyes was a Byakugan that was a few shades darker than lavender and in his right eye was the Mangekyou Sharingan; the design was solid black with a red radioactive symbol in the center.

"I'm ready proctor," Muu said.

The proctor snapped out of his stupor and nodded. "Begin!" he shouted and jumped away.

The sand poured out of Gaara's gourd and rushed at Muu. With only hand and foot movements, a wall of earth (think earthbending, Avatar) was in front of Muu; blocking the sand. Gaara smirked with Muu when he lowered the earth wall; they were going all out.

Muu adjusted his black, fingerless gloves before charging forward. Gaara's sand and body moved with Muu in taijutsu, no hits making place until Gaara's sand threw Muu back like punch. Gaara's eyes grew crazy when he saw Muu's blood.

While Muu flew back blood from his tongue leaked onto a summoning seal hidden on his inner, lower lip. He heard a pop before he was caught by his summon. Everyone gasped at the strange unknown creature.

The summon had blue rock like skin and a black stripe on its face. Its clothes seemed to be part of its body; they looked like white dojo training robes. It put Muu on the ground and stood to Muu's shoulder; human height against Muu's tall frame.

"Thank you Sawk; do you remember the plan?" Muu asked as he dusted himself off and Sawk nodded with 'soc'.

"Alright, let's go!" the two ran forward with pulled back fist.

Muu and Sawk began to attack from all places; too fast for Gaara to see and almost too fast for his sand to protect him. Gaara shouted out in pain when he was suddenly punched hard in the jaw and then kicked in the stomach; sending him flying. Gaara grunted when he hit the rocky chest of Sawk, who had thrown Gaara's gourd off, and then had his arms locked when Sawk pulled them back.

"Byakugan," Muu whispered and the veins on the left of his face protruded.

Muu searched Gaara's body and found the familiar red demon chakra near Gaara's forehead but the real seal was on Gaara's stomach. Just as Muu had guessed; Gaara's seal was incomplete. Muu deactivated the blood limit and then nodded to Sawk who tightened his body before becoming solid stone; a move they called rock solid.

Muu focused his chakra before doing rapid hand signs. Muu's hand charged with visible red chakra before he ran forward; ninja tried to stop him but earth columns shot from the ground and rocketed them away or locked them in place. Gaara stopped breathing with fear in his eyes when Muu was finally in front of him.

"Forbidden Seal: Demon Wolf Kennel!" Muu shouted as he jabbed his hand into Gaara's stomach.

Two screams, one of a human, the other demon, sounded and in a flash it was over. Sawk disappeared in a pop of smoke and Gaara slumped forward but Muu caught him and put his arm over his shoulder. The proctor announced Muu as the winner and everyone cheered; Muu ignored them in favor of carrying Gaara to the hospital.

Muu removed Gaara's shoes and shirt and then placed him in a hospital bed, covered by the blanket. Muu heaved a sigh as he fell back on the bed next to Gaara's in exhaustion. He soon fell asleep with the snake hand sign in place; he knew Gaara couldn't fight the demon alone.

Muu woke up in a solid black mindscape; he looked around before he saw his demon. A white wolf, larger than normal at Muu's waist, with white angel wings and solid blue eyes, padded over to Muu's side before leading this container in another direction.

"Why would Gaara's mindscape be like this?" Muu asked his demon as he looked round.

The wolf, named Lord Sesshomaru, glanced at Muu. "Jinjuriki only see their bijuu in their sleep. Gaara never sleeps so when he does Shukaku would escape, leaving the area empty save Gaara," Sesshomaru explained.

"You can find him in here, right Sessh?" asked Muu. Sesshomaru didn't reply.

It was dark; Gaara knew that he was asleep if it was this dark. Gaara gasped suddenly when he stumbled; he looked down and gasped again when he saw quicksand surrounding him. Gaara began to move in panic to try and get out but he only sank faster.

Gaara was to his knees by now and was thrashing as he looked for something to help him get out. Gaara saw only black in the area, nothing but him, quicksand, and the darkness. Gaara's breath hitched when the sand was at his chest, his right arm was trapped and his neck was almost covered.

Gaara closed his tear filled eyes. "Help!"


Gaara's eyes snapped opened in shock and surprise, something grabbed his hand, another hand. He looked up the hand to the arm and then to the face; it was Muu and a large white, winged wolf demon pulling on the back of Muu's jeans with its teeth. Muu and the wolf were able to pull Gaara from the sandy death trap and away from it. Once safe, Muu pulled a confused Gaara into a hug; stroking his hair softly.

"Muu," Gaara whispered softly in surprise.

"You're safe now," Muu whispered.

Gaara pulled back scared and shook his head furiously. "No! If I'm here then I'm asleep and Shukaku is attacking!" he shouted.

"Not anymore," Muu replied softly and lifted Gaara's shirt.

Gaara was shocked to see a demon seal on his stomach similar to Naruto's own Kyuubi seal. "Where did that come from?" asked Gaara.

"I put it there during out fight," Muu replied as he looked at it. "I was in Torigakure, the village of the birds, when I heard your story. When I found out you'd be transferring here for the ninja force I became a leaf ninja myself to help you fully."

"You knew my siblings and I would be transferring to Konoha?" Gaara asked and Muu nodded.

"Yes, my demon, Sesshomaru the winged wolf, told me," Muu replied and the white wolf bowed its head.

"Thank you Sesshomaru-sama," Gaara said and bowed before looking at Muu. "What does the seal do exactly?"

Muu smiled. "It allows you to do things you couldn't do before," he replied.

Gaara gasped. "You mean…?"

Muu smiled more and nodded. "Yes, you can sleep now without worry, you can look at a person without the feeling of bloodlust, you won't get headaches from the demon, and you have your emotions back as well."

Gaara had tears in his eyes as he quickly hugged Muu tightly. "Thank you," he whispered.

They separated in shock when they saw a flash. They watched transfixed as the black world transformed into light. Everywhere they looked there was grass, flowers, apple trees with apples, and Sakura trees with every blossom in bloom. The two shared a bright smile before another flash went pass but only in Gaara's eyes.

Gaara awoke with a gasp and quickly sat up but fell back instantly as a headache formed from the blood rush. He held his head with a groan before looking to his side at the corner of his eye. Muu was still on the second bed peacefully asleep with a smile on his face.

Gaara grimaced before shakily sitting up and edging off the bed. Gaara stumbled before righting himself and then slowly walking over to Muu's bed. Gaara subconsciously put his head and hand on Muu's chest as he curled into the teen's side and Muu himself put his arm around Gaara's waist.

'I don't want to sleep alone,' he mentally told himself before falling into peaceful slumber.

Muu and Gaara both woke to the same voice after having slept for who knows how long. They kept still in each other arms as they listened to the conversation. It seemed to be between Sakura, Temari, Kankuro, Jiraiya, and Tsunade.

"When will they wake up Tsunade-sama?" asked Temari with worry in her voice; something Gaara noticed she always had when it came to his well-being.

"I'm not sure," Tsunade replied sadly.

"The seal used on Gaara wiped him out and Muu is out from using the seal itself," Jiraiya said. "I'm not sure what the seal was but it was a forbidden demon seal so they could be out for more than these five days."

Gaara decided it was time to 'wake up'. He tiredly blinked his eyes with a groan and everyone silenced; he sat up and rubbed his eyes before looking around. Everyone noticed the rings around his eyes become considerably thinner and he looked less tired. Gaara's eyes stopped on Temari and Kankuro who were sitting next to each other; they tensed in worry of their brother's wrath.

"Temari, Kankuro," he said silently and they quickly walked over.

Gaara couldn't hide his tears anymore as he threw his arms around his sister and brother's neck before silently crying between them. Temari and Kankuro were shocked by the development along with everyone else in the room.

"Temari, Kankuro, I'm sorry for everything," Gaara said pass his tears.

Temari gasped and tears pooled her eyes before she put her arm around Gaara's waist and her free hand on his head, stroking his hair and pulling him closer. Kankuro got over his shock and placed his hand on Gaara's shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"I forgive you," Temari said and kissed his tattoo.

"Same here little bro," Kankuro softly said and ruffled his hair.

"The demon really is sealed," Sakura whispered in shock.

"I told you they'd forgive you," at that Gaara pulled away from his siblings and tightly hugged Muu who was sitting up next to Gaara.

"Thank you," Gaara whispered and Muu chuckled before ruffling his hair.

"You guys are too energetic to be recovering from chakra exhaustion," Tsunade said suspiciously. "What have you been doing?"

Gaara pulled away from Muu and wiped his eyes. "Training, and getting to know each other," Gaara replied.

"Training in what?" asked Jiraiya.

"I had to teach him how to use his demon chakra without said demon's help and a few jutsu that use elements other than sand; I also let him sign my summon contracts," Muu replied and Gaara showed everyone the two summoning tattoos on his wrist.

"Winged wolf and pokemon," Tsunade and Jiraiya said shocked in unison.

"Those are supposed to be lost summons," Tsunade said.

"They will become lost summons when Gaara and I leave this world," Muu confirmed.

"When will you teach him summoning?" asked Sakura.

Muu looked at her. "I can't unless I'm at jounin rank since it's such a high level jutsu," he replied.

"Then you're in luck," said Tsunade with a smile and pulled out a silver kunai. "Neji, Shikamaru, and you, Muu, were the only chunin that made it to jounin level; my apologies to you Gaara."

"I don't mind; there's always next time," said Gaara with a shrug.

"Thank you Tsunade-hime," said Muu and placed the kunai in his holster.

"When can we get out?" asked Gaara.

"I can sign you out now," Tsunade replied and gave them the paper work.

Because Gaara was under eighteen, Temari had to sign Gaara out and was nice enough to do so for Muu as well since he was still seventeen. Gaara and Muu left with a thanks and went to lunch at Ichiraku's Ramen Shop. After lunch they went to a secret training yard that Muu had discovered once before.

"Wow, this place is beautiful," Gaara said in awe as he looked around.

The training yard, surprisingly enough, had apple and orange trees along with Sakura trees that had a few blossoms. All of that was on the right side of a stream. On the other side of the stream was a dirt landscape with punching and kicking post as well.

"You can walk on water right?" asked Muu as he walked across.

Gaara hesitated before nervously following Muu across the water. Half-way to Muu, who was waiting in the middle, he began to sink, making him gasp and close his eyes in panic. Gaara was surprised when hands were suddenly on his underarms and pulling him up; he saw Muu who was looking at him with a worried frown.

"Don't like water?" Muu asked carefully and Gaara nodded slightly.

"It's sands' weakness; I get s scared I lose focus," Gaara replied while looking away.

"Focus," Muu said and set Gaara down.

Gaara gaped and grasped on the Muu's bandages on his chest but stood. "What's wrong?" Gaara asked.

"You need chakra control and focus to summon," Muu replied and then walked a few feet away. "Walk, I promise I won't let you fall."

Gaara hesitated and stared at his feet before taking a deep breath and then walking to Muu. Muu was taking steps backwards with Gaara very slowly so the boy wouldn't notice. When Muu touched land he smiled and pulled Gaara off the water with a hug.

"Good job," he said and Gaara smiled with a sigh of relief.

"Alright Gaara let's begin," Muu said calmly.

Gaara and Muu were sitting across from each other Indian style, in the center of the yard. They had started with chakra control by popping various items with chakra and then began deep breathing exercises. Muu had insisted that Gaara do those before learning the pokemon summoning way and then the summoning itself.

"The summoning tattoo you have is incomplete," Muu said and Gaara looked at his tattoo; it was four diamonds forming a star with the center empty. "When your partner comes their kanji symbol or picture will etch into your skin."

"What does yours look like?" asked Gaara curiously.

"I have two; one on my lip," Muu pulled his lower lip down and Gaara saw the seal. "And one on my wrist," Muu showed his left wrist and there was a diamond star formation with a fist in it.

"So you only get one choice?" asked Gaara.

"You don't choose," Muu explained. "The pokemon right for you will come and they will be loyal to until the ends of time unless they have reason to go against your command. Sawk is my second partner and he had never let me down yet."

"Second?" Gaara asked. "What happened to you first?"

Muu looked away with a sigh. "I had a pokemon called Nine-tails; it was a white fox with nine powerful tails. We were on a mission and he sacrificed his life to save me time to get away. I had to summon a second pokemon the next day or my seal would have closed forever."

"I'm sorry that you lost him and didn't have time to grieve," Gaara said sympathetically.

"Don't worry about it," Muu said and stood while helping Gaara up.

"Alright, gather chakra in your hand, doesn't matter how much; you can use a lot or a little and then you have to use a blood sacrifice on your tattoo; like so," Muu said.

Muu bit his thumb and swiped it over his tattoo before his thumb could heal over. In a pop and poof of smoke, next to Muu was Sawk who was sitting Indian style with his hands on his knees. When Sawk stood, he was an inch or so shorter than Gaara (Gaara comes to Muu's chin).

"You haven't formally met; this is Sawk, Sawk this is Gaara," mu introduced.

Sawk put his fist in his hand and then bowed. Gaara smile slightly and copied Sawk. They both straightened with a release of breath.

"Sawk, today Gaara will be summoning his first pokemon; I need you to help me train them," Muu explained and Sawk nodded.

"Begin when ready Gaara," Muu said before he and Sawk jumped away.

Gaara took a deep breath and began to gather chakra. 'I can only guess that a lot of chakra will bring something powerful while a little will begin something weak. I don't want them to be stronger than me nor weaker I want equal.'

Muu smiled; he had activated his Byakugan as soon as he had sat down. He was glad to see that Gaara had it figured on his first try for the jutsu to work, the summoner must divide his chakra evenly to summon they're first partner. That was why little to no ninja could summon pokemon; they were always power hungry.

Once Gaara had his focus he bit his thumb and swiped the blood over his tattoo; making sure to get the empty center. Gaara smiled and opened his eyes when he heard a pop; he saw smoke at first until it cleared to a giant purple creature. It gave Gaara such a fright that he fell on his butt with a gasp but the pokemon caught his shirt and straightened him.

The creature in front of Gaara was about as tall as Gaara and mostly purple; it looked like a scorpion but it didn't have a barbed tail. Instead of a poisonous tail, it had two arm-like claws coming from its mouth; both had claw pincers at the end. The neck was long and it had an oval head with a large mouth that had large pointy teeth. It looked very intimidating.

Gaara grimaced when he felt a burning sting in his harm. He looked at his wrist and watched as his swiped blood collected and became an image. The end result was a scorpion barb with a drop dripping from the end.

Gaara and the pokemon jumped when they heard clapping; they looked to see Muu and Sawk walking over. "Well done Gaara, well done!"

"What is it?" Gaara asked in confusion.

"That, my dear strawberry head, is Drapion; a poison/bug type that likes the desert," Muu replied.

Gaara walked forward and bowed low. "My name is Gaara of the Sand and I hope we can be partners Drapion," Gaara said with slight fear.

Gaara looked up in surprise when he felt something touch his hair. He slowly stood straight and Drapion began to ruffle his hair lovingly. Muu was transfixed when Gaara smiled and laughed; Gaara looked so happy that Muu couldn't help but smile as well.

"I will teach you Drapion's attacks and he will show them too you; I will also teach you confidence by you fighting me and Sawk so you don't mess up when it counts," Muu told Gaara; Gaara and Drapion nodded determined.

"Alright, we'll do anything to learn," Gaara replied and Drapion agreed.

"Let's begin with pin missile then," Muu suggested.

It was like the jounin exams again; Gaara and Drapion were side by side across from Muu and Sawk ready to fight. Muu spent the whole afternoon and a few hours of evening to teach Gaara Drapion's moves and confidence to fight without Muu's help and command. They were going to end the training with a battle.

"Two on two good with you?!" asked/called Muu.

"Fine by us," Gaara replied and was about to remove the cork of his gourd when Muu interrupted him.

"Worst case scenario: you lost your gourd and are in a forest near a lake," Muu said and Gaara frowned.

Gaara hesitated before removing his sand gourd from his back and placing it against a tree. He ran his hand over it before walking back to Drapion's side. Drapion patted and squeezed Gaara's shoulder reassuringly; making him smile and nod back. They both became serious and waited for Muu and Sawk to attack.

"Let's go!" shouted Muu and they and Sawk ran forward.

Drapion deflected Sawk's punch by grabbing his fist and then used slash against Sawk. Sawk jumped away before charging a focus blast; Drapion used protect and then used a combo of extreme speed and cross poison. Sawk was hit and faltered as he stood before running forward with close combat.

Muu and Gaara hed met in the middle in taijutsu as to not cause injury to the other. Muu jumped back and charged chakra into his hand for a super human punch. Gaara's eyes widened as he tried to think of a plan when it came.

"Drapion; Use sandstorm on me!" Gaara shouted.

Drapion threw Sawk away before facing Gaara. It swiped its pincers across the sand and created a storm that went in Gaara's direction. Gaara smirked and waved his hand, directing the sand at Muu. Muu couldn't move in time and got his hand stick.

Muu jerked his body to try and remove his hand but it was glued; Muu brought his leg up in a kick only to have it get stuck as well. Before he could do anything else, Muu found himself floating off the ground with his limbs locked together. Muu looked at Gaara with a smile which Gaara returned.

Gaara looked at Drapion and saw the Sawk had his left arm and leg tied together with string shot. Drapion had Sawk's right arm and leg stuck in a vice grip with Drapion's claws. When Gaara realized that Drapion had won, he released Muu and then tackle/hugged Drapion with a childish laugh.

Nightfall, after an apple and fish dinner, found Drapion sleeping against a large tree trunk. Muu was leaning against Drapion with Sawk laying its head asleep on Muu's lap. Leaning against Drapion with his head on Muu's shoulder was Gaara, sleeping peacefully with a slightly smile on his face.

Gaara for a second time found himself in his mindscape but this time it was a grassy field with many deer peacefully grazing. In a flash of light, Muu was in front of Gaara with a happy smile. Gaara returned it before walking with Muu to the shade of a tree.

"What are we learning?" Gaara asked when they sat down.

"Wolf summoning history and works," Muu replied, "but first I want to ask: would you want a second pokemon summoning tattoo? Like the one I have on my lip?"

Gaara hesitated. "Will it hurt?"

Muu smiled and shook his head. "There is no pain in the mindscape; you'll feel the needle enter but no pain."

Gaara hesitated before nodding; he yelped in surprise when he was suddenly in Muu's lap; his legs off while his head was on Muu's knee. Gaara slightly squirmed when Muu pulled out a vile of black ink and an extremely small and thin senbon needle. Gaara watched transfixed as Muu snapped his fingers and a green flame flickered; Muu sterilized the needle before turning to Gaara who looked nervous again.

"Relax," Muu said softly.

Gaara took a deep breath before nodding for Muu to continue. Muu pulled Gaara's lower lip out gently before he began to prick it. Gaara closed his eyes and gritted his teeth; it didn't hurt but it didn't feel good either. Muu noticed Gaara tense and sighed through his nose as he wiped the extra.

"I was an odd one in the Udon ninja academy," Muu randomly said and Gaara looked at him with interest.

"It was normal for ninja mentors to go to small villages like Udon, Kiba, or Tori to choose apprentices. If you didn't get a mentor by the age of twelve then you couldn't be a ninja," Muu said as he worked.

"The ninja mentor would always ask: why do you want to be a ninja? I would always reply with to bring my clan together," Gaara looked confused.

"Heh, I was part of a clan that had two branches, the Low table and the High table; I was of the High table. To get the Lows to listen and keep them in order, the High Elders would use torture or threaten a man or woman's family. As the grandson of the head elder I was forced to watch; watching made me tough but it also gave me mercy for those who were weaker than me," Gaara gave Muu a look that urged him to continue.

"At age eleven you would find me discovering a lost scroll crypt while my clan was murdered; just to keep other villages safe from our power," Muu said and leaned against the tree once he was finished with Gaara.

Gaara made no move to get up. "What was so important about your clan that made others scared?"

Muu chuckled. "We were called Shinigumi, a clan of copy cats," he replied. "We're all born blind and some are born deaf; I was born blind and because of my father's status I was the best in my training to see without eyes. We don't see when we're born because we need a base; our kekkei genkai absorbs chakra from other kekkei genkai," he explained.

"So you need eye kekkei genkai like Sharingan or Byakugan to see," Gaara summed up.

Muu nodded. "At age ten in the academy I was still blind when a man that was said to have gold hair and ocean eyes came in to take on an apprentice; he touched me and I received his kekkei genkai, hand-mouths and bomb building skills," Muu pulled off one of his fingerless gloves to show a mouth with teeth and a tongue; making Gaara more intrigued than disgusted.

"After my parents and clan died, so did my dream so without a mentor I lived in the scroll crypt for two years reading the scrolls in braille. Age twelve I left and ended up in Torigakure, the bird village, only a few miles away from the Udon border; there I met an Uchiha ANBU; thanks to him I could see the world for the first time," Muu said with a smile as he replied his glove.

"How did you get the Byakugan?" Gaara asked.

"After living in Tori till I was sixteen, I traveled here with my knowledge of you. Neji happened to be the guard at the gates so when I met him I got his Byakugan but darker; no one noticed my eyes because I kept them covered the entire time for the jounin exams a year later unless training at home," Muu replied.

"Thank you for telling me that," Gaara said with smile.

Muu returned the smile before standing with Gaara in his arms, making said boy yelp. "Let's start our training shall we?"

Gaara woke up with a gasp that morning; his eyes snapping open to feel a pillow under his head and the ceiling in his sight. He sat up and looked around before noticing a note on his other pillow; he grabbed it before opening it.


I happened to wake up before you so I returned Drapion for you and then brought you home.

Your siblings were awake at the time so they know you're home and that you were with me last night.

Please be at our training yard around ten and make sure you eat to get your chakra levels back up.


P.S. Lady Hokage wants you to battle Naruto or Shino when your training is finished to see how you improved.

Gaara smiled softly at the letter before remembering what had happened in the mindscape. Gaara stood and slid into the bathroom before looking at his face; his lip wasn't puffy and red like he had thought it would. When he pulled his lip down he saw the tattoo he had on his wrist but much smaller and lighter in tone.

"What happened to your lip?" Gaara jumped in surprise before turning his head; Temari was standing behind him with a curious expression.

"Nothing, just for my training," Gaara replied.

"If you're sure," Temari said with a shrug and turned. "There's rice and egg waiting for you downstairs," she said over her shoulder and left.

Gaara smiled and dressed in his usual garb before going down the stairs of their two-story home. When Gaara entered the kitchen he kissed Temari's cheek with a thanks and told Kankuro good morning. Gaara picked up his chopsticks and muttered a quick prayer for a good day before digging in into his breakfast. When Gaara finished his breakfast he helped Temari with the dishes and watched Kankuro sand down his newest puppet when he looked at the clock.

"Muu told us to send you before ten little brother," Kankuro said.

Gaara looked at the clock before nodding and standing; it was nine-fifty. "I'll be out most of the day," Gaara said before leaving the house.

Gaara stretched his arms as he walked through Konoha to Muu's training yard wondering what Muu was planning for their training. last night Muu had said during their debrief that the training would be a real rush and then had left so Gaara could think all night trying to figure out what he meant.

"Ready?" Gaara jumped and looked around to see he was still in the street but Muu was in front of him.

"I thought I was meeting you at the training yard," Gaara said confused.

"Yeah but that wasn't deep enough," Muu replied with amusement and grabbed Gaara's hand.

"Deep enough?" was all Gaara could say before Muu pulled him down the streets and to the Hokage Mountain.

Gaara was having trouble keeping up as Muu practically dragged him to the mountain. They walked through the bordering trees until they came upon a cliff. When Gaara looked over he couldn't see the bottom; just darkness.

"Name the wolf elements and what color a wolf would be to have said element," Muu said as he gazed over the cliff.

"Red or orange is fire, yellow or whitish-blue is lightning, yellow-brown or dirty blonde is sand, white or silver is wind, light blue or very light grey is ice, dark blue or purple is water, brown of most shades is earth, and dark grey or black is metal; wolves can have more than one color meaning more than one element," Gaara said from memory.

"Your first wolf decides-?" Muu asked as he stepped back.

"First wolf decides the element the of the summoner and clan of wolves they'll summon; you have all elements because of Sesshomaru-sama but prefer earth the most. Oh and the element can be used without chakra to move it," Gaara replied as he back up as well.

"Good boy; the best way to summon a flying creature is to have a rush of adrenaline and a lot of chakra," Muu said and edged towards Gaara who became nervous about Muu's expression.

"That rush is falling," suddenly Muu pushed Gaara off the cliff side.

Gaara couldn't help but scream as he fell but just as Muu said the adrenaline was pumping. With his eyes closed Gaara focused his chakra, unknowingly to him, glowing red as Shukaku's chakra surged through him. Gaara opened his eyes and bit his thumb before swiping it over the tattoo of a wolf head; the eye of the wolf tattoo flashed yellow before there was a pop and poof of smoke.

Gaara landed on something soft with an oof; he sat up on his knees and looked at what he summoned. He was on the back of an elephant sized wolf that was clay brown with patches of yellow and brown mixed; its wings were at least twenty feet across and were dark brown as well. A red eye with a scar over it looked around curiously and shocked with slight anger; the other eye was covered in a black eye patch that seemed to be part of the wolf's body with a genjutsu.

"Who the hell summoned me?! Muu?! Where the hell are you?!" the wolf shouted angrily while thrashing around; Gaara could barely hold on.

"It wasn't me wolf-sama!" Muu shouted and the wolf looked up.

Muu was riding on a brown wolf speckled with orange and red spots; one of the wolf's wings was dirty blonde while the other was dark purple with a few blue speckles as well. The wolf's head was black with an ice blue spot over its left eye and its muzzle was silver. The wolf's green eyes watched the other carefully for the sake of its master as he descended in front of the other and Gaara; Gaara noticed that the wolf would be a foot or two shorter than the wolf he was on.

"The boy on your back is Muu-sama's apprentice; you were his first summon Earth-san," the other wolf summon said.

"Who are you?" sneered the earth wolf.

"I am Goku, son of Rin and Ram of the Elemental clan," Goku said calmly, "and you are?"

"Cobi of son of past Dostu and Cotsu of the Earth and Sand clan," Cobi replied.

"We have no quarrel then?" Hoku asked.

"Who is on my back?" was Cobi's replied.

Gaara jumped out of his shock and stupor before bowing his head when Cobi turned to look at him. "Gaara of the Sand, Cobi-sama," he replied.

"Just Cobi, we're partners now," Cobi replied and Gaara looked up with a smile.

"Let's go up on land now please, I have to teach Gaara now that he knows his elements are sand and earth," Muu said while looking up; it would take a while to fly.

"Hold on," Cobi said and he began to fly up; Gaara holding on tightly to his fur.

"Don't like flying?" asked Cobi as they went up.

"Or water; if we were meant to fly or swim we'd have wings and gills," Gaara replied hoarsely.

Cobi chuckled. "You'll get used to it."

When they made it to the top, Muu suggested lunch and they ate bento boxes that Muu had brought. After lunch Muu and Goku began to train Gaara along with Cobi in working together with their elements. They had little to now trouble with sand since it was second nature to Gaara already but earth was another thing.

"Why is this so hard?!" demanded Gaara to himself and stomped his foot; a ball of rock threw out of the ground and smacked him in the face.

"Careful with your power Gaara," said Muu and helped Gaara up.

"That was smooth of ya kid," Cobi said with a snicker.

Gaara gave him a flat star before stomping his foot in Cobi's direction; a stalagmite sprang from the ground a few inches away from Cobi's nose. Muu laughed and Goku snickered loudly when Cobi yelped and backed away. Muu patted Gaara's shoulder.

"See? You're getting it," Muu assured and Gaara smile slightly.

A few hours of training later found Gaara being carried bridal style by Muu who was getting strange looks as he walked down the Konoha streets.